Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its a haul!

I have been stalking the Sally's recently for the Spring Finger Paints Palette of Petals collection for both myself and a swap. I was there last week and disappointed because they were not out yet. There had been some sightings in other places so I was hopeful. Fortunately they had their back storeroom door open and I saw that they had the display back there on a table. I asked the girl nicely when they would be putting them out and she said there were no new collections other than Crackle (I had already bought that several days before) and they didn't know when they would get another collection. Um, there was NO crackle left out on the floor and the collection was already in the backroom? As usual the Sales Associates at Sally's leave much to be desired.

I was so busy with the chocolates and the robot competition over the weekend I didn't get to stalk but the collections were slated for a March release so I was sure they would be put out soon. I was just hoping I wasn't too late. I checked the Sally's by my house and unbelievably they still have the China Glaze Treasures Display out which was half filled with random polishes. The Sally's on my way to work is always the one I find everything at first but also the one where the SAs are horribly rude and tell me things like there is no new collection. I stopped anyway and the polish fairies were good to me! They had a new display of Finger Paints Palette of Petals Spring Collection which was missing only one bottle and the China Glaze Tronica Collection completely untouched.

I had to pick up a couple for a swap and a couple for a friend which is why there are doubles. I ended up walking away with some of both collections.

The Finger Paints that really stood out for me were these. For some reason the rings didn't seem to match some of the polishes they were on but that didn't surprise me at all. I am not really interested in them anyway. I picked up Chrysanthe-mum's the Word, Carnation Creation, Heavenly Hydrangeas and
Aren't You Glad-iolous.

From the Tronica collection I picked up High Def, Gamer Glam, Hologram, Techno Teal. (I went back today and picked up Digital Dawn and Cyberspace)

It wasn't all a good haul day though. I had ordered CND Night Factory from an online site and was so excited to get the box. As soon as I walked in the house I could smell polish and even asked who broke one of my polishes. I had a whole bunch sitting on the dining room table and the end table so I was sure someone must have knocked one over. I opened the box to find this.

I loved this set and waited too long to order it from another website and it was no longer available. I finally found a site that had it at a decent price and it ended up coming broken. I was so upset and immediately called the customer service number but got a recording. I emailed them and I am still waiting to hear back. The Teal Sparkle is so pretty, unfortunately it is on everything but nails. I tried calling again today but only got the recording. I am a little nervous about it now but will hopefully hear back soon.

I will be posting about these polishes soon :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Whenever i go to my local Sally's the employees are always pretty rude too! Maybe it's in the handbook or something under "How To Be Uncooperative". I'm so jealous that your Sally's had the Tronica Collection though- mine doesn't yet, and it doesn't have the Palette of Petals one either. hmph. But hopefully i'll be able to pick it up there soon, rude employees or not! (:

  2. OH I KNOW! I think it is most definitely in the handbook to be uncooperative or unknowledgable. Don't worry they should be coming to your Sally's soon! I know they are a March release and some stores stick to that date. I had made a complaint to the company about an incident with the Orly Precious Collection a week ago and they told me that they were not even supposed to be out in stores until March. I guess some stores stick to the date more than others. The only thing that keeps me going to Sally's is the collections that only they carry otherwise I would be ordering online. :)


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