Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool Aid and Kool Aid fun

I grew up on Kool Aid so let me just say the name alone made me NEED this polish. I remember as kids we had that little cardboard box to collect our Kool Aid points. I had the walkman, fanny pack, cups and various other cool "prizes" you could collect those points and get. Between my brother, cousin and I we cleaned house. Can we just say Kool Aid junkies! I was sad to see that they stopped this practice. :(  BUT yesterday I was at the supermarket looking for soup (and coughing up a storm) and found Kool Aid Fun Fizz tablets. I grabbed a bag because it's Kool Aid and I had never seen this before and really I am like 10 sometimes.

Ok, you take these little tablets and plop them into a glass or bottle of water and just like Alka Seltzer they fizz. OH MY GOSH I WAS Squealing like a school girl. The boyfriend, not very amused. My son, mildly amused and my mother says "Yeah we had those when I was a kid they were called fizzies". Obviously I am the only one amused. It is freaking cool though, they have no sugar (according to my bf, I didn't really care enough to actually read the package beyond the directions), they are only 5 calories and they ROCK! I got the punch flavor though I can't taste much right now but they also had Lemonade and Grape. It has a weak carbonated taste to it which gives it a little kick beyond regular Kool Aid. The non amused bf said it tasted like flat carbonation. I like it! I thought it would be a fantastic way to go to a restaurant and order water (for free) and end up with a flavored drink, especially for kids or people like me that don't drink (much) soda. My son did request the other flavors so I think he liked it.

Alright, now that I went way off topic with the drink let's move on to the completely non consumable Cool Aid. Let me tell you though, this Cool Aid rocks about as hard as Kool Aid. I wonder how many times one can possibly say Kool (Cool) Aid in one post.

This polish was the first from a new brand called Cult Nails which was launched in January 2011. The thing I love about this brand is that it was started by a blogger and MUA member Maria. Her blog R3Daily is great! I always try to support the little guy, or gal, trying to make it in the world with the big corporations. Cult nails makes it even easier for me to support by providing an awesome product!

My Kind of Cool Aid was the first polish for this brand. It is a gorgeous grayish purple creme that has the perfect amount of shimmer. I love how this color looks more purple in some lights and then more gray in others.

These first two pictures were taken inside by the window. The lighting wasn't great and to me it looks more gray. It did in person anyway.

I stepped outside for a minute just to take the pictures and in natural light it looked more purple.

The application was great and I love the brush and bottle. Any application errors were definitely due to me coughing while I was trying to do my nails and had nothing to do with the polish. FYI violent coughing and painting your nails while sitting in bed do not work well together. I ended up with quite a mess on some of my cuticles.

Cult Nails has three other polishes out right now: Iconic, Living Waters and Quench. All four were my Valentine's Day gift from the cute one. I wore Living Waters before I started the blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They will all be featured in future postings. They also have two new colors coming out for Spring (late April or May) called Devious Nature which is a bright pink and Let Me Fly which is a gorgeous teal. I can not wait!

That's all for now :)


  1. Love this polish! Hope your cough is all gone soon!

  2. Thanks :) It is slowly improving, probably in part because I handed the cold off to my brother. hehe. This polish is all sorts of awesome!


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