Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting into the green

I love St. Patrick's Day. I like the green, I am in part (a distant part hehe) Irish and I am all about it. I found this Barielle Gelt Me to the Party on clearance at Ulta and I had to snag it. I had no idea if I liked the color or what to do with the color but hey, clearance is all I needed to see to know it was going to be used somehow. Yes, I can not resist the clearance. SO I immediately thought of this bronzey brownish goldish color when I was trying to come up with my first St. Patrick's Day themed mani. Yeah, I know, you would think I would have thought of Erin first with all her green glittery goodness but nope, I thought of this one.

THEN I thought of Erin! I love Erin!

I started with the Barielle as the base then thought it would look great with an Erin glittery gradient. I am loving glittery gradients lately. As always Barielle polish is great. I used two coats and actually loved the color so my clearance grab was a win!

In the top picture for some reason the glitter looks like the sugar sprinkles that you put on cookies. It's actually making me want some cookies. Hmmm, maybe I will make sugar cookies with the kids next week when they are on Spring Break.

The lighting on these two isn't the greatest. I had been swatching so by the time I did this mani it was really late and I wasnt' going to search the house for better lighting. The colors are still pretty accurate.

I really liked this color combination and I love the shade of Gelt Me to the Party. I think this was part of the holiday collection for Barielle (that would explain the clearance price) but it reminds me of Pirates. Hmmm maybe I should try it in a pirate themed mani next.

That's all for now :)


  1. That is so pretty! I'm really digging the combination of the gold and green- it's surprisingly really nice!

  2. Thanks :) I was quite surprised that it looked that good too. I really wasn't sure if it would work but it did. I might have to do it again for the actual holiday.

  3. Thanks Karen! Thank you for following as well :) I hope you enjoy the blog.


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