Saturday, March 26, 2011

I wish that I had Jesse's Girl

Wait I do have Jesse's Girl. Wait, even better I have Jesse's Girl's Crush! I know, that was totally lame. I have that song stuck in my head now though, I wish that I had Jesse's Girl...where can I find a woman like that?... Please make it end! I have always had an issue with that song because it is just not right on so many levels. That never stops me from jamming to it though :)

Ok, back to polish. Today I have Jesse's Girl *cue song again* Crush. It is quite an orange. Down here in South Florida we have no Rite Aids which is where I believe this polish is sold. I saw on their facebook page they are trying out a couple of Walgreens locations down here but I have yet to find them. I saw some swatches online and decided to buy from their website. I bought quite a few different polishes to see what they are all about. Crush is the first one I have tried.

Crush it a nice orange creme. I put this one on late through another coughing fit so the application wasn't great. I was too tired/sick to deal with cleanup so I apologize for that. This polish worked very much like a jelly for me in that it was a pain in the booty to apply. It was super streaky and I stopped at 3 coats because I gave up. There are still spots where I can see some baldness. I do not like the brush at all. It is very thin and stiff and I think accounted for some of the application issues I was having.

I put this on and immediately questioned keeping it on. I am not one to say a color doesn't look good on me but I didn't think this looked good at all. It was too late to deal with so I left it.

It has grown on me since the initial shock of wow, that is orange. I am starting to really like it now.

I intended from the beginning to check this polish out under Black Shatter. I wanted to do something different so my awesome idea was to do a strip across the nail in Shatter. My awesome idea ended up looking like tire tracks. Not quite what I intended.

I like it though! I think it looks odd. Totally looks like tire tracks. I told my son this morning that I feel the need to paint road kill under the tire tracks. You know the outline of something dead. He told me that I am definitely weird.

Is it really weird that this mani makes me think of roadkill?

Maybe I took too many long car trips when I was a kid.

I think this would make a good Halloween color. After all the chocolate making and washing of hands and cleaning and such I have a few chips and of course no acetone at work. It is driving me nuts but I am trying NOT to peel.

Overall I think I like the color but the application didn't want to play nice. I am hoping it is just this particular color and the others are friendlier.

That's all for now :)

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