Monday, March 14, 2011

Case of the Mondays!

If anyone has ever seen the movie Office Space you will understand what I mean when I say I want to pull and Office Space on my freakin copy machine. For those of you who have never seen the movie, YOU MUST!, especially if you work in an office! I used to work in a huge office with lots of people and lots of machines and all of the Big Company BS and politics that I so hate! I first saw this movie then and OH MY GOSH it is hilarious and was so accurate. I wanted to watch it not to long ago and my copy has decided to pull a Houdini and disappear. I have no idea where the bugger is and it angers me. I am sure as soon as I decide to break down and buy another copy mine will appear.

Today I have a case of the Mondays. I am at work while everyone else is out playing. The copy machine has decided it's mission of the day is to see how long it takes to piss me off. THREE AND A HALF HOURS! It keeps jamming and I can not get it to stop. The touch screen is royally screwed so you can't navigate to cancel the print job that keeps getting jammed and reprinting. I detach the finisher to see if there is something jammed and it doesn't want to reattach. HERE is where this story relates to a nail blog. FINALLY I try and get the damn thing reattached and finally I get the lever to go back in place and it shreds my nail! The piece o junk actually split my nail right down the middle and to one side. Instead of trying to repair it I am just so mad I file the nail down. ANOTHER NUB! I had another break the other day with my ring finger that I forgot to mention. At least this one was my thumb.

OK stupid piece o junk I just sacrificed a nail to your stupidness now would you mind working? UH...NO! NOW it is worse than it was and just won't cooperate at all PLUS I can't get the finisher off! I call the tech guy who better come fix the beast before I beat it to death with a baseball bat. Yes machine, I am shooting you nasty looks out of the corner of my eye. I do know a nice open field perfect for our little encounter with Louie(Louieville slugger that is). You have angered me now and when I walk by you to go to the fridge for my lunch expect a little love tap (hard KICK).

Of course my co worker does not read the post I put out about NOT printing to the color printer and keeps sending print jobs there so once again every two seconds I have to clear the jam and shut the machine down. Is it Friday yet? Time to go home today? Yeah, I didn't think so :(

Oh I also wanted to show off my awesome nail polish section at Target. I went there the other day and was SHOCKED!

I am assuming they were getting ready to fill it? My boyfriend went back a couple days ago and said it was now full. He would have bought me something but he didn't know what I had or what I wanted. I offered to make him a list of what I had but he declined. Apparently going through a list of well over 150 polish names was not something he wanted to have to do just to buy me a polish. I gladly pointed out that I showed him the Sally Hansen Spring Sparkley one that I have forgotten the name of in my hostility toward the copy machine. I told him I wanted that one and he should get it for me lol obviously that technique was not very effective.

I might have to go check out the pretties at Target tonight if I make it through the work day. On a positive note I love the Swissco mini nail file I picked up at Sallys. It is great. Since I have had two nub situations it has been getting some use the past few days. I will wait until I have used it more to make a final decision on it but I already love it more than anything I have used before.

That's all for now :)

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