Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Push Up Bra Anyone?

Hey Everyone! I am going to make this quick because it is late and I have to take photos of today's mani and then do my nails. Apparently tonight was not going to be an easy, relaxing night either. At least most of the homework is done so that is a step in the right direction.

Today I have a Misa polish I got from a swap.

This one is a very bright coral called Push Up Bra. I am not sure where they got the name from but it is kinda funny.

Bruce just distracted me. He is sitting on the back of the couch staring at the ceiling. There is a small moth like bug up there and he is talking to it. He wants to go after it but there is no way for him to get up there. It is quite funny.

So I am not huge on the coral polishes and it was pretty bright so I topped it with Silver Shatter. Amazingly the bf was just looking at the pictures as I was editing them and said he liked it and it looks cool. He never likes anything coral or pink. Very interesting, I should tell him the name of the polish lol.

I had some issues with this polish. It was patchy and I had some major cuticle drag. This was another reason I covered it with the Shatter.

I used three coats of Push Up Bra on the first go around with the polish. I wasn't happy so I took it off and did it again. The second time I used two coats and there wasn't so much issue with the application. I waited a little longer in between coats which explains that. I then topped it with the Shatter because it was just too coral for me.

Now, I did not wait long enough for the polish to dry. I thought it was mostly dry but apparently not because the Shatter pulled away at the cuticles.

It wasn't the worst looking thing ever so I just left it alone lol.

You can see the middle and pinky fingers especially where the Shatter pulled away from the cuticle. It took some of the polish with it but luckily Macro didn't show that.

This was my first time using the Silver Shatter. I kind of like the thick chunk cracking but I am still over the whole crack scene. Not bad for a once in a while type thing though.

Well, that's all for now :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have not forgotten

Hey Everyone!!!

I have not forgotten you all :) I have had a very busy few days and things don't seem to be settling down. I had two failed manis over the weekend. I had two football drafts this weekend. Yesterday I had a monster dentist appointment. I had cancelled the last one and then last night I had to take care of some school stuff for the boy. Tonight is a band parents meeting. I will try and get a post up tonight but if not there will definitely be one up tomorrow. Things will hopefully be getting back to normal soon but I have a feeling this school year is going to make me crazy. If it is not one thing it is the next and now it is science class. yay.

I have not had much luck with my manis since Saturday either. One was downright ugly and yesterday's was awesome but it peeled off in sheets on my thumbs and my other nails were chipped to hell before noon. I was not a happy camper. Today I went out naked because I was going to stop and get a new treatment since Nail Quencher is making my nails peel to hell. I then realized I have no time to do my nails before the meeting and they are STAINED!!!! I cleaned out my purse last night and now there is no polish laying in there so I stopped at CVS and grabbed NYC Screensteler Grey. Eh, I am not impressed. At least they aren't naked and stained.

So today I don't have much for you, I don't even have a Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture for you. :( Sorry. He is actually lucky to still have a home. He jumped on the bf's head and bit his ear yesterday when he was sleeping. When Bruce says it is time to wake up he means business! There was blood all over because apparently ears bleed a lot. This morning though he has been a little angel. I think he knows he is in trouble lol.

So that is all for now :) Hopefully I will have more for you later :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Random Displays to Hold you Over

Hey Everyone! As a South Floridian I am all too familiar with hurricanes and have been keeping an eye on Irene for days. I everyone on the East Coast is prepared and safe and sound. My thoughts are with them and I am hoping the storm weakens real quick to minimize the damage.

Yesterday was quite a trying day. Between work and finally hearing back from my son's stupid school I was NOT in a good mood. I also didn't get a chance to take pictures of my mani. Last night I was going to post a few of my recent display sightings but my father rushed me out the door to go to our Fantasy Football Draft. My camera is dead so I will have to show you my mani later :)

I am sure you have seen a lot of these displays already. I have been taking the pictures but neglecting to post them. I am not yet bold enough to whip out my camera in the store so they are pretty sad cell phone pictures. At first the only Essie fall display I could find was the little four color one.

I was extremely excited to find the large display in another Walgreens.

I spotted an untouched Rimmel London's Wicked Beauty display in CVS. The one Rags to Riches polish that is missing is the one I took and forgot to put back down for the picture. duh for me. I used that nice little $1.00 coupon which made me happy.

Is everyone on the crack bandwagon? Apparently. I found this at Walgreens. If I wasn't over the crack I would be intrigued.

Another CVS display of NYC Black Magic. It was also untouched save for the Pumpkin polish I picked up. Once again I forgot to put it back for the picture. This one is also a bit oddly taken because there was a woman next to me that wouldn't move.

Sallys had the Orly Mineral FX collection out. I was hoping I could pass on this one because I know there are said to be tons of dupes but seeing them in person makes me want three of them. I resisted buying them but plan on going back. For some reason I can't find the picture of the Metro display that I took.

The Carbonite displays are finally showing up around here. Oddly enough I already got mine on clearance at one CVS that I never saw the display at to begin with.

Random Sally Hansen Halloween display. I don't think any of these are new colors though.

The coveted Salon Effects Halloween are starting to show up. I picked up the ghosts. I want to get the barbed wire ones as well as the skulls and the spider webs. The only thing is that I have never tried these and I am not sure if I am going to like them. I have coupons though so if they go on sale they will be mine.

A couple of random Sinful Colors displays at Walgreens. Now that I think about it I need to go get one of those white nail art stripers. I keep wiping off the brush of my black one and using it for other colors. I need to just get some brushes, it would probably work better.

This is a cool Kiss Nails display I saw. Since I am quite into water slide decals at the moment I didn't get any of these stickers. I might go back and take another look though.

Well my father keeps hinting that he wants me to make a Wendy's run for him so I better do that before he gets hostile.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anyone Need a Notebook?

Hey Everyone! IT IS EARLY!!! Wooo hooo! It has been a hell of a day. Work was not my friend and the bf had a bad toothache and came home from work early. Unfortunately he was up ALL night in pain and then took Advil PM instead of regular Advil when he came home at 8:45 this morning. He zonked out and slept all day which is fine except I didn't know if he was sleeping or what and was worried. If anyone has any home remedies for toothaches please let me know. I barely slept last night because he kept getting up and such.

No word on the school yet but today the darling son gets picked up and says his Science Current Event will probably not have a good grade. I ask him why and he said the teacher said that the VA earthquake that just happened is NOT a Science current event. o_O ?! Reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy? You know I emailed him as soon as I got home from dropping the bugger off at music school. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun year. If his writing was atrocious that is one thing but if the earth quake is not a Science current event we will be having a conversation.

Today is the last school themed mani! Aside from just being fed up with the school year already tomorrow is my fantasy football draft so I MUST do an NFL themed mani.

I really REALLY love this mani. Unfortunately it may not be as recognizable as I thought it was. Can you tell what it is?

If you guessed Composition Book or Marble notebook you are correct! My son said immediately IT IS A BOOK! I asked him what kind and he said math. Ummmm? NO

I used WNW Ebony Hates Chris and a white. I stamped the pattern with an essence plate and used the dotting tool to make the white box and writing in the box.

Even if it doesn't look like a Composition Book it looks pretty cool.

Now I am off to get ready to go pick up the child from band and do the lovely homework.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chalk it Up as a Win

Hey Everyone! I am tired!! This whole new school year and getting back into the swing of things is crazy. The child already has lots of homework and is going to the music school after school as well so it is hectic. It might take me a minute to get a good schedule down. Still no word from the school but his teacher is trying to help get things done and he told me to keep calling because the counselors are slammed!! I really wonder about the state of the school system but I better not get into all of my views on that. The bf keeps hovering asking me if I am done too so I better get to the nails!

Today's school themed mani is

Chalkboards!!! I loved chalkboards in school, especially when we had colored chalk. When I was a kid my mom got me cool black contact paper and rigged me up a chalkboard type thing on my closet door. I was a mega nerd and this was simply awesome on many levels.

I used WNW Ebony Hates Chris and a white polish for the writing. I then used two coats of my Hard Candy matte top coat. It smeared the white on some of the nails which wasn't cool but it added to the effect.

I initially did this mani using the dotting tool to create the writing but one of the nails got messed up and I wasn't happy with the overall look so I redid them. I have one of the Sinful Colors striping polishes in black and I wiped off the brush and used it with the white. It worked MUCH better.

Over all it came out pretty good but it was so much cooler in my mind. Next time I will try and improve on it.

Now I must run off and do tonight's nails! Oh, I think I converted my mother to a glass file tonight. YAY! She uses emery boards and the sound alone drives me nuts. I told her to try the glass file and I think she was impressed. I think she was most impressed with the fact that it lasts forever as long as you don't break it.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pencils Anyone?

Hey Everyone!! I am going to make this quick because I am tired and still have to do my nails. My back/neck/shoulder area is starting to act up again as well. It has been a long day. I called the school to speak with someone about my son's classes and such and carried the phone with me all day waiting for a call back. I know it is the second day of school so they are really busy but I was afraid I would get a call as soon as I walked away from the phone. I think my posts might be late from time to time this year. Homework always takes forever and he is already getting assignments. Tomorrow is ANOTHER dentist appointment so the post might be late as well.

Today's Back to School nails are...


I know, I should have drawn lines or written a number 2 to make them look more pencil like but honestly I was tired and it was late.

I think they somewhat look like pencils though the reviews are mixed.

I used OPI Hong Kong Sunrise for the erasers, Zoya Trixie for the silver band and Wet N Wild Sunburst for the pencil.

You can't really tell in the pictures but I broke a small corner off the middle finger of my right hand. Bummer. Horrible but I am tempted to leave it as it is lol

That's all for now :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Anyone Up for Some Coloring?

Hey Everyone!! I have had a really hectic weekend. Late Friday we found out we would have to take the bf's daughter to North Florida Saturday. We spent 12 hours taking her up there and back. It was a really long day. Yesterday I woke up with pain in my back/neck/shoulders. I guess I slept wrong or something but it hurts right between my shoulder blades whenever I move my head or shoulders. I burnt my finger Saturday morning so you will see a little blister on the other hand now as well. I guess it evens it out at least since I have one on each hand.

Today school started which I was pretty excited about. My son's schedule was messed up and he wasn't able to get both band classes he wanted. Come to find out they say he failed his Fcat test and has to take an extra math class which is what messed everything up. Ummm, as far as I know, he absolutely did not fail that test. SOOO I am quite stressed and agitated right now. Luckily I have today's mani which cheers me up.

I have decided to do a back to school theme week this week. I may cut it short if this school thing doesn't get resolved quickly because one day into the school year and it is already hell. I was super excited about the theme and designs I have lined up but right now I am fed up with the school and dreading the rest of the year. I am hoping things get cleared up tomorrow though and I can get back to my excitement.

Today we are going to color...

NAIL CRAYONS!!! I couldn't find my striper nail polish so I had to improvise. The lines are not the best and I probably shouldn't have put my left hand up here first.

I actually used my dotting tool for this design.

Can't forget the red crayon!

I used China Glaze Hey, Sailor! and First Mate; Orly Old School Orange; Essie Shorty Pants and OPI Don't Mess with OPI for the colors. I used Jesse's Girl Blackout and a Wet n Wild White.

They were bright and fun and I enjoyed looking at them today.

I showed my son on the way to school and he said "ARE THOSE CRAYONS?!" I think he was impressed.

That's all for now :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beam Me Scotty

Hey Everyone!!! HAPPY FRIDAY! I took today off of work to run some errands so it is a nice long weekend to end summer vacation. We have some more loose ends to tie up before the kids start school Monday but I am definitely ready for the summer to be over.

Today I have for you an awesome Limited Edition Catrice polish from the Out of Space Collection. I have to go finish getting dinner stuff ready so this will be all about the pictures.

Catrice Beam Me Scotty.

I only used ONE coat of this baby. I dinged my index finger as you can see.

The coverage was great and so was the formula. I NEVER use just one coat unless I know I am stamping or layering over it.

I did this mani after taking night time cold medicine so I had some cuticle drag but I was literally falling asleep as I was painting.

This dried with an almost suede finish and without the top coat it would not be super shiny.

Last but not least I have a Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture for you :)

That's all for now :)