Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Display Shot

Hey Everyone! This will be short but I wanted to show you all the Essice Carry On display in its full glory. Since Walgreens and CVS only have four colors (if any) and I didn't see this display at Ulta or any salons yet I was excited to capture a picture.

The colors actually look pretty nice together. I wasn't impressed with the four I saw at Walgreens the first time I saw them. I caved and got Powerclutch after seeing swatches and realizing I had a coupon and extra bucks so I was only paying a couple dollars. I don't think I will be getting any more of them unless it is later on clearance. I have a rough time passing up clearance deals lol.

I am off to the dentist, AGAIN. I am planning on stopping at a CVS I have never been to IF it stops raining and I make it there early enough. I will have a real post up for you later.

That's all for now :)


  1. I have a problem not buying things on clearance, too. I bought Essie Sand Tropez from Target last month despite being unsure about the color because it was $3. Luckily I like it a lot!

    I haven't seen the new Essie displays yet, but I want the dark grey!

  2. I've yet to see this display or even the smaller one, but I did find (and buy) Power Clutch, which was sitting on a random shelf at a Meijer store.

    I love murky colors so will probably get most of these before they're gone.

  3. Madeline I did the same thing with Essie Nice is Nice. I actually do like it which is good lol. I always figure if I don't like whatever clearance item I get I can swap it which is good because I can not say no to clearnace.

    Karen Meijers is a wonder store! I miss that store so much. I actually worked there for 2 weeks before I went into the hospital with pregnancy complications. My CVS stores do not have any of the polishes or a display but one Walgreens has them on the top rack of their display. I assume they will start appearing soon. I might (who am I kidding I most likely WILL) end up caving on them if I can get them with a coupon or on sale.


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