Friday, August 5, 2011

Military Green

Hey Everyone! It is FRIDAY!!! I am tired right now so I am pretty happy the work week is over. Since the news is forecasting the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily sending us some wet weather I guess the beach is out for the weekend.

I am super excited to show you all some nail decals I ordered off of ebay that just came in. I am even more excited to show you some nail stencils I won from a Blog Giveaway. I will be playing with those this weekend and will have a post up for you soon. I also finally used the ebay groupon I bought awhile back to order some goodies today. Those of course will probably take a few weeks to arrive but I am still excited. I have lots to show you :)

 It is fitting that I am watching NCIS while writing the post for Finger Paints Military Green. I love this show! I love military green shades too! This color was one of the ones I wanted most when I saw the swatches of the 2011 Fall Fashionista Finger Paints Collection.

Military Green is a gorgeous muted dusty light green that definitely reminds me of a military type color.

I love this color an was so happy when I put it on. It was pretty thin but covered well. It was almost a one coater but I used two to even it out.

It is a little darker in the shade.

Poshe is not my friend any more. It caused bubbles and shrinkage and I am dumping it!

The flash went off when I took this picture.

Oh I figured out why my cleanup never looks right. I finally realized I was not using PURE acetone. DUH for me.

Flash again.

Some sunlight :) Speaking of sunlight I better run and get some pictures of today's mani before the sun completely disappears. :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Wow!!! So pretty, I love all kinds of military greens:) Don't know why;) Congratulations with your prize!!! I follow this blog via email and I thought, hey, that's "my" Julie!! You are a winner:)

  2. Thanks ladies :)

    Thank you Silke! I am super excited because I never win anything! I played with the stencils over the weekend but started feeling really bad yesterday so I will have that post later tonight :)

  3. This green is one of those colors I would never wear back in the day, and now it was the first one I grabbed off the display when I saw it. :) I'm surprised to hear it was thin--I often get really thick Finger Paints.

  4. lol I think I was always into these types of colors. I was surprised when I realized it was thin, I thought maybe I didn't shake it enough or something lol. I usually have to thin them all when I get them.


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