Saturday, April 30, 2011


This should be posted Saturday morning when I will be at DISNEYWORLD!!! I am super excited! I wanted to make sure I got a post for ya'll so I am writing this today for tomorrow :)

I think I am over excited today! I just noticed someone on the nail board mention Transdesign had the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection up already but a couple of colors were already sold out. I jumped on the site as fast as possible and started loading up my cart. I actually went from wanting the whole collection down to wanting three. I was on the fence with Silver Shatter since I have the P2 silver one. I put 2 each of the Shatter, Planks A Lot and Skull and Glossbones in my cart (one each for a friend) and was going to check out shipping costs and accidentally checked all the way out. OOPS! Funny part is I texted the bf and told him I accidentally ordered some nail polishes. I really didn't intend on ordering anything until after the weekend trip but like I said, apparently got click happy. He responded with how do you accidentally order nail polish? Ummm yeah, I am guessing he doesn't think it is too much of an accident. lol. Honestly though, I didn't mean to check out yet, there were a few other things I was going to buy too lol.

This last polish from the Essence Blossoms etc collection is quite possibly my favorite. It is the blue, purple, periwinkle type color on the far right. Forget-Me-Not. It is really purple inside right now but much more periwinkle out in the light.

It is on the far left in the swatchscicle picture.

You can see the shimmer on this one in the light but right now at my desk it looks like a creme. No shimmer shows in here. Of course it also looks WAY purple in here too so I don't know.

This was the best application wise. It was perfect. I used two coats and didn't even think about my thinner once.

It is pretty bright and also reminds me of Easter eggs. I am hungry too, I wish I had some.

I loved all the colors in this collection and can't wait to try a rainbow with all of them. I wanted to do it this weekend but since I haven't tried sponging yet and I will be in a hotel I figure it will have to wait.

I went to Sally's last night to check out the China Glaze Island Escape and Orly Pin Up collections. Surprisingly they had both and even more surprisingly I walked out with nothing from either. Instead I found these earrings that I have always liked. I bought them lol. I used to have tons of earrings but have no clue where any of them went. I stopped wearing earrings for awhile and the bf got me a pair that I wore for a couple hours before they started to irritate my ears. I decided to wear the little studs that I still had from when I got my ears pierced (I was maybe 5) and couldn't wear fake jewelry. Since my ears have gotten used to earrings again I figured what the hay I will grab these.

I love them! They are awesome sparkly color changing golf balls!

And Kitty the maniac says HI! He was just running all over my desk attacking everything from my cup of pens to the radio. He is hyper now. He is my little cuddle buddy and it is going to be hard to let him go. I haven't found him a home yet and I refuse to send him to a shelter.

That's all for now :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Hint of Mint please

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is a half day for me since I am leaving to head up to Disney. I am trying to get this posted and the last of the Blossoms written up for tomorrow. I also received a Stylish Blogger award from Erica at Rikki Nails (THANK YOU ERICA) that I am working on posting. Writing 7 things about myself is actually harder than I thought. I am hoping to get all this done by the time I leave work today BUT this little thing called work might get in the way lol. I will definitely have a post up today though. The rest of the weekend may be hit or miss but I will try my best. :)

Today I have the fourth polish from the Essence Blossoms Etc collection. It is the really pretty mint green one called A Hint of Mint (inventive lol). I LOVE mint greens.

A Hint of Mint is the second from the left in the picture above. I was surprised to find this one is actually murkier than the rest of the polishes in the collection. The others are all pretty bright but this one has a little dirtiness to it. The shimmer is gorgeous and I actually really like the color it just was darker than I expected.

The polish is still bright, don't get me wrong, I know you are saying Uh that looks pretty bright to me there crazy woman! It just isn't as bright as the others.

For this one I used two coats. I finally found my thinner but didn't need it for this color. You can see some of the shimmer in this photo.

Yup, I know, my hands are funny looking in these pictures.

I have been changing up my base coat and treatments lately and apparently this did not play well with my Growing Nails with Garlic because I had chips before I even got to work. The pictures would have been better but by the time I got around to taking them my mani was chipped to hell so I had to use what I had already taken.

A little bit of sunshine. I think you could see the shimmer in this one easier than in My Yellow Fellow.

And this is my Newey bear! She is not happy with the kitty situation and wanted some attention. She is used to being the baby and demands attention. We walk her in the neighborhood and people actually ask us if she is a dog because she looks like a bear. She is awesome.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Yellow Fellow is No Longer Mellow.

Thursday, it's Thursday, I like Thursdays! I am a pretty happy camper today since my boss approved my half day request for tomorrow. I still need to make the reservations for the hotel and stuff, pack, remember where the tickets are but other than that I am READY TO GO! DisneyWorld bound! We are going to Disney Saturday and I can not for the life of me figure out what to do with my nails. I bought tiny red rhinestones this morning thinking I could put three together to make them look like Mickey's head but they really just look like three rhinestones put together. That is a fail! I don't think I am good enough to draw Mickey either. I guess I will have to keep working on it.

Kitty is good! He is attacking everything on my desk at the moment. He is no longer mellow and is quite vocal and inquisitive now. The good thing is that if we have him out of the box and he wants food or the litter box he meows. The bad thing is when he doesn't want to be in the box he really meows! We had one girl turn him down but the bf's brother is asking another nurse today. Fingers crossed!

Little kitty BIG BEAR! Ok, its really my dog but she looks more like a bear! Look how tiny kitty is compared to her. The best part is when she moved he slid right off. I wanted to see what she would do so I left him alone and as soon as he started moving toward her the big chicken backed up real quick! It was quite funny. After a minute she was curious and started to try and figure out what the little thing was but it was pretty funny to watch this huge dog back off when the tiny kitty approached.

Today's mani is the yellow one from Essence Blossoms etc My Yellow Fellow. It is a bright cheery spring yellow with subtle shimmer. It is the second from the right.

I am all for not editing or adjusting the lighting of pictures (or doing so) in order to keep the color of the polish accurate but this picture is just odd. My hands look dead or dirty or something equally disturbing. I am not even sure why because none of the other pictures looked like that. Very strange indeed.

Much better! Normal looking hands. My Yellow Fellow is a pastel yellow but this baby is BRIGHT! My bf commented twice when he came to pick up kitty that the yellow was very bright. He then asked why. I said because they made it bright, duh! I am sure his question was directed more to why I would wear it because it was so bright. I am thinking it isn't his favorite of my nail polishes.

Now I must say that all the dings and cracks and smudges and everything else that you see wrong with the polish is not because of the polish. It started with painting my nails too close to work time and dinging them on kitty's box trying to get it out the door. THEN unloading the truck killed off the rest of it. My nails were completely dry by the time the truck came but dragging, lifting and moving huge foam rolls apparently isn't good for a manicure.

I used three coats for this mani. You will see some streaking and patchy spots especially on my right hand where I used thinner coats. As with most yellows and especially pastel yellows this one was streaky and difficult. I had much better coverage with my thicker coats on my left hand but even that hand has it's spots. I will say that I was in a rush so I didn't take my time and really try to avoid the streaks and stuff.

Like the other polishes from this collection the subtle shimmer is really pretty when it shows itself. The formula was great and not thick like the other two. I would like to try this polish again before I deem it a pain in the rear streaky uneven mess. I am thinking if I am more careful it will work with me better. I hope. It is a pretty color and I like it! It reminds me of spring chickies.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bloom Bloom Bloom-A-Loom

Happy Hump Day! Thank goodness it is almost over too! No one can accuse me of not working today lol. My boss left about 5 minutes after I got here this morning and since he wasn't here and the warehouse guy was out to lunch of course that would have to be the time a shipment came. I don't know how to drive the forklift. I am sure it isn't really hard but I haven't learned yet and after today I believe I will be! The truck driver was nice enough to help me start to unload 48 rolls of foam. These rolls are taller than me, yeah I know that isn't hard seeing as I am only about 5'3 and if I hugged them my hands wouldn't touch so they are pretty big rolls. Let's just say I got my workout for the day lol. It's like 90 degrees out there too! We got about half way done before the warehouse guy got back. MMMM HMMM someone owes me something good for that one! lol.

I am TIRED now! The kitty is doing well. He is so funny now that he is starting to play. I had him on my chest while I was sitting at my desk and he was reaching up and smacking me in the mouth with his little paws. So cute. For some strange reason he was fascinated with my stapler as well. He kept attacking it. Strange little kitty. Fingers are crossed that we have a home for him this weekend. He is a sweet baby but there is a dog in the kennel that desperately needs a home and no one is going to adopt a 10 year old dog. We will see how it goes. For now back to nails...

Bloom-A-Loom, bloom-a-loom, bloom-a-loomy-loom-loom. Why I am chanting that I have no idea. Today's mani (this was actually yesterday's mani that I didn't get to post yet) is Essence Blossoms etc Bloom-A-Loom otherwise known as the pretty lilac purple one.

Bloom-A-Loom is the middle one in the picture. I am surprised there isn't a pink involved in this collection though not disappointed lol. This is as close to pink as you are going to get. It is about as close to pink as I want to go too.

When I paint my nails with these polishes I think Easter eggs. I love it! I always loved Easter egg colors and dying them was one of my favorite traditions. We didn't do eggs this year :( apparently it is no longer cool. I have the dye though and I am seriously feeling the need to color some darn eggs. I have some dye I got on clearance after Easter last year and I might just have to dye some eggs! Of course it will probably be June by the time I get around to it.

These first two pictures were taken in the warehouse. The polish is actually a little brighter than it shows in these pictures. The bottle picture is very accurate and I think the last pictures are more accurate. It looks closer to these pictures in the shade or inside.

Car picture! I have been missing the car pictures.

These last two pictures were inside. They are pretty close to the color.

The polish was a little thicker than I like but not as bad as I Like. I might have to thin it eventually but duh that would make sense. I used two coats. If I was more careful I probably could have gotten away with one.

And today's kitty pictures. He says NO PICTURES PLEASE! lol he was actually scratching his dirty face. Little boy is a VERY messy eater.

I figured I would let him get some air when I had him at work today. I don't think he was really enjoying it. He much prefers sitting on my shoulder and cuddling up in my neck.

He looks funny in this picture! He has food all over his face and it was when I first brought him outside and he was not used to the light.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Like Essence Blossoms I Like!

Tuesday!! After the manic Monday I was hoping it wouldn't be a terrible Tuesday. So far only minor issues. I am happy to report that little kitty is doing very well. We tried and tried and tried to get him to eat the dang kitty formula we got and the little brat refused. Accidentally the bf dropped a crumb of cake near the kitty and he devoured it so I ran up to Walgreens and picked up a can of cat food (and some Sinful polishes lol) and he tore right through it! I guess living on the street he had to learn to eat quick! He uses the litter box we got him (thank goodness) and has an occasional issue with stepping in it but it is working well.

He slept through the night until the bf had to get up for work and then decided he wanted to be held. Every time I put him back in his box he meowed. Finally I gave up and just let him lay on my chest. Before anyone freaks out I am a super light sleeper and knowing the little guy was laying with me it was more of a dozing off than anything. He laid on my arm and got angry when I picked him up hence waking him up to turn over because my arm fell asleep or something. He meows when he wants food and is a very sweet little boy. (cute kitty picture at the end of the post lol)

Unfortunately we are trying to bring Max home and he decided to go on a food strike when the bf wasn't at work yesterday (it was his day off). We can't bring Max home AND keep the little kitty as much as I already love him. Hopefully we find kitty a good home soon and perhaps Max's hunger strike will help get Max into the house faster lol.

Ok now down to business. The first mani from the box full of goodness is Essence I Like.

I Like is the polish on the far left. It is a turquoisey blue green color and is gorgeous. All these polishes have a subtle shimmer to them which I love.

A quick shot of my swatchscicles. I Like is second from the right in this photo. I wish the nails were a little shorter just because it would be easier for me to polish them but I am liking the swatchscicles.

I found this polish to be a little on the thick side. I would have added thinner but didn't really want to mess with finding it. You will notice on my left hand some pink spots :/ apparently my Seche Vite was contaminated by Zoya Dannii. I am not sure if that is because Dannii was too wet still or what the deal was but my pinky especially had little clump like pieces of Dannii on it.

You can't see the shimmer too much but boy does this polish shimmer. It is a subtle shimmer but when you see it the shimmer does pop.

I didn't have very good lighting and as you can see by the bottle in the background I was still dealing with kitty so the photos were quick shots.

Very impressed that this mani managed to stay intact through a tire change and kitty rescue. I love the color too it is so springy.

A nice shot of my nails with kitty fur.

The little boy was wiped out last night after his long day. He needs another bath so he will be happy to find out that is coming tonight lol.

I know it is hard to tell in this picture but I have him at work in a box (until the bf gets off) and have the flaps up so he can't see me. If he knows I am here he wants out. I went to check on him and peeked in the box to see the little guy laying on his towel and his face was down flat on the cardboard. He was sleeping but for a moment I panicked and thought the worst. WHO SLEEPS LIKE THAT? He scared me that is for sure! I always look to make sure he is breathing (I did that when my son was a baby too lol) and was startled to find him in that strange sleeping position. Such a weird little kitty.

That's all for now :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Box Full o Fun and Kitty Update

I have been waiting to share the pictures of my big box of fun! My dear friend Silke sent me this awesome package and I have been dying to share it. It is so awesome I had no idea where to even start. THANK YOU SILKE! It was in part a housewarming box for my new blog. She is awesome! There was also some chocolate and Stroopwafels (the best thing ever) involved but I didn't include those pictures in this post, I will add them to another one though.

My eyes bugged out and my jaw dropped when I opened the box! Look at all the beauties.

The Sally Hansen Insta Dri I was trying as a top coat and some how jumped into the box when I was moving it.

Essence Blossoms in I Like, A Hint of Mint, Bloom-A-Loom, My Yellow Fellow and Forget-Me-Not.

Essence Can't Cheat on Me, Where is the Party, Mystic Mermaid, Cool and the Gang and You're a Gold Mine.

Catherine Arley 803,806, 676 and 667.

Teeez Outta Control and Cool.

Catrice Pool Party at Night and Miracle Heaven.

P2 Crackling in Golden Rush and Silver Blast.

P2 in Jetset, Electric and Rebel.

Golden Rose 13 (I think) and ArtDeco 236.

I found nail tips on clearance at Sally's for $1.49 so I bought a couple boxes and some sticks to make swatchscicles. So far I have gotten as far as this box lol. I glued a hundred of them though so I am ready to swatch some more soon.

My Easter rainbow cupcakes. They were yummy.

And little kitty! He went to the doctor and is about 3 weeks old. His eyes are really blue but the color didn't show up in the pictures. He had worms but not a flea on him. We tried giving him kitten formula but he refused to eat. Opened a can of cat food and the boy chowed down. He is teeny tiny but the doc says he is really healthy and lucky.

So the plan now is to go through the box of goodies! I am going to start with the Blossoms because it is Springy and Eastery and well because I say so lol. I haven't really planned past that though lol. We are going to Disney next weekend so I am thinking maybe a holo for that :) Not sure yet. I will figure it out, I should probably worry about the hotel and rental car first though lol. Oh yeah and the stupid dentist.

That's all for now :)