Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yup, lame title for this post, sorry couldn't come up with anything catchy lol.

Good day! For some reason last night I thought it was Thursday and it wasn't until bed time that I realized it was only Wednesday. BUMMER! I was so disappointed. I have no idea why I thought it was Thurs but I wasn't a happy camper when I figured it out. I spent the night making a chocolate order. By the time I was done I was tired and this morning I was rushed to get it out the door with my brother so I didn't get a chance to take a picture. Oh well. I am making some truffles tonight so perhaps there will be pictures of them tomorrow.

Today is the last day of Sally Hansen week. I am loving the HDs so I decided to wear the my last HD for today. It was one of my favorites when I saw the display Sally Hansen HD DVD. It is blue and purple and purple and blue and really pretty. I love it in the bottle but this sucker is VERY sheer. I wasn't loving that at all.

It took about 10 pictures to be able to catch what the bottle and polish usually look like. Every picture I tried to take didn't show the purple. It was actually starting to anger me but I finally got it.

Um, this is THREE coats. Can we say sheer? Even Byte is not this sheer. I am sure it would look great layered but I am not really digging it alone. I guess it will build up but I am not going past 3 coats to find out.

It makes my nails look a little dirty. I don't likey. I am not sure if Resolution stained or if the little nail polish remover pads weren't great but my nails are a tad yellowish to start and I wasn't happy that they looked dirty with this polish on.

See what I mean? Not cute Sally!

In lower light it looks a little darker but you still can see the nail line. It really shines and is a very pretty color. My pinkie nail broke today. They were just starting to grow too :/

This is in the shade of the warehouse.

 I had to add this just to show how sheer it really is. I don't like this picture though.

More bottle and nail pictures because I do like the color.

Luckily I am taking this off tonight. I keep checking to make sure my nails aren't really dirty.

I wanted to see what Byte looked like layered on top. It is pretty but I am not really sure DVD did much but allow Byte to apply darker than it would alone.

I can't wait to try DVD over black or even a dark blue or purple. I think it will look really nice then. Alone it isn't what I wanted it to be but it does have potential.

I am not going to do a huge post about it because it is EVERYWHERE and I am sure everyone knows all about it by now but I have to mention it. Zoya is doing their big Earth Day promo and can I just say my wallet is not pleased. The gist is they want to exchange your old polishes for theirs. It is a recycling program so to speak. I was a little disappointed to learn that sending in your old polishes is not required. I figure if you are going to promote it as an Earth Day promo and exchange you should at least make the people send in polishes. Zoya is supposed to be safely disposing of the old polishes you send in which is where the Earth Day part comes into play. You can read all about it on their website, blog, nail board and tons of other blogs. Well, I tried as hard as I could to avoid the promo but finally caved today lol. How could I possibly resist $4.00 Zoyas? I really did try to avoid it lol. I now have 13 pretty polishes coming my way! (for the record I will be sending in my old polishes) I bought a few of the ones I really wanted and then I bought some for my friend in Holland who can't take part in the sale. I tried really hard to keep it on the small size but considering I went onto the website with a list of 23 shades that I wanted I think I did fairly well. So much for staying strong and avoiding spending until the Pirates collection came out. I must go find my wallet now, it ran off and hid lol.

That's all for now :)

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