Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Displays, Haul, Cupcakes and Caviar

Ok, this is the last post of the day. I think lol. It probably is because I don't have pictures of anything else (I don't think). We went to the "upscale" mall this weekend to buy Crocs for the bf's new job. I think those shoes are the ugliest things ever but they highly recommended them for the job. Well, let me tell you, they may be ugly but they are COMFORTABLE! We each walked out with a pair and I have been wearing them since. I just wish they weren't so ugly! They have a really cute pair that look like jelly shoes. I used to have jelly shoes in every color imaginable. I wore those shoes until they fell apart blisters and all. The bf is going to get me a pair of the Croc jelly shoes (I forget their name for them) for our anniversary. If they are comfortable that is but judging by how comfortable the Crocs are I bet they will be fine.

We of course had to stop by the Ulta that is near that mall. It is a nicer Ulta then the one I usually go to they actually had their nail polish stocked. I found the new Orly Pin Up collection. I was going to get the green one and a couple of China Glaze polishes but didn't read the fine print on the sale. No Mixing Brands, DUH FOR ME! I didn't have time to go back and pick out more polishes so I stuck with the clearance items I picked up hehe.

There was a rumor on the nail board that Ulta was no longer going to carry LA Splash nail polish. Not sure if it is true but this Ulta had these glitters on clearance. They had a bunch of other LA Splash polish in jars in the nail polish area but they weren't marked down. Not sure what the deal is but I got a good deal on these. I also found a random OPI Matte and AvoJuice on clearance.

My nice little haul for under ten bucks. I was happy :) They are LA Splash Sweet Violet, Sparkling Jellyfish (love the name), Pink Dream, Sparkling Angel, Sparkling Silver, OPI Russian Navy Matte and Avojuice Berry Juicie.

I stopped by Walgreens last night and caught a glimpse of the new Essie Braziliant display. I almost picked up Smooth Sailing (the blue one) but put it back. I am going back for it though, super pretty!

As a bonus you can see my attempt at rainbow cupcakes gone wrong. I used these new cupcake tins that my mom bought and they were not cooperative. I either overflowed them OR under filled them. Note to self: use WHITE cake mix so the colors are brighter DUH. In my defense I only had a yellow cake mix at home lol.

They aren't vibrant rainbows and most of them were only three colors (when I added more they overflowed the tin) but they tasted good!

And a picture of a vendor at the upscale mall. YES you can get Caviar in the middle of the mall. We now know why I don't shop there.

That's all for now :)


  1. A full Pin Up display--lucky you! The one at my Ulta had three polishes left by the time I got to it. Going to have to check another one tonight.

  2. Oh wow I don't know if they just put it out but I have found two full displays. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet though I want those glitters!


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