Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arizona Ice Tea wannabe

Today I have my rehearsal dinner mani. Unfortunately not only did I not make it to the rehearsal but the mani didn't last that long anyway. Note to self: don't let the bf pack and since he isn't allowed to pack don't do mani before packing. I woke up early so I could do my nails before having to leave to the airport. I figured that while I was doing my nails he could pull out the clothes that needed packing. I didn't anticipate him totally freaking out because nothing would fit in the bag the way he wanted it to. I walked into a room with clothes everywhere and a bag overflowing with only his clothes lol. I thought I over packed! By the time I was done packing I already had a chip which was not cool at all!

I had a great plan for the mani using Jordana Mint Candy as the base. I was going to use Sephora Brownie for the branches and either Orly Spark or Loreal French Tip White for the flowers and those little fimo flowers.

I used the top left image on M66 for the design.

Luckily trying to take all these pictures actually distracted me from freaking out on the plane ride. I am sure I won't be posting many nail shots from a plane lol. I ended using the white for the flowers and then using Spark to put a yellow center in the flower. I used one fimo flower on each middle finger to give it a little extra kick.

Planes don't provide the best lighting for these pictures. Most of the pictures were either too bright or two dark.

I had put some Burt's cuticle cream on earlier so my fingers are shiny.

This mani reminds me of the Arizona Tea cans. I didn't get to take my pretty mani to the rehearsal dinner because we got incredibly lost on extremely dark roads in North Carolina. The girl that gave us directions didn't do a very good job and we ended up about 100 miles out of our way past our destination. It was a long night! I think by the time we made it to our destination I had only a couple fingers left with polish on them. It was nice while it lasted though. The fimo flowers didn't bother me as much as I thought they would. This means I must have more!

That's all for now :)


  1. It is a pretty mani! Sorry you didn't make it to your dinner. :(

  2. Thank you Karen :) I think next time I should try a different color flower though.

    I made it to the wedding lol that is more important and was more fun I am sure lol.


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