Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Odds and Ends

This is just an odds and ends post with some pictures. When my purse starts to get heavy I usually try and clean it out. It was pretty heavy the other day so I decided it was time. I can't imagine why it was so heavy...I only had 21 polishes in there. I tend to not empty my purse out a lot. Can you tell?

I was shopping at Publix which is our local grocery store. LOVE PUBLIX! The other day I found a random China Glaze polish and freaked out. Last night I found a whole display and really got excited. I whipped out my camera to take pictures. My son thought this was odd.

They have some random stuff there. The one thing they did have that I got totally excited over what Meteor Shower! I have been lemming this one for awhile but no one else carries it. I of course snatched that one up and did a happy dance. My son thought that was odd too. I need to go back and really look at what they have to see what else I need. They are $4.99 each which is about average, I think Sally's is a little less with the card but Sally's doesn't have these colors. I will have to check it out and then go to the dusty supply store and see if they have any because they are far better priced. Unfortunately last time I was there the rack was nearly empty, I don't think they had a chance to fill it yet. I hope.

Publix also got a whole rack of OPI. They had a few randoms before but now they have a whole rack! They didn't have anything that jumped out and me and hitched a ride home. I think I was more excited about the China Glaze because I have never seen it there before.

This is Meteor Shower in all its glittery goodness. This picture reminds me of the night sky. I love it!

That's all for now :)

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