Friday, April 29, 2011

A Hint of Mint please

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is a half day for me since I am leaving to head up to Disney. I am trying to get this posted and the last of the Blossoms written up for tomorrow. I also received a Stylish Blogger award from Erica at Rikki Nails (THANK YOU ERICA) that I am working on posting. Writing 7 things about myself is actually harder than I thought. I am hoping to get all this done by the time I leave work today BUT this little thing called work might get in the way lol. I will definitely have a post up today though. The rest of the weekend may be hit or miss but I will try my best. :)

Today I have the fourth polish from the Essence Blossoms Etc collection. It is the really pretty mint green one called A Hint of Mint (inventive lol). I LOVE mint greens.

A Hint of Mint is the second from the left in the picture above. I was surprised to find this one is actually murkier than the rest of the polishes in the collection. The others are all pretty bright but this one has a little dirtiness to it. The shimmer is gorgeous and I actually really like the color it just was darker than I expected.

The polish is still bright, don't get me wrong, I know you are saying Uh that looks pretty bright to me there crazy woman! It just isn't as bright as the others.

For this one I used two coats. I finally found my thinner but didn't need it for this color. You can see some of the shimmer in this photo.

Yup, I know, my hands are funny looking in these pictures.

I have been changing up my base coat and treatments lately and apparently this did not play well with my Growing Nails with Garlic because I had chips before I even got to work. The pictures would have been better but by the time I got around to taking them my mani was chipped to hell so I had to use what I had already taken.

A little bit of sunshine. I think you could see the shimmer in this one easier than in My Yellow Fellow.

And this is my Newey bear! She is not happy with the kitty situation and wanted some attention. She is used to being the baby and demands attention. We walk her in the neighborhood and people actually ask us if she is a dog because she looks like a bear. She is awesome.


  1. Nice color I love these polishes I only have two of them :(

  2. Thanks :) If you can find the rest I highly recommend them! Which two do you have?

  3. Did you find these in the US? I've been desperately wanting the Hint of Mint but the displays at the Ultas by me (Chicago) only have Bloom a Loom, I Like, and Forget-me-Not.

  4. I saw the display last time I was in Ulta but I don't recall which ones were there. I might be going out there (to Ulta) this weekend and I will look for it :)


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