Thursday, January 31, 2013

Squares in the Air

Hey Everyone! OMG what a long drawn out boring day. I keep thinking it is Friday but it isn't and then when I realize that I am disappointed. I am going to make this quick because I am leaving work shortly and I want to get it posted before then.

Today I have a mani using stamping and a square rhinestone. I bought the square rhinestones but had yet to figure out how to use them. I was flipping through my plates and when I saw this image I knew it would be perfect.

I used Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Air for the base coat. I wasn't at all impressed with this polish. It is pretty but it was streaky and even with 3 coats I still had patches and streakyness. Now, this could be because of my application rather than the polish itself but still it was not my friend. The mop of a brush also didn't wow me. It was a good thing I got it on clearance otherwise I would have been more disappointed.

I used Zoya Song for stamping. It stamped really well and OMG I love the color.

I used the little square/diamond image on Mash-35.

After fighting with Air I had no interest in attempting to stamp on all my nails so I just did accent nails. I also didn't want to use all of my rhinestones lol

I actually really liked how this mani came out despite not really enjoying the obvious flaws with Air.

I dinged my middle finger, as you can see, but didn't really want to fix it. I wasn't really feeling well the night I did this mani which didn't help matters.

At least I am finally starting to feel better. I placed the rhinestone in the middle of the stamping design and then topped it off with top coat.

I really liked this mani and was considering doing a different color on each nail. I will have to think of an event to have rainbow nails for.

Air is still somewhat sheer and streaky. There was a hint of visible nail line but only a tiny hint. The pictures brought it out more.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zipper Fail

Hey Everyone! Is it Friday yet? Work hasn't been bad this week but I am still looking forward to Friday. I realized today that the increase in taxes or social security or whatever it is takes a little over $20.00 out of each paycheck. This does NOT make for a happy turtle. Df tried to say it wasn't really that much but that is a whole Color Club 2013 Holo collection!!! So not cool. I also realized I don't have pictures of the dinosaur hats I crocheted and I already taped up the box to send them to my friend. Hopefully she can send me pictures when she gets them, especially if they are pictures on her boys lol.

Today I have a mani for you that I wouldn't call a very successful mani. I have a friend who is dying to do zipper nails and when I was flipping through my plates I saw the zipper design and figured I would give it a try. It didn't come out really well but it was nice and neon so that made me feel a bit better lol.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-202.

I used Sinful Colors nail stripers in Neon yellow and coral for the colors and black for the stamping.

This was a pretty bright mani. 

I used the stripers to paint all the color. Next time I think it might be easier to paint the whole nail one color then do the inside part after I stamp instead of painting it all after stamping.

I seriously need to get better at stamping too.

I did enjoy it a little more than I am enjoying looking at the pictures. It looked better in real life. Not much though.

I used the same neon colors to do dots on my thumbs. 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Layla Green Galaxy (CE 54)

Hey Everyone!! Running a little late tonight but I hope this mani makes up for it. 

Tonight I have one of the Layla polishes from their Christmas in Laylaland collection. It does not have a name on the bottle but after looking it up this color is called Green Galaxy (CE 54) It is one of Layla's Ceramic Effects polishes and it is GORGEOUS! I picked it up after Christmas when it was on clearance and I wish I had gotten the others now.

Green Galaxy (CE 54) is a gorgeous green jelly base with small glitter and larger hex glitter.

I used two coats but I could have used three. The pictures show some balding that I didn't notice until macro decided to show me loud and clear.

I still have some issues with applying jelly polishes. This was very easy to apply I just don't use a light enough hand.


I wish it was easier to find Layla polishes. I also wish they were a little bit easier on my wallet but this polish is so pretty I almost don't mind the cost. Almost.

I love the shade of this polish, it reminds me of jello. I am hungry right now lol.

I bought one other Layla called The Butterfly Effect (CE 52) which I can't wait to wear. It looks amazing in the bottle so I am betting it will look amazing on the nail. 

Sadly I had a really bad break, as you can see. The other day my ring finger nail broke on this same hand so now I have semi nubbins and a mutant nail on my left hand. I guess it is time to switch back to my right hand for photos. 

That's all for now :)

Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey Everyone!!! I finally have internet back YAY! I actually had it over the weekend I just didn't get a chance to post.

Today I have one of the Color Club Halo Hues polishes from the 2012 collection.

Color Club Halo-graphic.

I used BM-213 to do a stamp pattern over Halo-graphic. I used a black striping polish for the stamping.

I did have good sun when I wore this polish but because I still don't have complete knowledge of how to work my camera the pictures are not as awesome as the polish.

Halo-graphic applied like a dream, especially for a holo polish. I used two coats and it was perfect.

This polish is very very holo even in doors but I couldn't catch it's awesomeness on camera.

Sometimes this polish leans very purple on me and other times it leans more pink.

I definitely need to work on my stamping!

I love the rainbows!

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blame Uverse!

Hey Everyone!!!! Well, I got home last night to find that AT&T Uverse was having some network problems or some mumbo jumbo that cut off my internet, cable and telephone. Um, not cute Uverse! SO I edited a bunch of pictures and got them ready but couldn't upload to photobucket and couldn't do my blog post. This morning I believe the internet was still off so let us hope that they get it figured out soon.

Since I already showed you all the manis I have uploaded into photobucket (I really should invest in the google space lol) I will show you some of the projects I did recently.

I LOVE these little things that you paint yourself. When we were young my mom would make us plaster things from candy molds and we would make magnets. We also went to ceramics at the park in the summer.
I love doing them but they are harder and harder to find at the craft store these days. Usually when I see them on sale I will grab some. My mother decided we needed to clean the crafting closet and spend the weekends painting and out came all my little friends.

I had two of this particular one so I painted them the same and called them the twins. I am probably going to give them to the twins lol. I didn't spray the with the clear gloss yet but this is them all finished.

Can you tell I LOVE Snowmen? This guy was super cute and difficult lol. Df could not believe I painted these (he was at work).

My mom had this wreath that she never finished so she finished it. It will look even better with the clear gloss coat.

I love LOVE this wreath!! So pretty. I did the bunny eyes. :)

Hopefully my internet will be up tonight so I can do a real post!

That's all for now :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cool Gray Glitter

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you are having a good Monday! School is out today, banks are close and mail is not running yet still I am at work. I am finding it hardly fair that my son is home and I am working lol. I am trying very hard to stay awake today. I slept really good last night but I am still very sleepy today. My coffee is just cooling down enough for me to drink. My neck is bothering me today too which is adding fun to my day. I think I might have to cut my hair too. It is so long it is heavy and when I put it in a messy mess on top my head it makes my head feel so heavy which isn't doing a lot of good for my neck.

So today I have a simple mani that I did after the glitter gel mani to cleanse the palette a bit.

I used Sinful Colors Cool Gray for the base. I saw this one in a new little display and grabbed it. I don't know if it is a new color or not but it isn't one that I had.

I wanted to try to do a mani with individual pieces of glitter. I have seen various bloggers doing those manis but I never found the right glitter and was kind of afraid to order blindly. When these were posted on Artsyfartsy Crafts I figured I would give them a try.

I wasn't sure if they were the right size but look how pretty they are. I have also loved all of the glitter I have bought from them so I figured even if it wasn't the right glitter I would love it.

I started with a base of Cool Gray. When I started the mani Cool Gray was pretty thick and I was having a lot of difficulty. I ended up taking it off and starting over because it did not cooperate at all. I added some thinner and Cool Gray behaved perfectly from that point on. It is a good thing it decided to play nice because I was not happy with the way things were going before thinner.

I believe I used two coats on this but I do not remember if it was two or three since I did the mani twice.

My index finger nail broke to epic nublet proportions when I smacked it on something. Not even the gel mani could keep that sucker together. I was going to crop it out of the pictures below but ended up keeping little nublet in the pictures. I apologize for it in advance.

I attempted to stamp a clear line across my nails so I had a line to follow when placing the glitter. I actually did stamp the line with one of the french tip on a stamping plate that I can not recall. I sort of followed the line but not completely. I basically took a nail art brush then went over the line, or the general area the line was in lol, with clear polish so my glitter had something to stick to.

Sticking each individual glitter on there wasn't too much of a problem but I am in no hurry to do a full nail lol. My lines still weren't as straight and uniform as I would have liked but they came out pretty decent.

I really really liked this mani. It was simple but still had that sparkle. I want this glitter in ALL COLORS now lol

That's all for now :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I love Squares.

Hey Everyone! Is it Friday yet? It was a long day just because work was slow. I did finish my book though so I guess that is a good thing. My son has no school tomorrow and Monday, I am so jealous. I keep picking at my glitter mani so I need to make this quick and remove it before I peel off the other hand. 

Today I am showing you another stamping I did over the glitter gel mani. I actually did one more stamping but apparently didn't take any pictures so this should be the last you will see of this mani lol. 

I used the Cheeky XL-A plate and a white striping polish for the box design.

Unfortunately my top coat smeared some of the stamping. I hate when that happens.

I do love this design though. I think it looked great over the glitter mani.

I broke my index finger nail really really badly after this mani. I am not thrilled with my new mutant nublet.

I want to do another mani with this stamping design. I love the squares. 

Hmmm I might have just got an idea for my next mani.

I love how the plate has a curve at the bottom of the full nail images so that you can do a french tip. I never tried doing this before but thought I would give my thumbs a different look.

When we were cleaning the cabinet I found this box. We emptied it's contents and it was left on the table in case my son could use it. Bruce decided it would make a great bed.

He curled up in there and slept for quite awhile. I have no idea how that is even remotely comfortable but he enjoyed it.

That's all for now :)