Thursday, January 17, 2013

I love Squares.

Hey Everyone! Is it Friday yet? It was a long day just because work was slow. I did finish my book though so I guess that is a good thing. My son has no school tomorrow and Monday, I am so jealous. I keep picking at my glitter mani so I need to make this quick and remove it before I peel off the other hand. 

Today I am showing you another stamping I did over the glitter gel mani. I actually did one more stamping but apparently didn't take any pictures so this should be the last you will see of this mani lol. 

I used the Cheeky XL-A plate and a white striping polish for the box design.

Unfortunately my top coat smeared some of the stamping. I hate when that happens.

I do love this design though. I think it looked great over the glitter mani.

I broke my index finger nail really really badly after this mani. I am not thrilled with my new mutant nublet.

I want to do another mani with this stamping design. I love the squares. 

Hmmm I might have just got an idea for my next mani.

I love how the plate has a curve at the bottom of the full nail images so that you can do a french tip. I never tried doing this before but thought I would give my thumbs a different look.

When we were cleaning the cabinet I found this box. We emptied it's contents and it was left on the table in case my son could use it. Bruce decided it would make a great bed.

He curled up in there and slept for quite awhile. I have no idea how that is even remotely comfortable but he enjoyed it.

That's all for now :)


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    1. Thanks :) Bruce sends kisses. He was in a rare nice mood last night lol


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