Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Feed the Tiger

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I skipped yesterday. I think I have either pulled something or I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and last night it was hurting. After using the heating pad for awhile I figured I would start a gel mani in hopes I would start feeling better. I did start feeling better since I had changed the way I was sitting BUT the gel mani took way too long and by the time I was done I was too tired to blog. The mani came out pretty nice but I definitely need a new area to do my gel manis in because the lighting was awful.

Today I have a mani to show you that I did for New Years. I don't do gold often and figure New Years was the time to do it.

I had a gel mani base of IBD Aphrodite on already and painted over it.

This was three coats of Aphrodite.

It was nice and sparkly, perfect to do gold over.

I used Essence Don't Feed the Tiger from their Circus Circus collection. It is a duo polish with gold on one side and black square glitter on the other. I had a duh moment and forgot to take a picture of  the polish.

I LOVE this combo. I love the glitter too and honestly the gold is not so gold that it is the type of gold I don't wear. This polish is a complete WIN!

I did more of a gradient with the gold. I didn't go all the way down to my cuticles so you can see Aphrodite peeking out.

I LOVE black glitter and I didn't realize until I started painting that this was square glitter. BONUS! I wanted to do a reverse gradient with the glitter and have it thicker at the base then thinning out toward the tips.

I didn't quite accomplish it completely because the square glitter was sparse and not the right type of glitter for what I envisioned but I LOVE the way it came out.

I love that my camera can take these close up shots! SO AWESOME!!

AND I introduce you to my snowman clan.

I don't remember if I showed them before but I LOVE THEM so I am showing them again. Most of them have flown to their new homes already.

That's all for now :)


  1. Square glitter! When will we be together? I still don't have a polish with square glitter in my life. And I'm so sorry I missed this collection because they only brought Essence recently in my country.
    That is a huge snowman army! They are so cute!

    1. You crack me up!! I love square glitter and need all the square glitter polishes! I am also recently infected with the NEED all round glitter polishes virus as well.

      Essence is not really main stream here either. Ulta gets a few collections but my Ulta is awful and never has anything core and rarely has the collections. I have to rely on my forein friends lol.

      Thank you :) I loved those snowmen! I would have made more but I had to work on other projects too.


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