Friday, December 30, 2011

Trixie Wants to Marry a Millionaire

Hey Everyone! It is FRIDAY!!! I got off work early today which was great especially since it was a sloooow day. I also got to tell my boss See you next year! I love saying that but only get to do it once a year. I am not super excited about New Year's but I am excited about doing some clearance shopping this weekend.

Today I have a nice sparkly mani for you. I did two coats of Zoya Trixie as a base and a gradient with China Glaze Marry A Millionaire from the Eye Candy Collection.

Sorry about the chip in my index finger. That happened today at work before I was able to take the pictures.

This is a pretty subtle mani even in person. It is pretty and shiny and I was thinking of something like this for New Year's Eve.

It is hungry though. I used only one coat of Seche Vite and it is rough. Since I am not using Gelous and I did this at work I just left it as it is. 

Ah and you can see the little mutant nub of an index finger nail. Stupid Gelous. 

I was having some issues with my pictures coming out blurry. I really need to start looking into a better camera.

So I crocheted this hat for the bf but it was super huge. I mean, REALLY, REALLY huge. He could have pulled it down and covered his whole head.

I shortened it. Now it is perfect. I have to make one for my son now. 

I also have Christmas pictures of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior opening his present.

He was quite interested. We had to start the opening process for him though.

Checking it out. He was trying to get the paper but it looks cute.

After we got it built he played in it for a while. He likes to sleep on the top. It is not real sturdy though and it shakes when he gets up there and it makes him nervous. I wish it was a little more sturdy but it will do until we can get him a tree.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It is a Christmas Party

Hey Everyone! I hope all is well. I am ready for the weekend, especially since I have Monday off. I am not really big on New Year's Eve and have no plans really so it isn't going to super exciting. I have a standing date with Dick Clark so there is that. 

How much is that kitty in the window? I love coming home and seeing Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior waiting in the window.

He doesn't wag his tail but it is still cute.

Today I have my Christmas mani for you. I actually wore this for three days which is a long time for me. I used Sally Hansen Starry Starry Flight which I swapped for with the lovely KarenD. I was inspired to try this mani when one of the awesome girls on the nail boards did the same mani. I used China Glaze Party Hearty which my amazing friend Jess gave me for my birthday on top. 

This mani was sparkly and gorgeous. I uses two coats of Starry Starry Flight and one coat of Party Hearty.

I can't believe I passed on Party Hearty last year when it came out. It is gorgeous. 

I thought the Snowman Bernard that has red and green glitter was a dupe or at least very close but he is not. He doesn't have the little glitter in him and he is not quite as sparkly. I still love him though. 

Unfortunately this mani started chipping and I have a really bad habit of picking at glitter manis. I ended up picking it all off. I also noticed that my index finger was peeling. Not cute. I now have a super nub on my index finger from the peeling. A couple other nails are having slight peeling but it isn't too bad yet. I believe the peeling has just confirmed that Gelous and I can no longer be friends. I have had no peeling issues but I put Gelous over this mani because it was a little rough.

Gelous and I will be breaking up now. Luckily I don't have too much left so I am not wasting too much. Now I will need to find something else to smooth out my glitters. I have a lot of glitter to try out soon.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Epic Christmas Mani Post

Hey Everyone!! I know I SUCK! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday which ever you celebrate. Our Christmas was pretty low key especially since I have been trying to get sick for days. I feel pretty crappy and am actually hoping to just get the stupid cold already so it will start to go away. It is lingering and taking its time getting here which is quite fun. 

Since I have missed quite a few posts I have an epic post for you today of my Christmas time nails. I might be a little flakey until the 9th but I will try and get a post up everyday. The bf's daughter is in town till then and we are going to be running around and stuff. I will hopefully be on the ball soon. I really hope I am not getting an ear infection lol. 

So I wanted to do snow flakes but my one plate with the snowflake image is the one plate that was ruined when my Shany plates came. The seller would never return my emails so I used another image that I thought looked close enough. I liked it.

It made me think of snow at least.

BUT it is 80 degrees here and no where near cold so this is about as close to snowflakes as I get.

I got lazy and just painted some reindeer over the snowflake mani. They came out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

They were really fun and I hated to take them off.

I think they looked somewhat like bears though.

I found OPI Smitten with Mittens at CVS. It was exciting. I don't usually do reds often but I like this one.

Of course the only pictures I took when I had it on came out blurry and I didn't notice that until today. DUH.

Also lazy I just painted some Gingerbread men on top of SwM. I had some issues with the eyes but they didn't come out too bad.

I liked them and they made me want Gingerbread Lattes.

They didn't last long because there was some tip wear that just kept getting worse.

I used Bernard for my Christmas Eve Mani. Bernard is the snowman with the green and red glitter. I love him.

I used Smitten with Mittens and China Glaze Glittering Garland. I really liked this mani too. I was apparently feeling the red this year.

I think this glitter reminded me of sugar cookies.

Tomorrow I will show you my Christmas Day mani which I am still wearing. I should take it off tonight but I really love it and don't want to. I think I might leave it on ONE more day which is odd. I think I really AM sick. Maybe I have a fever lol.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awesome Present and a New Sweater

Hey Everyone!! How are we all today? I am feeling better though I think I am getting sick. I am READY for a break so I can not wait till Friday. I am NOT ready for Christmas though so I CAN wait for Friday lol. I need to brave the mall again I think to pick up a last minute gift or two. I also need to go get some stuff from CVS and I totally forgot I need conditioner. I need to make a list. I have so much to do and so little time.

Today was an epic mail day. I got lots of nail mail and some Christmas presents that I was hoping would be here in time for Christmas. Luckily they all arrived so I don't have to sweat that out anymore.

I got an awesome Christmas package today from my friend Jess. I knew it was coming soon but I was surprised it was here today. That was fast.

Um, it was quarantined in this plastic bag. It is really hilarious if you read the whole thing. In big bold print it says WE CARE then goes on to apologize for damaging your package. Are you REALLY sure you care? For some reason I don't think they really do. I ripped that sucker open so fast because I was afraid of what was inside. There was no odor so nothing seemed broken. I ripped open the envelope expecting to see a mess but the only thing that was even close to damaged was a chocolate. PHEW. 

Look how cute the stickers and paper is! Even the stickers are glittery and awesome! I love them but accidentally decapitated Santa. I hope that doesn't have any influence on Christmas this year.

The card was super cute too. I like her pants!

Everything together. The sparkles are INSANE.

I haven't tried this yet but I want to eat it! It smells so yummy! 

My very own Starry Starry Night Franken. OMG I have wanted to try and make this forever but don't have the correct ingredients. It is INSANE! 

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon. I have been looking for this one forever too. Swoon.

Mint Peep. Um, yeah, my son asked if he could have this. I laughed at him. I am mean.

A snowman. I die. I love him.

ANOTHER snowman. I die again. I LUFF HIM TOO! 

Studio M Purple Medallion which I can not get my paws on here. OMG look at the sparkles.

Studio M Slammin Red. More sparkly goodness. 

I was dancing around when I was opening this package. I was also impatiently awaiting my camera to charge. THANK YOU to my friend Jess who is awesome and amazing. I absolutely love this package. My son was all over me about it being a Christmas package and how I was supposed to wait for Christmas to open it. HA! HA! HA! That was so funny. I laughed as I opened it up! lol

I also have some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior photos for you. I made him a new sweater at work today. It is quite bright purple because that is the only color I had at work besides gray and well he is gray. I wanted it to stand out and boy does it stand out lol. It is also WAY too big on him. I need to revise the pattern and make him a smaller one. 

My son was holding him because he was ready to run. He did NOT want to be photographed today.

It is quite huge on him. He gets it off really quickly too. I need to make it smaller.

Yeah, I think he is pretty much over the sweaters lol 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you Frostbitten this Blue Year's Eve?

Hey Everyone! My knees are feeling much better today, could be all the ibuprofen I am taking, so I am in much better spirits. It is also the bf's birthday so we had a nice dinner and I tried to make his day as nice as I could considering we were both working. I just realized today a couple of gifts I could give my dad and brother so I will be out in the crazy shopping world tomorrow. I am actually just running to the craft store before work but I am still scared to go out lol. The kids are done except I am waiting for a couple of things to come in the mail and I think I have everything else. I hope. I am never prepared lol.

Today I have somewhat of a comparison for you. I am also showing off my nubs for the first time since cutting them. It is not pretty and I cropped my index finger out of some of the shots because it is broken pretty low and just looked ugly. The mani I have today is not one of my best and I am not really happy about showing it but hey, we all have bad days. 

So I have a side by side picture of China Glaze Frostbite and Blue Year's Eve. I thought they were pretty close to each other until I put them next to each other. Blue Year's Eve is darker and if you notice on the side of the bottle it has a purple, fuchsia type flash to it. I believe it to be a glass fleck polish where as Frostbite is a shimmer and more of a bright blue. Both are pretty just not as similar as I thought.

You can see on the nail that they are different as well. The middle finger in the picture has Blue Year's Eve and the other two have Frostbite. 

I used two coats of each. I had some cuticle drag but I was trying to work on a bed that was being shaken by my wonderful son and his Xbox playing. He does NOT sit still when playing video games and it is quite annoying lol. 

I used Sinful Colors nail art polish in white for the snow then topped it with China Glaze Snow Globe. 

I wasn't really happy with the snow effect but my co-worker noticed and actually complimented them. The nice scratches on my finger were courtesy of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior.

Ah, one picture with my index nub snuck in. The colors alternate from top to bottom Blue Year's Eve and Frostbite.

I also finished my crochet Greyhound this weekend. 

Here he is from the side. His body is shorter than a typical Greyhound but as I told the critics it is a crochet piece not an accurate replica.

Bruce is in the background watching very carefully. He was very suspicious of this little dog. He was also wearing his sweater.

From the front :)

And here he is again with Bruce attacking his tail. My next project is a dragon.

That's all for now :)