Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Epic Christmas Mani Post

Hey Everyone!! I know I SUCK! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday which ever you celebrate. Our Christmas was pretty low key especially since I have been trying to get sick for days. I feel pretty crappy and am actually hoping to just get the stupid cold already so it will start to go away. It is lingering and taking its time getting here which is quite fun. 

Since I have missed quite a few posts I have an epic post for you today of my Christmas time nails. I might be a little flakey until the 9th but I will try and get a post up everyday. The bf's daughter is in town till then and we are going to be running around and stuff. I will hopefully be on the ball soon. I really hope I am not getting an ear infection lol. 

So I wanted to do snow flakes but my one plate with the snowflake image is the one plate that was ruined when my Shany plates came. The seller would never return my emails so I used another image that I thought looked close enough. I liked it.

It made me think of snow at least.

BUT it is 80 degrees here and no where near cold so this is about as close to snowflakes as I get.

I got lazy and just painted some reindeer over the snowflake mani. They came out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

They were really fun and I hated to take them off.

I think they looked somewhat like bears though.

I found OPI Smitten with Mittens at CVS. It was exciting. I don't usually do reds often but I like this one.

Of course the only pictures I took when I had it on came out blurry and I didn't notice that until today. DUH.

Also lazy I just painted some Gingerbread men on top of SwM. I had some issues with the eyes but they didn't come out too bad.

I liked them and they made me want Gingerbread Lattes.

They didn't last long because there was some tip wear that just kept getting worse.

I used Bernard for my Christmas Eve Mani. Bernard is the snowman with the green and red glitter. I love him.

I used Smitten with Mittens and China Glaze Glittering Garland. I really liked this mani too. I was apparently feeling the red this year.

I think this glitter reminded me of sugar cookies.

Tomorrow I will show you my Christmas Day mani which I am still wearing. I should take it off tonight but I really love it and don't want to. I think I might leave it on ONE more day which is odd. I think I really AM sick. Maybe I have a fever lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. These are all great! The reindeer and the gingerbread men are so cute. I love the snowflake one and plan to do one soon. And of course I love the glittery one because...well, I love glitter. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Lol thanks Mihaela! My Christmas was very nice, I hope yours was as well :) I am tempted to do a penguin mani too though I did one last year.


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