Friday, December 2, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Hey Everyone! Tonight I am still working on the computer. I had a bad headache which darn near gave me an anxiety attack so I had to try and get rid of that with a nice hot bath. I then noticed I have a small little bruise on the top my foot right under one of my toes. IT HURTS when you touch it but I have no memory of how I got it. You would think something like that I would have felt but I don't have a clue.

Well, I am going to not ramble too much on this post. I am in the process of fixing the computer while doing this. I have Spybot running and I was clearing history, cookies, temp files etc. I totally lost most of this post which I had just written and it got eaten. Oh how I want to smack someone with a shoe.

Ok. Tonight I have Revlon Royal Cloak. It is purple, it is a flakie and it is a difficult little one to capture correctly. I had to adjust the lighting on these pics. My hands are yellow and the color is still NOT 100% accurate. It is dark in my house too and since there is no light near the computer bright enough to show me the actual color I am winging it and not doing a great job. I apologize. I am showing the pictures anyway just know that the purple is a lot deeper and not as dusty and dull.

My nails are getting long too. The bf noticed when I shoved my nails in his face and said LOOK THEY ARE GETTING LONG! He has not been feeling great lately and blamed that as to why he hasn't noticed. Then he proceeded to argue with me about how they were not that long yesterday.

This picture is more color accurate. I used two coats for this one. I had a little cuticle drag issue which caused some balding but I also did this in a hurry two nights ago. Last night I wasn't able to redo them thanks to computer gate.

That yarn is a scarf. Well it WILL BE a scarf. I can't wait to see how pretty it is when it is done.

This one is also more color accurate. I want to show you my latest creations but some of the stuff is for my secret santa gift and I am super paranoid that she might see it so you will have to wait. 

Look yellow hands! I love that Revlon is creating super cool polishes now with lots o glitter and even a flakie. Now if we could just get them to make holos and magnetics I would be thrilled. 

Oh and if anyone wants to come over and help me figure out what the heck to do with this computer I would be forever grateful. I have lots of polishes to play with and I can make chocolate chip pumpkin bread and cookies and cake and whatever you want!!! Just let me know ;) oh yeah, most importantly I have Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior to be mini assistant! 

That's all for now :)


  1. Love the long nails! I would love to come but I think it's a little far. I'm pretty good with computers actually because I'm kind of a geek :)

  2. I would so have rushed over if I lived closer! I probably wouldn't have been much help with the computer, though--I am sort of tech-y but I would no doubt be too distracted by meeting Mr. Bruce and looking through your stash. :)

  3. Lol MAN I live too far away lol.

    Thanks Mihaela! They are sooo long for me I am actually starting to notice when I do things. I was trying to put a ring marker on my crochet piece and my nail was getting in the way. I have NEVER had that issue before lol. I am not good with computers. I have run the checks but it still is taking forever and a day to turn on so I think there is still an issue somewhere. blerg

    @Karen lol I am sure Bruce would be QUITE distracting lol WHY have they not come up with teleportation yet???

  4. I usually go for a full format and Windows reinstall when this happens. Somehow Windows doesn't let itself get fixed very often.

  5. I was afraid of that. I have to try and get EVERYTHING off the computer onto my external first. It is not going very fast. This should teach me to save all my stuff on my external.


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