Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awesome Present and a New Sweater

Hey Everyone!! How are we all today? I am feeling better though I think I am getting sick. I am READY for a break so I can not wait till Friday. I am NOT ready for Christmas though so I CAN wait for Friday lol. I need to brave the mall again I think to pick up a last minute gift or two. I also need to go get some stuff from CVS and I totally forgot I need conditioner. I need to make a list. I have so much to do and so little time.

Today was an epic mail day. I got lots of nail mail and some Christmas presents that I was hoping would be here in time for Christmas. Luckily they all arrived so I don't have to sweat that out anymore.

I got an awesome Christmas package today from my friend Jess. I knew it was coming soon but I was surprised it was here today. That was fast.

Um, it was quarantined in this plastic bag. It is really hilarious if you read the whole thing. In big bold print it says WE CARE then goes on to apologize for damaging your package. Are you REALLY sure you care? For some reason I don't think they really do. I ripped that sucker open so fast because I was afraid of what was inside. There was no odor so nothing seemed broken. I ripped open the envelope expecting to see a mess but the only thing that was even close to damaged was a chocolate. PHEW. 

Look how cute the stickers and paper is! Even the stickers are glittery and awesome! I love them but accidentally decapitated Santa. I hope that doesn't have any influence on Christmas this year.

The card was super cute too. I like her pants!

Everything together. The sparkles are INSANE.

I haven't tried this yet but I want to eat it! It smells so yummy! 

My very own Starry Starry Night Franken. OMG I have wanted to try and make this forever but don't have the correct ingredients. It is INSANE! 

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon. I have been looking for this one forever too. Swoon.

Mint Peep. Um, yeah, my son asked if he could have this. I laughed at him. I am mean.

A snowman. I die. I love him.

ANOTHER snowman. I die again. I LUFF HIM TOO! 

Studio M Purple Medallion which I can not get my paws on here. OMG look at the sparkles.

Studio M Slammin Red. More sparkly goodness. 

I was dancing around when I was opening this package. I was also impatiently awaiting my camera to charge. THANK YOU to my friend Jess who is awesome and amazing. I absolutely love this package. My son was all over me about it being a Christmas package and how I was supposed to wait for Christmas to open it. HA! HA! HA! That was so funny. I laughed as I opened it up! lol

I also have some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior photos for you. I made him a new sweater at work today. It is quite bright purple because that is the only color I had at work besides gray and well he is gray. I wanted it to stand out and boy does it stand out lol. It is also WAY too big on him. I need to revise the pattern and make him a smaller one. 

My son was holding him because he was ready to run. He did NOT want to be photographed today.

It is quite huge on him. He gets it off really quickly too. I need to make it smaller.

Yeah, I think he is pretty much over the sweaters lol 

That's all for now :)


  1. Poor Bruce!
    I love the reindeer! And what did you name the snowmen?

  2. What a great package! And wow, Bruce sure does not look happy in that last photo--please stop torturing him. :)

  3. it was an epic package. Made my night :)

    @Densie lol I had to look back to see what reindeer you were talking about. I was thinking, there was a reindeer there? I don't remember this. lol the snowmen are bob and bernard. Bernard is the red and green glitter one. They are the B brothers.

    @Karen But I looooove dresing him up!! lol He actually looks unhappy because mommy the crazy psycho human who made him put the sweater back on every time he got it off kept taking pictures of him lol. He was not amused lol

  4. Omg Bruce has gotten soo big! :)

  5. He HAS! I have a picture from when we first found him and he was so itty bitty. He is eating like a pig too so I am sure he is going to be getting bigger soon. I see the cats at PetSmart and they are HUGE and then I think he is still small lol


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