Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Not Snoopy?

Hey Everyone!! What a crazy day it has been. We have been getting crazy heavy rain storms this week. I love the rain but would much rather be home and all comfy instead of working. Work has been rather busy too which is good. I have a lot going on this week too. I think that due to last week being crazy with my son I feel like I am behind on everything and everything is stressful. I don't know why because nothing is really behind or stressful lol I think I just need some ice cream.

Today I have a super fun blue mani that I was so excited about.

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Why Not? I have no idea if this is a new color but I didn't have it and the number is in the 1000s so I snatched it up. I am sure it is similar to something I have but I find blues hard to resist. I stamped with China Glaze Sci-Fly By from the 2013 Hologlam Holographic collection.

I used plate RuiZ02 from the Bornprettystore that I recently got on sale. I LOVE Snoopy and have been dying to get this plate for a LONG time and when I saw it on sale I snatched it up really quick. I love Snoopy. I stamped those hearts on sticks design with Sci-Fly By. I don't know if they are supposed to be balloons or flowers or just hearts with stems but they were cute so I used them. I did the Snoopy with Sunglasses design but instead of stamping directly I used the stamper decal method. The Canadian Nail Fanatic has a great step by step picture guide ( here ) over on her site which is where I first saw the stamper decal method used.

I absolutely LOVED this mani so much. SO MUCH! The little snoopy decal was pretty easy to make and came out super cute. Application was a bit trickier and I messed up the one on my left hand a little when I smeared it with top coat. Snoopy is STILL CUTE though!!!

Why Not? is a great blue and it was bright and cheery which I loved. Sci-Fly By is great for stamping though it was a little more subtle than I anticipated.

A close up of my Snoopy decal shows a ton of bubbles caused by the top coat. Instead of reading the directions again before doing the decals I just looked at the pictures and wasn't sure if I needed to put the decals over wet or dry nails. I actually put the decal over a coat of clear that I had just applied and I think that caused the bubbles because then I couldn't really press the decal down. Yeah, smack me with a shoe, directions are there for a reason!

All in all for my first try it wasn't too bad and I absolutely loved looking at this mani and showed everyone lol I painted a little outside the line there on Snoopy's head and didn't realize it until later but I didn't care. Snoopy is too cute.

Now I want all the plates that have images that I can use for coloring in and making stamper decals lol

That's all for now :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cult Princess

Hey Everyone!!! Why is it always Monday? I got a little behind on posting my blue manis for the month and will be running over into May to show them all. I love blue and Autism Awareness shouldn't be limited to just April so I am going to keep going for a couple of extra days. My son is finally feeling better, thank you for the well wishes :) I am going to make it short because we are still recovering from last week's sickness and I am still a bit tired from not getting much sleep.
Today I have a great polish from Cult Nails

Cult Nails Princess from the Cult Fairy Tale 2012 collection. 

This polish is described as a "soft, dusty, sky blue" and it has a gorgeous copper shimmer to it. In the bottle it looks much more blue than it did on my nails. 

These first two pictures are the closest to accurate color wise. On me it looked like a very dusty, soft blue leaning gray. It is a really pretty color but didn't look very blue on me.

Of course my pictures are trying to call me a liar because they actually look more blue than the polish did in real life. I swear they did not look this blue on me.

You could see the shimmer on the nail which made me happy but it wasn't very easy to capture in pictures.

I actually picked this baby up from a blog sale but I had my eye on it since the collection came out. 

I tried to capture the shimmer but it only wanted to show itself a little bit. 

That's all for now :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's Mingle and Jingle

Hey Everyone!! I am sooo tired today. My son's ear was making him miserable and causing him great pain over the past two days. Last night I told him to wake me up if the pain woke him up, got worse or changed. He woke me up twice to tell me the pain was bad/worse and once to tell me it was a little better. Poor kid has been miserable. I got him an early doctor appointment today and sure enough he has an inner and outer ear infection. Don't know why they couldn't see that two days ago but as long as they give him something I am not going to complain too much. Hopefully the meds kick in quick and he starts to feel better soon.

Today's Blue mani is Sation Let's Mingle and Jingle from their 2012 Holiday Golightly collection. Sadly I don't have a bottle shot on this one. It is a pretty blue polish with silver holo glitter. It is quite twinkly.

Please excuse my band aid. I actually got a really nasty blister from making fudge. YES fudge. It was insane. I made carrot cake fudge and ended up getting two blisters lol. The fudge was soooo good so I guess it was worth it.

I think this was three coats of Let's Mingle and Jingle.

I very much enjoy the blue base of this polish. It is very pretty.

I couldn't capture the holo of the glitter no matter what I tried.

In person this twinkles a lot more than you can see in these pictures.

I am loving Sation and the awesome polishes they are coming out with I only wish I could get them here locally. I have yet to see them in a store.

Luckily I have amazing friends that have given me some and I have found some awesome blog sales where I was able to pick some up.

Carrot Cake fudge and Chocolate Marshmallow fudge bunnies :)

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OPI Eurso Euro and Elevation Haungshan

Hey Everyone!! I tried to get this posted Monday but never made it lol Yesterday was a complete loss as far as being productive. My son had a bad earache in the middle of the night so I woke up exhausted then after my doctor appointment rushed him to his doctor. Turns out there is nothing wrong with his ear currently. No infection or anything which is perplexing considering he is still in pain. Best thing the doctor can think of is that he had compacted ear wax that we were able to get out before we got to the doctor. I don't know but the poor kid is still complaining about pain and I feel bad not being able to fix it.

Today's blue mani is

I started with a base of OPI Eurso Euro from the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale collection. I did a glitter gradient with Elevation Polish Huangshan 2013 View From the Top Collection.

I loved love loved this mani. OPI Eurso Euro is a gorgeous blue creme and although the name is stupid the color is so pretty. This is another polish that I want to use again and again. It is probably similar to many other polishes but I still love it.

Elevation Huangshan is so fun!!! I can't spell it to save my life and have to keep looking back to make sure it is right but the polish is sooo cool. It is a mix of highlighter yellow glitter and iridescent glitter. DO YOU SEE THE CIRCLE GLITTER?! Omg I love circle glitter and I love neon and this one has NEON CIRCLE GLITTER!! That is definitely something to excitedly yell about!!! There is one small side note to Huangshan stating that the color of the small neon glitter will bleed slightly and tint the base. The color should remain bright but the base will be slightly tinted after time. Um, NEON CIRCLE GLITTER!! The awesomeness of this polish far outweighs the side note on this one in my book.

I love these two polishes and they look pretty cool together. My index finger nail broke on my left hand so I attempted to try a new shape when I filed them. Do not like! I hate filing as it is and I wasn't thrilled with the results. I ended up leaving my right hand squared and you will be seeing mostly just my right hand for awhile.

That's all for now :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Mani

Hey Everyone!! I waited too long to get these pictures uploaded and edited and now it is very late. I just about freaked out when I uploaded them and then for some reason my computer or camera or some alien force decided to delete the pictures off the camera as soon as they were done uploading. I thought I had lost them all which would have not been a good thing. It has been a long Monday and I am very tired. I think we shall get to the mani now :) 

Today is Earth Day! I love this picture. I don't have a super creative Earth Day mani but it is something. I didn't have a bunch of time to do a really cool mani yesterday but I figure I do recycle and it is very important for the environment so this mani will work lol

I started with a base of Color Club Blue Heaven from the 2012 Halo Hues collection. I love this color, I love the Halo Hues and I keep reaching for them. I first stamped with Essie Mojito Madness from the 2012 Summer Bikini So Teeny Collection. 

I used Cheeky plate CH33 for the stamping. I stamped the leaf pattern with Essie Mojito Madness and then the recycle image with a Sinful Colors darker green striper polish. 

As is the case EVERY time I wear a holo the sun was not out today. We got a ton of rain and lots of clouds so getting a picture in sunlight was not going to happen at all.

I was hoping the leaf pattern would show up more but not take over the mani but unfortunately it is really hard to see and distinguish. I need to get this multiple image stamping thing down because I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head.

The little recycle symbols are pretty cute though. 

I used my dining room light to get some holo to show through.

It isn't much but at least you can see some of the pretty rainbows.

I love these holos so much. I wish I had enough time to try and do an earth image but it was getting late when I did my nails and I knew it wouldn't be a quick design.

I really liked this mani though. I am really tired and am heading to bed so I am not redoing it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will see the sun and possibly get some sunlight shots.

Bruce was watching me when I was sitting at the table earlier tonight. He always sits at the table like this especially if there is an empty chair when we are eating dinner. He is such a silly boy.

That's all for now :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanging in the Balance

Hey Everyone!!! Hope everyone is safe and well. Things look a little crazy out there. I am very happy it is Friday! Would you believe that my nails are almost naked right now? It is crazy. I did a quick clear gel mani so technically they aren't naked but there is no color unless you count a couple pieces of stray glitter that live in my structure gel and maneuvered their way onto a couple of nails without being seen.

I intended on painting them in the car before work but instead I spent a good 20 minutes in the aisle of Target analyzing the difference between a Moleskine notebook and the cheaper brand notebook. I have it in my head that my swatch cards are too bulky and I want to do a swatchbook so I can bring it with me more easily. I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a Moleskine notebook that has some organizational hurdles that I am not sure I can handle. I had finally decided on the cheaper version for $7.49 vs the real deal for $12.00 but by the time I checked out I chickened out and left both behind. Can you tell I am pretty darn indecisive? I won't even get into the battle in my head over swatch sticks that I have been having for the past two weeks. Every so often I have this whole debate about organization and swatching and omg it is crazy. 

Just cause I was babbling about it these are my swatch books right now. Yup, both of them, which is why I don't carry them with me when I am out usually and why I bought two polishes yesterday that I already own. That is partially Sinful Colors fault too though because they use trickery and put old polishes in new displays to make you think you are getting new polishes. I had a feeling I had them but decided to buy them anyway which was a dumb move. Ah well I returned them bright and early this morning!

Ok, shall we get to my mani now? This is another blue mani for Autism Awareness month.

China Glaze Hanging in the Balance from their Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away Collection. I used white polish and Mash plate Mash-29 for the stamping. I forgot to take a picture of the plate.

Hanging in the Balance is a gorgeous bright blue creme that applies wonderfully and looks amazing. I love blues and this one is simply gorgeous. Even df liked this mani and he hardly ever comments on my nails unprompted.

I loved the mani before I did the stamping but loved it even more when I put the flowers on there. I don't know what it was about this mani but I kept looking at it and really really loved it.

I even wore it extra days because I liked it so much. It isn't even sparkly and glittery but it is really really pretty.

At first glace I remember not being really interested in the collection but one by one they won me over and most of them ended up coming home with me. There are still a couple that I am deciding on but they will probably end up finding their way home with me eventually too.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Partly Cloudy Mystic Blue Gel Mani

Hello Everyone!!! We didn't have a very good week last week so I was in no mood to post and I didn't even want to go near the computer last night. Yesterday's events were just awful and my heart goes out to the people and families of those that were killed and injured in Boston. I have no words, none that I deem publishable anyway, for the situation and people behind it.

Today I am going to show you what is supposed to be another blue mani but it doesn't look very blue. It is a gel mani which has been my base mani for the past week or so.

I used Artsyfartsy Crafts gliter in Mystic Blue.

Mystic Blue is gorgeous and so pretty in the light.

I used Le Chat Perfect Match Mood Polish in Partly Cloudy for the base.

Partly Cloudy looks like a sheer whiteish pearl color when it is on warm nails. The glitter gradient was supposed to go from my cuticles up but didn't cooperate much. Over Partly Cloudy Mystic Blue looks more purple than blue.

The mani is still very pretty and slightly more blue in real life but not much.

The problem I learned later is that Partly Cloudy turns more purple than blue when it gets cold. I have showed and worn this polish before so I don't know why I was somewhat surprised that it was more purple than blue.

I didn't get a picture with my nails totally turned but I did put them against my cold drink to get the color change going.

See more purple than blue. I don't know what I was thinking.

I get cold a lot at work and noticed my nails had a slight tint of purple to them a lot. Nothing as noticeable as the pictures above but they definitely looked different when I got cold.

I really like the mani even if it isn't completely blue. I love color changing polish and LOVE Le Chat's Mood polishes. I need to get a couple more because they are pretty cool.

That's all for now :)