Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Galaxy Blue Holographic Glitter

Hey Everyone!!! OH WHAT A WEEK!!! I missed posting yesterday but I was thinking about it lol I know that doesn't get it done but I was just worn out. In the past two days I have been to the doctor for a physical, the lab for bloodwork (my veins don't like to play well when it comes to drawing blood) and the dentist. Since the dentist didn't see anything to indicate why I have sensitivity and pain they want me to see the root canal guy and since my insurance doesn't allow the doctor to take an xray I have to go get it done at a "free standing facility". It is only Wednesday!!!! I am tired. lol I couldn't wait any longer to post this mani though. I actually haven't painted over this one yet which tells you how little time and energy I have had. I feel bad because I missed posting on World Autism Awareness Day but better late than never!

I decided to do a Gelish mani with some awesome blue glitter. I used a base of Gelish Medieval Madness then a gradient of Artsyfartsy Crafts glitter in Galaxy Blue Holographic.

Galaxy Blue Holographic is a gorgeous royal blue holo glitter. Unfortunately my camera wouldn't pick up much of the holoness. It was quite disappointing but trust me it is REALLY pretty and visible in real life.

These pictures were taken outside but the sun was not cooperating, which of course meant the holo effect wasn't going to be picked up on camera.

I probably should have used some blue under the glitter so it didn't look as sparse but I didn't think of that until well after the mani was underway.

The glitter is really pretty and quite sparkly.

It doesn't look as sparse in person except for that stupid middle finger.

I rather enjoy these glitter gradient manis.

I tried to get some of the holo to show inside. The picture is a little blurry and the color is a bit darker than it should be but at least the holo is peeking out a little.

That's all for now :) 


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