Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury

Hey Everyone! I think I need to get a new camera, mine is acting up again. It could be because Bruce threw it off the table the other night and it landed and slid across the tile floor. It is also old. I think it is time to seriously look for a new one. I finally got a chance to get on the computer so this is late but at least I can post it. 

Today I have the first of the 7 CrowsToes Halloween collection. I LOVE THESE POLISHES! 

I want to address this situation before even getting into the polish pictures though. This doesn't pertain to just this brand but all Indie brands and it just so happens that I haven't posted an Indie polish in a bit so I am writing it here. Indie polish brands are often complained about and the creators receive a lot of unnecessary backlash and rude behavior from customers over the consistency of their polishes. When these awesome artists create these polishes they use a TON of glitter and a base that can support the glitter and leave it suspended so the polish tends to be a little on the thick side. As a person who enjoys working with thinner polishes I go into every Indie purchase knowing that the polish may be on the thicker side. A little bit of polish thinner OR clear (not WnW clear though) polish will help thin it out if you, like me, like polish to be on the thin side. These creators are making these polishes by hand with a TON of glitter and must use a thicker base to keep the glitter suspended. If the polish it too thick for your liking you can simply add thinner or clear polish to get it to the consistency you want. In the past I have used thinner in some Indies because I wanted them to be thinner IN THE VERY SAME WAY that I have used thinner in some of my brand new Finger Paints, OPI and various other name brand polishes because when I bought them they were thicker than I liked. I have heard of so many people talk negatively and be down right rude over this issue when it comes to Indie polishes and it is really uncalled for. I don't want to stand on my soap box all night but I just wanted to touch on that subject real quick because these ladies take a lot of heat and criticism and sometimes publicly and viciously because they have a face and they are available to their fans and customers where as Suzi is tucked away in some office not being attacked by people if one of her polishes is not to the liking of the general public. If it is between my polish being a little on the thick side or having all the pretty glitter sinking to the bottom of the bottle I would much rather have the polish on the thick side. 

Ok, sorry about that, now to happy pretty sparkly fun. 

Hell Hath No Fury. I love that label so much.

This polish is jam packed with tons of glitter in various sizes. It has orange, red and iridescent glitter packed in there. I love seeing the iridescent glitter that flashes it's purple at you. 

This is one coat of Hell Hath No Fury over China Glaze Harvest Moon which I showed you earlier. 

Now, with these polishes I apply them in sort of a dab, pull, arrange method. I didn't thin this polish because it really wasn't so thick that I needed to but there is a lot of glitter in there. I sort of set a drop on my nail then  pull it around or dab the glitter where I want it and arrange it if I have missed a spot. 

I also tap the edge of my nail with my finger to make sure the glitter has slid back from the free edge. I do this to keep the glitter from hanging out and getting caught on stuff or being scratchy. 

Application was great and this polish is so awesome. I like it a lot over the orange though I think that I had envisioned it with China Glaze Riveting when I was thinking of putting it over an orange. 

I had a little tip wear and chipping because I didn't take the pictures right away so please excuse that. Hopefully I can get my nails to grow out soon and reswatch these polishes later on and take better pictures. My one index finger in particular is quite weak and uncooperative. I have also been experimenting with using a peel off base for glitters so I am testing that out. 

That's all for now :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Harvest Moon

Hey Everyone! So last night I was doing my nails while my mom was using the computer. I was patiently waiting for her to go away so I could post this but then out of nowhere she decided she wanted me to paint her nails. This rarely happens. RARELY! So I say ok I have the perfect color. This lady does NOT usually go wild on her nails at all. I had NYC Peach Sparkle in a box with my Crows and other recent purchases and pull it out. She is not overly excited so I start showing her some of the stuff in the box. Mind you this lady already thinks I have WAY TOO MUCH NAIL POLISH because I had one of my helmers in the living room and it is FULL. She doesn't realize I have another helmer that is full AND I have an overflow bin. We will just keep that a secret for now. Anyway, so she is actually looking at my glitters trying to decide what she wants done. I show her things I thought were more tame and reserved but nope she grabs Paehlish Still Alive and decides she wants that one. I proceed to do her nails which came out very nice but my camera was dead so I am hoping to get some pictures of that one tomorrow. I sat on the couch for a while waiting for my son to get off the computer and when he finally did df gave me the guilt trip because I hadn't spent time with him and I was going to go get on the computer now. *eyeroll* SO needless to say I didn't get near the computer last night and I am behind on posting now.

I am a bit torn because I want to do a full post on the base colors I am using under my Crows but I also want to get on with it already and show you the pretties. I don't want to flood you with too many posts a day either. SO  I am deciding what I want to do with that.

Today I have China Glaze Harvest Moon to get me in the mood for Fall. In Florida Fall does not exist. I am working outside in the warehouse today and let me tell you it is HOT out there. I hear thunder too so I am sure it will be raining shortly. Harvest Moon was from the Capitol Colours (Hunger Games) collection that was out earlier this year.

Harvest Game is an awesome orangey copper color. It looks very glowy and shimmery. I love this polish. I think it is perfect for Fall even though it was released months ago. I also love the Hunger Games so I doubly love this color.

I used two coats for this mani. The polish was quite nice and I had no issues with application.

Orange is one of my favorite nail polish colors lately which is interesting. I feel like I need all the oranges.

I am guessing by the end of Novemeber I might be ready for Christmas and Winter colors.

I love how it looks glowy. I now want to see some Jack O'Lantern faces on these nails lol.

I would like some pumpkin bread too now :)

I think I will be using this one a lot this season. I have already used it for my first and second Fall mani. I am going to try and show you the second one later. Keep your fingers crossed I can actually get to the computer tonight :)

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mani Fail and some recent projects

Hey Everyone! It has been a tad difficult to get on the computer lately. I tried getting this post up at work today but my internet would not cooperate. So I tried Coconut Water tonight and OMG ewwww. I am sorry, I know people purposely drink it but I can't handle it at all. I have decided to stop drinking diet soda. I  stopped drinking regular soda earlier this year and pretty much the only soda I will drink now is Diet A&W Rootbeer or Diet 7-Up. I read something yesterday about how diet soda really is not good for you so I decided to give it up all together. I wish regular plain water tasted better because I find it pretty boring.

Today is a conglomeration of stuff for you. I have a failed mani and some crochet projects I hadn't posted yet. I guess we should get going before I get distracted lol.

First I will show you the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swamp Thing mani I had on when my CrowsToes arrived. It was not pretty. I have a cleanup brush at work which is what I was trying to use but it is pretty much dead so it messed my mani up more than it cleaned it up. I LOVE the color but oy the pictures are not good.

I didn't intend to show this mani because it was so awful so I don't remember if it was two or three coats.

My little nubs are growing out which is good. They are pretty damaged but I am going to keep them on the shorter side until I can grow that damage out. At least that is the plan for now. Who knows I could change my mind once they start growing lol.

I love this color and I think Swamp Thing is the perfect name. I intend to use this polish again soon and will show you better pictures then.

Bruce was helping me open my nail mail and take pictures of all the bottles.

He was also trying to commandeer all the bubble wrap.

I made these silly pencil toppers for my cousin's daughters.

I thought they would be cute.

I also made these cute little pouches. I have some little gifts that I need to give to people and thought it would be cute to put them in these. That yellow yarn actually smells. It totally freaked me out when I was crocheting it. I kept smelling something lemon lime like and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. When I smelled the actual skein of yarn it didn't smell but later I realized it WAS the yarn after all. I have two questions about this #1 WHY is there a need for scented yarn and #2 WHO thought it was essential for life that there be scented yarn. 

That's all for now :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Look at the CrowsToes Halloween

Hey Everyone!! I have been trying to get some photos watermarked and ready to go for DAYS so I can post for you but it hasn't worked really well. There is always someone with some reason for me to not be on the computer. I finally got them done this weekend though HA HA!

First up I have an EPIC post for you with tons of pictures of the CrowsToes Halloween Collection. I have awful luck and never win anything but I actually won two RAOKs recently. I was beyond excited to win this collection. I love Halloween and have been wanting to get ALL the Halloween polishes but my budget lately hasn't left me much room for anything so it was so cool to win these.

I have to warn you that there are TONS of pictures in this post because I took a million shots of them. Also my nails are short and the base for my swatches was the mani I was wearing at the time. It wasn't a perfect mani so the swatches are not perfect lol. The base was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Swamp Thing.

Ok, so onto the goods.

The Halloween Collection consists of 7 polishes. Left to right they are Tangled Web, VooDoo, Purple People Eater, Bone Daddy, Frogs' Breath, Hell Hath No Fury and Last Call at the Crowbar.

Tangled Web is an awesome assortment of black and duochrome glitters in a clear base.

I love black glitter. For some reason I can't find the swatch finger for this polish. My camera was dying so it might have either died before I took it or come out too blurry to use. There will be a swatch later.

VooDoo is a combination of orange, purple and green glitters in a clear base.

I am wearing this one today and it looks AH MAZ ING over purple polish.

I actually really liked this polish over Swamp Thing as well.

Purple People Eater is great for the purple lovers! It has a combo of purple, blue and green glitters in a clear base.

I now have the Purple People Eater song stuck in my head!

My camera was dying and I didn't get a single good shot of the swatch but it looks pretty blurred too.

Bone Daddy is a milky grey based polish with tons of iridescent glitter and white glitter in different shapes and sizes.

I love this combination!

Due to the milky base this one didn't look as good layered over Swamp Thing. It would probably have looked better and evened out had I used two coats or a grey base. I think it would have looked cool with two coats but I was too stingy to try it. Must conserve the precious!

Frogs' Breath is an awesome combination of green and gold glitter in a clear base.

I love all things Frog related.


Hell Hath No Fury is a combo of red, orange and iridescent glitter in a clear base.

I love how the iridescent glitter looks in this polish.

You can see the iridescent glitter in this picture. I love it.

Last Call at the Crow Bar is a clear base with tons of multi colored glitter.

I love that this multi glitter has a darker look to it.

I love that this polish has darker glitter.

From Index to Pinkie I used one coat each of VooDoo, Bone Daddy, Hell Hath No Fury and Purple People Eater over Swamp Thing.

From Ring to Index I used one coat each of Frogs' Breath, Tangled Web and Last Call at the Crow Bar over Swamp Thing. You can see Swamp Thing alone on my pinkie.

I know that was an Epic amount of pictures but they are such awesome polishes I couldn't help but show them all off. CrowsToes can be purchased from Llarowe or Overall Beauty I will have posts on each individual polish with full manis up soon.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exotic Encounters

Hey Everyone. I have to be super fast today because I am being kicked off the computer shortly. I was supposed to go to my son's Open House last night however I had a headache so we skipped it. I ended up having to drop df off at work for his night hour and running around until I had to pick him up. Oh geez I also need to avoid a kitchen disaster by making my presence in there. 

Today I have for you China Glaze Exotic Encounters from their Safari Collection.

I didn't get a picture of just this nail polish, BAD ME! I also don't know which plate I used to stamp. DOUBLE BAD ME!! I used the white striping polish for the stamping, that I DO know.

Once again I was playing with scrapers and the XL stamper so the images weren't as crisp and good as I would like.

I was trying to get pictures of some new polishes so I could do a post on that but seeing as I am going to be kicked off the computer I will try and get them ready for you for a post tomorrow.

This was my last mani before nubbinization I believe but I think they are long enough to show now. They aren't pretty but they aren't as bad as they were.

AND now I must run before someone gets hurt. Geesh nothing like coming home to cranky people with attitudes. Oh and I promise to do another post of this polish soon!

That's all for now  :)