Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exotic Encounters

Hey Everyone. I have to be super fast today because I am being kicked off the computer shortly. I was supposed to go to my son's Open House last night however I had a headache so we skipped it. I ended up having to drop df off at work for his night hour and running around until I had to pick him up. Oh geez I also need to avoid a kitchen disaster by making my presence in there. 

Today I have for you China Glaze Exotic Encounters from their Safari Collection.

I didn't get a picture of just this nail polish, BAD ME! I also don't know which plate I used to stamp. DOUBLE BAD ME!! I used the white striping polish for the stamping, that I DO know.

Once again I was playing with scrapers and the XL stamper so the images weren't as crisp and good as I would like.

I was trying to get pictures of some new polishes so I could do a post on that but seeing as I am going to be kicked off the computer I will try and get them ready for you for a post tomorrow.

This was my last mani before nubbinization I believe but I think they are long enough to show now. They aren't pretty but they aren't as bad as they were.

AND now I must run before someone gets hurt. Geesh nothing like coming home to cranky people with attitudes. Oh and I promise to do another post of this polish soon!

That's all for now  :)


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous color! I love colors like this but I think I have too many similar ones for this to make it into my next order from the US. I just have so many on my wishlist and so little room in my order. I think I'm gonna get Kalahari Kiss though because I have nothing like it in my collection and you convinced me.
    Oh and this image is so beautiful!

    1. It is pretty and I am sure my stash probably has some similar colors but I am weak lol I would probably be a lot more picky if I had to order them from over seas. My stash would probably be a lot smaller too lol.
      OMG I love Kalahari Kiss, I hope you love it if you end up getting it.


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