Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Hey Everyone!! Last day of March, last St. Patrick's Day green mani. This is the mani I actually wore on St. Patrick's Day. I loved it, so much fun.

We went to lunch the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day and they gave me this Guinness bead necklace. I will take most anything if it is free and decided that it would be a nice festive prop for these pictures. I don't actually drink Guinness, or anything alcoholic really, but it was green.

For the base of this mani I used Smitten Polish Not Your Mama's Easter Grass and Milani Milan as a gradient. 

I had to have some gold in with my green and Milan is a great gold foil like polish. I loved the gradient base and I usually don't love gold.

This mani was so glowy and I wish I had thought to take a picture of just the base.

I used MoYou London plate Festive 21 for the images.

For some reason I didn't grab the tiny shamrocks correctly and they didn't come out perfect but they were still cute. I love this plate and highly recommend it for all your Irish and St. Patrick's Day stamping needs. Had it arrived earlier I would have done more manis with it but MoYou released it so close to the holiday that by the time it arrived I only had a couple days left to play. It is probably better that way seeing as I am still posting St. Patrick's Day going into April. Who knows how many more manis I would have to post had I gotten that plate sooner. 

That's all for now :)

Shore Enuff Shamrockin'

Hey Everyone! March is coming to an end. I can't believe we are already heading into April. Where does the time go? I am going to quickly and neatly wrap up March with a couple of posts of the two St. Patrick's Day manis I hadn't posted yet. Hopefully Easter nails will be more timely. 

This one could technically be considered Spring though since the glitter is flower glitter and not shamrock or four leaf clover glitter.

I used three coats of China Glaze Shore Enuff for the base of this mani. I absolutely love how bright it is.

I put one coat of the dark version of Sinful Colors Shamrockin on top. This one is the same as the light version with the addition of little dark green glitter. 

I think I might prefer this version but I am not sure yet. It is definitely a fun polish no matter what. I absolutely love that Sinful Colors used shaped glitter this year. 

That's all for now :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Orly Fresh with a Leprechaun

Hey Everyone. I think I need a nap. I am suddenly sleepy. It is pretty slow at work so that doesn't help all that much. At least it is almost Friday!

I am still catching up from St. Patrick's Day so today is another green mani. 

For this mani I used a base of Orly Fresh. I love this green. It is bright and squishy and so fun. I used three coats for this mani.

To stamp I used Mundo de Unas #19 Bronze and Sinful Colors black polish.The black wasn't thick enough to be dark enough over the Bronze but I couldn't get my placement right to double stamp it. 

You can see in the picture above where I tried to double stamp the Leprechaun. 

I used Messy Mansion plate MM04 for the designs on this mani. It was fun and festive but I think my nails are a little too small for the knot work to show really nicely. 

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Smitten Girl Sprouts Stamped

Hey Everyone!! I have been slacking. Last week H was on Spring Break and then this week I have just been slacking. T is on break for the week this week and will be home tonight. I was able to do a ton of errands and accomplish several things yesterday so I was successful but not near a computer all day. I am finally getting this posted. I am totally ok with being smacked with a shoe for being so late on these next few posts.

This is one of my absolute favorite manis of the year. First it is green, second it is holo, third it has adorable shamrocks and fourth it has knotwork. I loved this mani oh so much.

I started with a base of Smitten Girl Sprouts. I don't know why I don't have a picture of just the base for this one. I love this green so much. It is bright and fun. 

I used three coats of Girl Sprouts and then stamped with Konad black.

I used my new Creative Shop Stamper and was still getting used to it so there are some flaws with the stamping. It is such a fun mani I didn't even care too much. Well, maybe a little, but I ignored it.

I need to work on placement. I can't center these things for the life of me.

I used the new MoYou Festive plate 21 which I ordered the day it was released. I am way too into St. Patrick's Day to let that one wait. 

I love the smaller shamrocks. They are so cute.

I absolutely love the quality of the MoYou plates. I swear I need to win the lottery so I can buy all the things. I think I would probably buy all of the MoYou plates. They work so well and I have never had an issue with any of the ones I have. 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Posh and Shamrockin

Hey Everyone!!! St. Patrick's Day post #2!!! 

I love, love, love this green! 

I have had Revlon Posh hanging out in my stash for sometime now. I happened to just open a couple random drawers to pick some greens out and this was one of the ones I grabbed. I love this polish.

This is three easy coats of Posh. The formula was great and application easy. I could have done two coats but went with three just to make sure everything was even.

I really didn't want to do anything to cover up the creaminess of this polish. I don't know what it is about it but it looks rich and creamy and squishy all at the same time.

I decided to add Sinful Colors Shamrockin over Posh. It was a decision not made lightly.

This is one coat of Shamrockin' with the flowers fished out. They didn't always want to come out and then sometimes I would get two or three at once. I do love that Sinful Colors stepped up their glitter game with this polish. In typical Sinful Colors fashion however they also released two versions of the polish with the same name. 

I searched high and low and finally found both versions. Ironically I found one store that ended up having both after I had only been finding this version, the light version. The difference between the light and dark version is the dark version has small dark green glitter in it whereas this light version does not. I will have a post of the dark version coming up tomorrow.

The fun thing about Shamrockin is that it can also be used as a nice Spring polish. I am really excited to see if Sinful Colors keeps coming out with polishes like this. I would really hope they don't keep releasing two versions of the same polish though.

That's all for now :)

St. Patrick's Day Tree Hugger

Hey Everyone!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! I am excited! I have my green hair, my green Guinness bead necklace the lovely manager at Flanigan's gave me last weekend and my nails are done. We got some shamrock cookies and Darby O'Gill and the Little People dvd ready to go for tonight. 

Since I have six manis left to show you I think we will try and do two posts today. I don't have the mani I am actually wearing today ready to post yet but I will try and get it ready for tomorrow.

For this mani I started with Wet N Wild Tree Hugger from the Silverlake Collection. It is a really pretty mint green creme.

I used three coats of Tree Hugger for the base.

I remembered I had some Lucky Star Style decals for St. Patrick's Day. I also just realized that they have a pretty cool new website and I think I need to order some new decals.

For the other two designs I created some stamper decals using the image from Bundle Monster Holiday plate BM-H04.

I colored in some of the shamrocks with Revlon Posh and Holographic Pearls.

I was a little impatient in waiting for them to dry so some of the nails have wrinkles but I really loved this mani! So green and fun.

That's all for now :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

But of Corpse it is St. Patrick's Day

Hey Everyone!! St. Patrick's Day is almost here so this week we will be doing all green manis. I am hoping to get them all posted this week but we will see how it goes. It might turn into Valentine's Day and we might be going through them for long after the holiday. It is Monday which is unfortunate. I am far too sleepy and not wanting to deal with Monday at all. I could also use a snack. 

Today I used a Halloween polish that I had gotten not long ago on clearance. I love recycling holiday collections for other holidays. This one worked very nicely for St. Patrick's Day.

I used two coats of China Glaze But of Corpse from the Apocalypse of Color collection.

This one dries a little matte and with all that black micro glitter it is textured when dry. I had only put a quick coat of top coat on this mani before stamping so it was still bumpy and textured.

I used my DIY alcohol ink stamping polish for the stamping. It showed up nicely but I think I should have used black instead.

I used Messy Mansion plate MM04 for the images.

I don't know if it was poor placement or my nails are just too small but the knot image didn't come out quite as nice as I had hoped it would. I wasn't exactly disappointed with this mani but it wasn't my favorite either. I do love the Shamrock image.

That's all for now :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dragons and Clovers

Hey Everyone!! Happy Saturday. I should probably get moving on dying my hair but I thought I should probably post another St. Patrick's Day mani first. 

Today's mani features the gorgeous A England Dragon. I forgot how much I absolutely love A England polishes.

Dragon is gorgeous in the sunlight. The application was perfect and smooth. I definitely need more A England polishes since I only have a few.

In the shade this polish is just as pretty. I find that I lose interest in some holos if they aren't in the sun. They seem to look dusty and dull but this one is just as pretty in the shade.

Even though I was tempted to leave it alone I decided I had to do some St. Patrick's Day stamping on it.

I used a stamping polish I made with alcohol inks for the stamping.

I used Messy Mansion plate MM04 for the stamping. 

I didn't want to use images that were too big because I really didn't want to cover Dragon. 

That's all for now :)