Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trick or Treat...a little late

Hey Everyone!!! I AM still alive!!! I do have a wicked cough that makes me wonder how long I will be able to keep my lungs in my chest though. We had colds then my parents went on vacation and came back and gave me the wicked cough that they acquired on their trip. Now I think my son and I are getting a bit of a second cold. It has been a long couple of weeks with this stupid cold going around. He has a couple big projects, one of which we just worked on and finished last week. There is a bunch of other stuff going on that complicates things but at least everything is getting in order now. If I could only get rid of this hacking evil cough I would be a lot happier. 

I will keep posting as I can but probably won't get on a firm schedule for awhile. I keep thinking of posts I want to make but just can't get to them. I will have some fun stuff to show you. 

Today I have an awesome polish that I absolutely LOVE from an Indie Brand called Mosaic Lacquer. I actually won this polish in a RAOK giveaway Jess did on a forum I belong to. I was super psyched to be one of the lucky winners and even more psyched when I realized that this polish is absolutely AWESOME! I wore it around Halloween but I am seriously ready to wear it again. I used two coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow as the base.

Mosaic Lacquer Trick or Treat.

I absolutely love the green shimmer in this polish. It is a combination of orange and black glitters with the insane shimmer.

I was so very into Halloween polishes this year even though I had too much going on to really enjoy Halloween.

Can you see that shimmer? OMG I LOVE IT! 

The glow in the dark base made it even more fun when I could go in the dark and wave my hands around like a maniac. Yes, I really am 5 years old sometimes. 

I love the orange glitter in this polish. I don't know if it is the combo of glitters or just because it is so shiny but that orange looks so awesome.

This polish was really fun and the application was great! 

I loved it and can't wait to wear it again even if Halloween is over. I am trying to figure out how to work this into a Thanksgiving type mani.

That's all for now :)