Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Pink Twinkle Black Out

Hello Everyone! It is the weekend! I am excited about that even though I was up earlier than I wanted to be. I took the kids on a very brief school clothes shopping adventure. I had some coupons that were going to expire and had to get to the store with my son before he took off to his dad's house. At least the store wasn't crowded. I love bargains and managed to get him a pair of jeans (not for school) for $4.97. SCORE! Since he has to have uniforms I am really not able to do much in the bargain department for his school clothes which is a bummer. I did manage to get him three pairs of pants, a pair of jeans, the bf's daughter three shirts (she doesn't wear uniforms) and three packs of socks for 60 bucks so I was happy.

I was not real happy when three of my nails broke today! I have mentioned how they get weak along the side and bendy. WELL, the tips of three of my nails broke off. Straight across. The last one just ripped right off when I was trying to open a little container. I wasn't using my nail at all for the job but when I finally got the top loose it banged against the lid and there it went. SOOOO my entire left hand is nubbed. I suppose after we come back from errands I will file down the right hand a little bit. I know it is only a matter of time before they break. Sigh. They were starting to grow but they are so weak and bendy that they break. Tis the cycle of my nails.

So for this mani I told the kids to grab me a polish. The bf's daughter picked Cover Girl Pink Twinkle. I wanted to layer it so I grabbed Jesse's Girl Blackout.

I used one coat of Blackout. Blackout is pretty thin but the coverage is pretty good. It would have needed another coat if I was wearing it alone. It was slightly streaky but I could get away with one coat since it was for layering. I then put 2 coats of Pink Twinkle over Blackout. 

I of course got a chip before I even started my day. That was not due to the polish but my bendy issues.

The Pink Twinkle didn't show much pink in real life but I love the flakie effect.

It actually looked more orange and gold.

I think Pink Twinkle would look better layered over another color.

I wasn't head over heels with this mani. I don't think I liked the combination so much. I know that there is a lot of love for flakie polishes but this one didn't do much for me. I think I will give it another try over a different color. My nails are way too stained to use it solo.

That's all for now :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tahiti Sunset on the South Florida Beaches

Hey everyone!!! It is FRIDAY!!! I am so excited. I don't have much planned for this weekend (the bf is working) other than lice checking but I am still excited. I like not having to get up and get ready for work. I am hoping that I can get my China Glaze drawer on swatchsicles and my spreadsheet so I can work on the overflow. We will see. I guess at some point we need to take the bf's daughter to get school clothes. I am not excited about shopping for clothes but I will find a way to get some polish shopping in too lol.

Today I have a Kleancolor polish for you all. I wasn't too familiar with this brand until it exploded (not literally) on the nail board. They have some awesome colors and there was a big sale on an etailer and now they are everywhere. I had never seen them in the wild and got my hands on a few when my lovely friend Silke sent me them. Since then I have located them in a store near my house so I am excited to have easier access to them. They smell like polishes of old which is a major complaint from many but honestly I hardly noticed the smell.

I used Tahiti Sunset for this mani. I am guessing it would be great as a layering polish. It is a bronze, yellow sort of color with red glitter and holo bars. When I first put it on it reminded me of mop water AFTER you just mopped a dirty floor. I happen to really like this polish even if it does look like dirty mop water.

I had already taken pictures of this polish but then we took the kids to the beach in the evening for a couple of hours. I decided since I had a great background I would just take more pictures for you all.

I used 3 coats trying to build the color a little more but it wasn't going to happen.

It was a really nice day out. We were sitting in the shade of a palm tree while the kids played near the shore. After awhile this couple came up and asked if we would share our shade. Then the man proceeded to wrap a towel around his waist and take his pants off then sit down. Ummm, this wasn't a nude beach thank you very much. After a couple of minutes he proceeded to put on his swim suit which was too close to a speedo style for my liking. The bf was freaking out a tad bit as this was all going down lol.

I took a lot of pictures but more than anything I really like the beach as a background.

After sitting on the shore I was bummed out that I didn't bring my swimsuit. When I saw how much seaweed was around I felt a little better. I really hate seaweed.

I should take beach NOTD pictures more often :)

And here is a normal more close up picture so you get a better view of the color. I figured I would have to show the polish without the distraction of pretty South Florida beaches.

I of course took some pictures of the beach for you all.

The water was nice.

The wind was just enough to make it seem less hot.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Pretty Unicorn

Hey Everyone! This one is a little late. Between the lice and life it's been crazy around here. I got this nice little lice zapper today hehe I combed through the kids hair and didn't find any. Fingers crossed we are getting rid of the stupid things. I would really appreciate it if they would leave the premises.

Today I have another of the mystical creatures manis I did. This one was unicorns. There is no way my son could try and tell me he didn't see unicorns here!

I used Milani 3D Holographic polishes in Hi-Res, Cyberspace, Hi-Tech and the Orange Catherine Arley as well as a tiny bit of Wet N Wild Waves of Enchantment. I did all of this over a coat of Milani 3d Holographic HD. I then used Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris to stamp the unicorn image from Konad plate M28.

This was amazingly sparkly in the sun light.

The unicorn reminds me of Rainbow Brite.

I really loved this mani a lot and kept staring at it all day.

I couldn't get too many sun shots since it was of course overcast but even inside it was pretty spectacular.

I really liked this one.

And a bonus picture of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. He loves plastic bags and was attacking this one last night.

Here is was laying on the floor trying to attack us when we walked by.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Mermaid

Hey Everyone! I have to make this one quick because I have licey headed children soaking in tea tree oil infused conditioner wrapped up in Saran Wrap. They look crazy but it seems to be working. I am going nuts because I am paranoid and think I am all itchy. I don't have lice, the bf checked, but I have sympathy itchiness. It is driving me NUTS! I would much rather write a nice post than comb out lice!

This mani was for Mermaid day on the nail board. I liked it and thought it looked pretty good. My son at least said it looked watery but he couldn't tell. *shakes head*

I used Jesse's Girl Firefly, BB Couture Mariner, Essie Trophy Wife, Piggy Polish Teal Me About it and Ulta Turqs and Caicos and a coat of Sally Hansen Tealy Cool (not pictured).

I used the top left image for stamping.

I used Firefly as the base and sponged Trophy Wife,Turqs & Caicos and Teal Me About It. Then I stamped Mariner over all of that. I topped it off with a coat of Sally Hansen Tealy Cool.

I think it looks Mermaid Tail like.

I tried to get good pictures of it at different angles. This one is weird.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking while I run off to comb.

I would rather not be doing lice duty all night.

Lice is not my friend.

Anyone want a couple kids? They are cute...sometimes.

Didn't think I could get rid of them that easy lol

Ok, ok, the bf just asked me when I am doing their hair. BOO!!!!!

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragon Nails

Hey Everyone! Ever have one of those days where you just want to run away from the world and live on a nice peaceful island with no worries and no people? Yeah, I am ready for my island right about now! It is just not turning out to be a good week? month? summer? I don't know but it seems like there is something new at every turn and I am stressed!

I would pull my hair out but I have it up in a bun right now complete with some gel after using Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (I am buying tea tree oil on the way home too lol) since the latest addition to my stress is lice! I don't have it, knock on wood, even though I think I have sympathy itchy head but the kids seem to. I have never had lice and never dealt with it so I am freaked out and clueless not to mention paranoid. The kids are quarantined lol. Since I was unable to call in to work today the bf switched his days off and is at home doing the treatment. Like I said I know nothing about lice or what they look like but he says they have it and since he has the experience he is dealing with it.

Today is my mom's birthday, I told her the kids got lice for her birthday which at least was a good laugh. I just rather forcefully told a company to STOP calling my office until Thursday and hung up on them. lol. I feel slightly bad that the foreigner who barely speaks English but has an assigned American name like PEGGY got to deal with it but they are calling about a free publication that my boss gets. They have called at least 6 times in the past two days and I don't even know how many times last week for the man. Every time they call I tell them he won't be back until Thursday and no he does not have an assistant that can help them they must speak with him. They are always pretty rude and hang up on me all the time so my guilt for being short and telling "Peggy" to stop calling me until Thursday which I have told them at least 6 times is short lived.

Can I go home and barricade myself in my room under my covers now? lol.

Last week the nail board had themes each day for mystical creatures. I forget which day it was but one of the days was Dragon so this is my Dragon inspired mani.

I used Nubar Moon Shadow as the base color then I used Essence Where's the Party, Can't Cheat on Me and Essie Trophy Wife to stamp the pattern on. I used plate BM215.

Moon Shadow was pretty sheer which was interesting. I thought it would be much more opaque. I used two coats of it. Since I stamped so many colors over top of each other you can't really see them all but I thought it gave it a nice look. I was going for Dragon scales.

It looked pretty cool in the sun light but of course it was overcast most of the day.

I took a lot of pictures trying to catch all the color but it wasn't really happening.

Can't Cheat on Me picked up the sun when it was out but it wasn't out long enough for me to get it on camera.

It sort of looks Dragon scale ish.

I like it though. It worked for me.

I asked the kids and of course my son says he doesn't really know but it kind of looks like scales.

I think I should stop asking the child lol.

It was pretty and different and you could use the plate to create a faux snakeskin mani. I think done right it would look pretty close to snakeskin and would be much less creepy then sticking an actual skin on your nail.

I hope your day is going better than mine :)

That's all for now :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoya Apple

Greetings Earthlings! Any any other lings out there that I don't know about! It is again Monday and again I am tired and ready to go home already lol It must be a Monday thing. I know I never really set a schedule for my posting but after missing Saturday and Sunday I felt guilty. I have photos lined up and ready to go because I am a little ahead right now. The bf has off every other weekend and when he is off I tend to be away from the computer and house more and when we are home I feel bad spending too much time on the computer. This of course leaves me playing catch up on Mondays. Usually in the morning when I have a chance I go look through all the postings I missed through the night on both the nail board and blogs. As you can imagine Mondays are fun when I haven't been online for two days lol. I think that I will either pre schedule posts for every other weekend if I can and if not there won't be posts for that weekend. I will figure it out and get the swing of it soon I hope :)

We had a pretty low key weekend. I wanted to bake but it seemed that I was missing one ingredient from every recipe I wanted to use :/  I am really hungry right now so the thought of baking goodies is making it worse lol Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so I will definitely be baking a cake tomorrow!

In Del Sol update news I did receive a call back but since my phone was about to die I didn't answer the call. Basically the friendly girl in the message told me to check their site for how to return items and if I had any more issues to call. The online stuff is pretty self explanatory and I was on the fence about exchanging it so I was basically going to make my decision based on speaking with the customer service people. I might ship it back with all of their form and everything as an experiment to see how their customer service and exchange procedure goes.

Alright, shall we look at some polish already? Today I have Zoya Apple. Apple is from the 2011 Summer Sunshine collection.

Apple is more sheer than I thought it would be. The application gave me no issue but there is still visible nail line. I only used two coats though so the visible nail line might have been less visible with three coats.

Look at the shine on this baby! This collection is the sparkly one. Zoya calls it a "golden metallic sparkle" and it really does shine and sparkle like crazy in the sun.

This was with flash because once again there was not much sun that day.

I really wanted to love this color and it did grow on me after awhile but for some reason I wasn't loving it at first or even second coat. Looking at the pictures now I really love it.

Is it weird that I would totally want to find an apple that is this color and has the same "golden metallic sparkle"? I would love to be strolling the produce section at Publix and find apples that are naturally this sparkly.

Love the glow.

That's all for now :)