Friday, July 22, 2011

CQ Golden Green

Hey Everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Any big weekend plans? I have nuthin. lol.

Well, my nubby ring finger gets it's debut in this post lol. It broke, well it actually didn't break as much as it ripped off. My index finger did the same today and my thumb polish has been peeling off in the same spot. I have two more nails that are probably going to be following the trend soon. I posted on the nail board to get some help with this issue. My nails are super bendy (I don't bend them on purpose) and on the sides they start to weaken and rip. It's annoying. I am going to attempt to fix the index finger with a tea bag later to hold it off for a while. It is torn way too low to nubbinize. They have suggested using a hydrating base coat so I think I will give that a go.

I also contacted Del Sol about the dud of a Rockstar. I tried twice getting a recording to leave a message after a short hold each time. The second time I actually left a message. We will see what happens but I will let you know. Customer Service is a big factor in my shopping endeavors and pretty important to me so I will let you know how they stand up.

Today I have a polish I picked up at Rite Aid in North Carolina back in April. I can NOT believe I hadn't used this earlier. It is <3 love love love. I used two coats. It is a little brush strokey but not too bad. LOVE this polish. I love the color and the application. I wish the bottle was bigger and I wish we had Rite Aid here. This is CQ Golden Green.

SOOOO pretty. I love these type of colors. Sally Hansen has one out now in their new Insta Dri fall display that I think might be close. I haven't seen it in person yet so I don't know.

There is another polish that I saw that is also similar but for the life of me I can not remember which one it is.

I stared at this polish A LOT! It is simple olive and gold and shimmery and I love it.

It is glowy. It actually applied perfectly smooth but Poshe top coat is a PITA and caused some issues. I finally just combined my two half bottles of Poshe to make a full and less PITA bottle. So far it is mostly behaving but it has not earned my friendship back yet. I have it on probation.

Poor little nub. :(

A couple of the lovely girls on the nail board mentioned that my nail beds are getting longer. I think I did a happy dance in my chair when I read that. I don't really notice that they are getting longer but then again I look at my nails all the time so it is probably like when someone says you look like you've lost weight but you don't see it. If I could get this bendy, breaky issue under control I would be even more thrilled. :)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend :)

That's all for now :)


  1. 1. do you use Gelous?
    2. If you can't find the Barielle, might I recommend SOPI hydrating base coat?

  2. When my quick dry top coat starts misbehaving, I start thinning it. I should probably combine bottles like you did but dropping thinner in seems easier. :)

  3. Denise I have Gelous and Instant Artificials. I was using Gelous with the Barielle and my nails freaked out. I have been using the Seche and Instant Artificials for awhile but it doesn't seem to be helping. It is not causing them to freak out but they don't seem any stronger or to be breaking any less. I will look into SOPI hydrating base, I was going to look into Sally Nail Quencher but I have an issue with it being discontinued. It will probably work and I will love it and never be able to get it again lol. Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Wait, is Gelous good or bad? lol Should I be using Gelous or IA over the hydrating base?

    Karen it is actually much easier to do the thinner BUT I was adding so much thinner it was crazy and annoying. lol I actually think there might have been more thinner in there than actual top coat before I combined them lol.

  4. I love my Gelous, but only over a hydrating base. I don't use it directly on my nails. And I can totally tell your nail beds are longer!

  5. Ahh ok, I am going to start using it again then. I think maybe I should stick to one combo at a time for awhile and see if it works lol. I am totally scattered when it comes to things like that, maybe it is impatient.

    SO COOL! Now if my nails would follow my nail beds and get longer too we would be in great shape lol well that and if they would stop breaking


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