Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds

Good Morning!! I have a KILLER headache today which is driving me nuts. It is from my neck I am sure. I seem to have a bad neck lol I sleep on it wrong sometimes and it will give me a wicked headache like the one I currently have. Unfortunately not much helps relieve the pain. I already took two Aleve and it hasn't done anything. I think it is going to be a long day unless these pills start kicking in soon.

Ok, now, I know I saw the poster of what they do to you when you get a root canal and crown but um, wow. I was not prepared for them shaving my poor tooth into a sharp fang nub. I even took a picture to show the bf lol. It isn't cute and it reminded me of a candy cane that has been sucked into a pointy weapon. What? I surely am not the only one who does this lol. So now I have a temporary crown which is strange and I am extremely paranoid that it will fall off or break or something. I really think the dentist just likes to have me come hang out there because I have yet another appointment in three weeks.

So today I have a mani I did with OPI Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds and Ali's Big Break. Gone Platinum is one of the three Ford Mustang Colors from the 2005 collection. Ali's Big Break is from the 2010 Burlesque Collection.

I used Shany plate BM16 for the flower stamping. I used the top right image.

Gone Platinum is a pretty silvery grey color. I used two coats for this mani. I received this one in one of my first swapping adventures and hadn't tried it until now.

Gone Platinum applied really nicely and was not sheer like I anticipated it to be. I like it a ton more than I thought I would though I wouldn't want a Mustang in this color.

Please excuse the mess on my index finger I didn't notice it until after I was taking pictures.

I used Ali's Big Break to stamp. It stamped really well though it showed up more pink then red. I also used the rhinestones from my July 4th mani to accent the flowers. I am all about recycling lol.

I liked the way this mani came out. It wasn't too bright and out there but still pretty. I thought the pattern was going to remind me of a sofa but it didn't at all.

These two work pretty well together.

I think I need to try Gone Platinum for stamping next.

My brother just texted me this picture of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior so I thought I would share it. He is a cutie. I have decided to use the water bottle trick on him when he decides to attack bare feet now. He likes to bite toes, especially when I am trying to sleep. He also has a horrible habit of biting my hand then biting harder and harder and pulling back like he wants to rip the skin. He doesn't do it very often but sometimes he decides to be mean and now he is getting squirted for it. He does not like my friend the water bottle at all lol. It is actually kind of fun to squirt him and watch him run. I bet he is thinking of ways to hide the squirt bottle while he sunbathes on the window sill.

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