Monday, July 11, 2011

China Glaze Brownstone

Hey Everyone! I really hate having to get back into the swing of things on Mondays. I don't know why it is so difficult but getting it together on a Monday morning is usually not fun. The kids didn't even want to get up this morning. I am sleepy too!

We started a Harry Potter marathon Saturday afternoon. We watched the first two movies Saturday and the next three last night. We have two more before the final chapter unfolds Friday! I am SO excited though I am not real excited about the insane chaos we will have to deal with to actually see the movie this weekend. I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter!! To be honest I didn't read the books (yet) except for the last book. When it came out I was so psycho crazy can't wait girl that I bought it and read it in 18 hours. Yup, crazy! I read it almost straight through too, I did take a couple hour nap in there at some point. My poor son was running amok that day because I was completely absorbed in the book. It was pretty bad too because since I hadn't read the books prior and not all the movies were done yet I was missing a few main events and I had to figure quite a bit out. I am super excited for the movie but sad as well because it is ending. I am definitely going to have to do a Harry Potter mani for the weekend but haven't come up with what exactly I should do yet.

Today I have China Glaze Brownstone from the Metro Collection for your viewing pleasure! I wasn't going to get this one at first but I am glad I did because I like it a lot.

As if the name didn't tip you off a bit Brownstone is well brown. It reminds me of Burnt Sienna. For some reason I always remember that crayon. It is a reddish brown and is quite pretty.

This polish applied so smoothly. I was quite pleased with the application. I used two coats and thought about just using one. It was a little uneven so I had to use two but some nails you could hardly see a problem. It might be a one (thick) coater for someone with superb application skills.

It was so incredibly shiny too. These pictures have top coat but it was quite shiny without the topcoat.

Now please excuse the nails that look crazy. I tried to use my Poshe topcoat and it was super thick and uncooperative and awful. My left hand was ok but when I got to my right hand it was not playing nice at all. My index and middle fingers especially look crazy because the Poshe was so thick and unmanageable that it globbed all over the place.

It is a pretty fall color and I just pictured it with some glitter on top as the perfect Thanksgiving mani. Why am I already thinking of Fall and Thanksgiving? Oh wait, I know, because it is 90 degrees out and I hate summer!

In the direct sun light the color lightens up a little and shows the reddish brown more.

I was quite impressed with the application. I love China Glaze and usually don't have issues with the polishes but this one seemed so smooth I actually noticed how great it was.

This is definitely one of my favorite browns now. I am glad I didn't pass it up.

Thankfully my nails are growing out a bit too, *knock on wood* hopefully they maintain their cooperativeness.

That's all for now :)


  1. OMG!! This is awesome, soooo pretty. It looks so beautiful on you:)

  2. Thank you my friend! I will have Urban Night or Traffic Jam tomorrow and the other one Wednesday. :)

  3. Can't wait for the next swatches:) xoxo

  4. ME EITHER! I am so impatient I want to just post them all now. Fortunately I have the pics for Traffic Jam edited at home so I have to wait hehe.

  5. I didn't think I liked it in the bottle, but I love it on your nails!!!

    Yay, now I'm extra excited. haha!

    I love China Glaze! ♥

  6. I didn't think I liked it in the bottle either. I am too, I NEED the ones that I am missing!


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