Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China Glaze Skyscraper

Hey Everyone! I hope your 4th was wonderful! I am running behind with posts right now and I actually have pictures for the 4th of July manicures I did but don't have them uploaded yet. I apologize for having missed that post and a couple of days. I guess I am in a little funk right now. There is so much going on I think the stress is finally getting to me coupled with the dreary, rainy weather I am just BLAH! I usually start my morning reviewing the nail board and what I missed then I come to blogger and catch up on the latest blog posts that I haven't seen yet and then get to my post. I of course fit my work in between all that lol. I skipped most of that today because I just don't have the energy for it.

I found some of the China Glaze Metro Collection at the little beauty supply store I love not to long ago. They only had half the colors despite having a huge rack for the collection but I did pick up a few. Initially I just picked up this baby but I liked it so much I had to go back and get another one for a friend. When I went back I picked up a couple more colors which I will post for you later.

This is Skyscraper! This was the one I wanted most from the collection and I was super excited that they had it.

It is insanely glittery. It is a gorgeous navy blue with silver glitter.

It can look dark like the night sky but also looks quite sparkly and lighter in the sun.

The effect is almost metallic or foil like at times.

I used three coats and the coverage and application were great. I don't think you could get away with one coat unless you were layering it.

It was rainy so most of the pictures are outside but it was overcast so it was darker than normal.

I took a lot of pictures of this polish because I like it so much.

Definitely sparkly with the flash.

This polish does look night sky-ish when it wants to. Mostly I get that vibe from it in low light.

I am now really curious about the other glitter in the collection. The store didn't have that one but I love China Glaze glitters.

That's all for now :)


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