Friday, July 29, 2011

Tahiti Sunset on the South Florida Beaches

Hey everyone!!! It is FRIDAY!!! I am so excited. I don't have much planned for this weekend (the bf is working) other than lice checking but I am still excited. I like not having to get up and get ready for work. I am hoping that I can get my China Glaze drawer on swatchsicles and my spreadsheet so I can work on the overflow. We will see. I guess at some point we need to take the bf's daughter to get school clothes. I am not excited about shopping for clothes but I will find a way to get some polish shopping in too lol.

Today I have a Kleancolor polish for you all. I wasn't too familiar with this brand until it exploded (not literally) on the nail board. They have some awesome colors and there was a big sale on an etailer and now they are everywhere. I had never seen them in the wild and got my hands on a few when my lovely friend Silke sent me them. Since then I have located them in a store near my house so I am excited to have easier access to them. They smell like polishes of old which is a major complaint from many but honestly I hardly noticed the smell.

I used Tahiti Sunset for this mani. I am guessing it would be great as a layering polish. It is a bronze, yellow sort of color with red glitter and holo bars. When I first put it on it reminded me of mop water AFTER you just mopped a dirty floor. I happen to really like this polish even if it does look like dirty mop water.

I had already taken pictures of this polish but then we took the kids to the beach in the evening for a couple of hours. I decided since I had a great background I would just take more pictures for you all.

I used 3 coats trying to build the color a little more but it wasn't going to happen.

It was a really nice day out. We were sitting in the shade of a palm tree while the kids played near the shore. After awhile this couple came up and asked if we would share our shade. Then the man proceeded to wrap a towel around his waist and take his pants off then sit down. Ummm, this wasn't a nude beach thank you very much. After a couple of minutes he proceeded to put on his swim suit which was too close to a speedo style for my liking. The bf was freaking out a tad bit as this was all going down lol.

I took a lot of pictures but more than anything I really like the beach as a background.

After sitting on the shore I was bummed out that I didn't bring my swimsuit. When I saw how much seaweed was around I felt a little better. I really hate seaweed.

I should take beach NOTD pictures more often :)

And here is a normal more close up picture so you get a better view of the color. I figured I would have to show the polish without the distraction of pretty South Florida beaches.

I of course took some pictures of the beach for you all.

The water was nice.

The wind was just enough to make it seem less hot.

That's all for now :)


  1. Aw!!! Sun, Sea, Beach - I'll be there in a minute:) Tahiti Sunset is very pretty! Laughed very hard about the swim suit story. That can only happen to you:D


  2. Come on over! We will hit the sand and burn because I don't tan :) Yes, only I would find the weirdo who decides to change in broad daylight. He also handed the lady a bikini so I am glad we left before she started to strip. Mind you the kids were not that far away.


  3. LOL!!! And I don't tan either:)

  4. Beach! You should take more beach NOTD photos--show me what I'm missing. :) I'm another one that doesn't tan, but I do like the beach.

  5. I love the beach too but more so at night. I burn so easily and turn lobster when I am out for too long lol.

    I will try and get some more beach NOTD photos. The kids love the beach. I enjoy the pool most because there is no sea life nibbling on my limbs.

  6. I'm so afraid to swim in the sea because of the movie Jaws!!!

  7. hehe the sharks don't worry me as much as jellyfish (I was stung when I was a kid) and other litte things that nibble or brush against your legs. Litte weird things live in the seaweed and for some reason it just grosses me out. I have a strange notion though that if I am in the water around dusk it is dinner time for sharks and they might come looking but I am also crazy.


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