Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Rock Star is a Dud

Hey Everyone! This is a little later than usual, sorry about that. It was a strange day at work where lots was going on but not really. 

Today I have for you a dud of a Rock Star. This is one of the polishes my parents got me on their Alaskan cruise. Del Sol Rock Star. I love the color, I love the color it is supposed to turn but alas it does not turn that color.

Here is the polish. Pretty blue isn't it? I used three coats on my left hand and then wanted to try something with my right hand. I layered one coat of Rock Star over one coat of Essie Trophy Wife. I thought maybe one thin coat would make it change more.

This is three coats of Rock Star. These pictures are inside so they are supposed to be blue.

This is Rock Star over Essie Trophy Wife. Please excuse the cleanup, I was not really caring what they looked like at this point. This was outside but there was no sun.

It looks darker and deeper over Trophy Wife.

I do like it layered over another color but it doesn't effect the color changing ability. Then again not even sun did.

There is definitely visible nail line when it is alone. Even after three coats.

Last picture in the shade. I took a lot of pictures, sorry. I wanted to prove I wasn't crazy.

I got these two pictures from the Del Sol website because this is what they show for this polish. It can be found here.

This is my bottle of Del Sol sitting in the sun. It had been sitting in the sun for quite awhile before I took this picture. It was 90+ degrees out and I was not going to sit out there ALL day to see if it finally turned.

This is the hand with 3 coats of Del Sol. Two of my fingers changed a bit but they are no where near as green as the website makes it seem as though they should be turning.

Same hand in a different position. Interesting how they no longer look so green. I have no idea what is up with this polish.

Here is the right hand which was one layer over Trophy Wife. Remember these started out darker to begin with because they had a base.

My thumb in that picture is just a couple of coats of Rock Star with no top coat. Still not seeing the green.

I got two nails to change color but only if you looked at it at a certain angle? Um, I do not think that is the way it is supposed to work. To say I am disappointed in this polish would be an understatement. I remember when I bought Trick or Treat (it is still untried) I saw a change in color immediately when I walked outside the store. It was that quick and that strong of a change. I think I might contact the company tomorrow and let them know this one is a dud.

That's all for now :)


  1. That sucks! Maybe they'll send you a non dud.

  2. Yeah a bit lol. I will see what they say. The boys each got a del sol shirt and they change instantly and pretty drastically I wish they could get the polishes to work as well as the shirts.

  3. Bummer. I wonder if the UV sensitive stuff can wear out or go bad or something.

  4. Too bad I have heard/read that they normally do change. It's a pretty color though.

  5. Lame!! Let me know what happens...I was just thinking of ordering some of these!

  6. I called twice today and after a short hold got a message to leave a message and someone would contact me. The second time I actually left a message so we will see.

    Karen I was thinking something like that might be the cause. I don't know how they are made or what makes them change but I wondered if maybe they were older and lost their changing power.


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