Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoya Apple

Greetings Earthlings! Any any other lings out there that I don't know about! It is again Monday and again I am tired and ready to go home already lol It must be a Monday thing. I know I never really set a schedule for my posting but after missing Saturday and Sunday I felt guilty. I have photos lined up and ready to go because I am a little ahead right now. The bf has off every other weekend and when he is off I tend to be away from the computer and house more and when we are home I feel bad spending too much time on the computer. This of course leaves me playing catch up on Mondays. Usually in the morning when I have a chance I go look through all the postings I missed through the night on both the nail board and blogs. As you can imagine Mondays are fun when I haven't been online for two days lol. I think that I will either pre schedule posts for every other weekend if I can and if not there won't be posts for that weekend. I will figure it out and get the swing of it soon I hope :)

We had a pretty low key weekend. I wanted to bake but it seemed that I was missing one ingredient from every recipe I wanted to use :/  I am really hungry right now so the thought of baking goodies is making it worse lol Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so I will definitely be baking a cake tomorrow!

In Del Sol update news I did receive a call back but since my phone was about to die I didn't answer the call. Basically the friendly girl in the message told me to check their site for how to return items and if I had any more issues to call. The online stuff is pretty self explanatory and I was on the fence about exchanging it so I was basically going to make my decision based on speaking with the customer service people. I might ship it back with all of their form and everything as an experiment to see how their customer service and exchange procedure goes.

Alright, shall we look at some polish already? Today I have Zoya Apple. Apple is from the 2011 Summer Sunshine collection.

Apple is more sheer than I thought it would be. The application gave me no issue but there is still visible nail line. I only used two coats though so the visible nail line might have been less visible with three coats.

Look at the shine on this baby! This collection is the sparkly one. Zoya calls it a "golden metallic sparkle" and it really does shine and sparkle like crazy in the sun.

This was with flash because once again there was not much sun that day.

I really wanted to love this color and it did grow on me after awhile but for some reason I wasn't loving it at first or even second coat. Looking at the pictures now I really love it.

Is it weird that I would totally want to find an apple that is this color and has the same "golden metallic sparkle"? I would love to be strolling the produce section at Publix and find apples that are naturally this sparkly.

Love the glow.

That's all for now :)

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