Friday, July 8, 2011

Small Sample of China Glaze Metro Collection

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Friday!! I am so glad it is Friday. I have been annoyed by work this week which is never fun. The bf says I have good days and bad days and yesterday was just a bad day. At the time of course I was cranky and didn't want to hear his logic. He is right but I am still glad it is Friday and I don't have to come back tomorrow lol. I actually wanted to take today off and take the kids to see the last NASA Shuttle launch. That didn't pan out so I was hoping that the rain would cause a rescheduling for tomorrow. That also didn't pan out lol. I watched it online this morning very disgruntled I wasn't able to go. I won't admit it but it was probably better to watch online because you can see more and there are less people and I am actually in the a/c but I didn't say any of that lol.

So recently I went to my favorite little beauty supply place and found a HUGE RACK for the China Glaze Metro Collection. It isn't out yet at Sally's and I haven't seen it online so I was super excited. As I got closer I realized they only had half the collection and slots were filled with other colors like Dorothy Who and Recycle. I was slightly disappointed but they had Skyscraper so I was thrilled to get that one. I went back the next day to get Skyscraper for a friend and grabbed a couple of the other colors. The ones I wanted most were of course not there and I don't do reds so I didn't get those shades but I ended up with four.

These are totally not color accurate and I apologize but the dang rain made my camera completely stupid. I really didn't want to do this post with such an inaccurate picture but for the life of me nothing worked. From left to right are Traffic Jam (most color inaccurate) Urban-Night (lighter than it should be), Skyscraper (more color accurate) and Brownstone(also lighter than it should be).

Skyscraper is my favorite. It is a navy type blue jam packed with glitter. The base is jellyish and the glitter is insanely sparkly.

Traffic Jam looks closer to the correct color here. Please excuse the blue hue but I was trying to get it color accurate. If I ever get sun again I will have better pictures.

Urban-Night is more color accurate here. It is a pretty purple.

Ah Brownstone how you tricked me. I wasn't really crazy about this color in store. I picked it up only because it is brown and I like browns. I am actually wearing this polish today and it is REALLY REALLY nice on. I will have a post of it for tomorrow I think. I want to redo the mani and take pictures of it then because right now it is a frightful mess. My top coat bubbled like a shaken soda and it is so bad I won't even post it.

I already did a post for Skyscraper (can you tell it was my favorite) but I will have posts up for the remaining three in the next few days. I am also going to stalk the place some more and see if they got the others in. I just made a list of the other ones I want and um, basically it is 75% of the collection lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. wow didnt know they were out! love the glitters!

  2. Lol :) I think random little places might have them (like the one I found em at) and Cosmoprof but they aren't at Sally's yet sadly.


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