Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nice is Nice with a Silver Lining

Hey Everyone!!! It is such a gloomy, rainy day today. It fits my mood though. Yesterday I had another dental appointment and I was supposed to get my crown and finally fix the tooth that broke on Easter. WELL, four shots of Novocaine later I could still feel the woman drilling the tooth and she determined it might be fractured which would explain why it wouldn't go numb. YAY!!!! SO I didn't get my crown (in case it is fractured and needs a root canal I would be able to apply what I paid for the crown toward the root canal) and I got shot with that stupid needle four times and still felt the drill!! I did get two cavities filled. I swear my fillings are ancient and old school and will probably all need to be replaced. JOY!

I was trying to show you the rain the puddles with this picture but it didn't come out. I still like the gloomy puddle picture.

So I am one of those people that try and avoid the news. It is usually all bad and gives me more things to worry and be paranoid about. I will say that I am big on Dateline and their crime stories and all of those  crime type shows. I try and avoid watching or reading the daily news because when I do I always end up wanting to move to a desolate island where the world is a happy place. Since I live in Florida it is impossible to not hear about Caylee Anthony. I followed the story and the trial and am absolutely beyond upset at the whole story. I won't say anything more about the trial and verdict because that will just unleash the huge rant. Over on the nail board there was some posting about wearing Lavender today in memory of Caylee Anthony since that was her favorite color.

I had actually started a mani with Revlon Tangerine when I remembered that I needed to be using a lavender. I had Essie Nice is Nice and decided that would be my lavender for the day. I wanted to add something to the mani and remembered that Kleancolor Silver Lining would probably be perfect. I had received this from my dear friend Silke and hadn't tried it yet.

I used three coats of Nice is Nice. Let me just say application was not nice. It is pretty thin and watery and my first coat was so thin and streaky about three fingers in I decided to do a thicker first coat. The second coat evened it out some but then I was getting major balding near the cuticles. GRRRR. The third coat made it better. I think this is one of those polishes you need to wait a little longer between coats. I am hoping that solves the balding.

I used one coat of Silver Lining. It is a really pretty silver glitter with larger purple hexagons. The hexagons seemed to disperse themselves sporadically. Some nails I had to fish them out of the bottle because none came out initially and other nails got 3 or 4 pieces. It applied really well other than the sporadic glitter though and the smell didn't kill me. I like this polish a lot, I am trying desperately to convince myself not to place a big order for them right now.

I really like this combination. I am going to give Nice is Nice another try before I label her difficult but she is leaning that way.

And this is my horrible right hand. I know that I dinged two nails while trying to get Silver Lining out but I had fixed them. A coat of SV and quick dry cuticle oil and somehow over night they turned into a mess. What is more puzzling is my left hand is ok. I guess it doesn't mater much because I hit my finger on the copy machine and chipped the polish anyway lol. The Silver Lining: I get to do a new mani tonight :)

That's all for now :)


  1. I don't have any lavendar, but I'm still remembering Caylee all day long. :-( Such a tragedy, and an injustice.

  2. Poor Julie:( That sounds like more dental appointments will come! My right hand is horrible, too;) Move over to Holland, the sun is shining here:)

  3. Sweet gesture :) such a nice color :) Goodluck with your tooth.

  4. @Emily - it is! I am so saddened by the whole thing.

    @Silke - Lol yeah my stupid dental woes. I am TIRED of driving over there and paying for parking for all these appointments. I would rather be going to the beach for better things lol. Holland sounds nicer by the day :)

    @Diana- Thank you :) It is a nice color and I actually had no interest in it at first. I like when a polish surprises me ;)


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