Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter Mani

Hey Everyone! I have been trying to organize my files on the computer and oh what a task! I have about a billion pictures (ok probably more like 1,000) that aren't labeled and all were thrown into one folder called nails. Yeah, DUH for me. This is taking way more time that I want it to and I spent hours yesterday and it feels like I didn't make a dent. lol I might spend the rest of my life organizing these pictures. It doesn't help that I have doubles of everything and sometimes triples and more because I didn't erase pictures after uploading and they uploaded again next time. I have learned my lesson though.

Today we are FINALLY going to see Harry Potter! I am so excited. I did this mani Friday. Currently I have on my Gryffindor mani which I will show you later. This one is cooler even if it is Slytherin.

I used Sally Hansen Jumpin Jade and Orly Shine. I stamped the snake on with Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris. I was doing this mani then the bf came in and wasn't feeling well so he turned off the big light and turned on the little lamp. The right hand was done in the dark and I messed up my pinkie beyond saving so I just painted it green. Excuse the mess lol it was pretty dark.

The left hand came out great though. I love this mani. I don't much care for Slytherin but I like their colors and I had a snake stamp so I had to do it.

The kids picked out the green. My son came in halfway through and said in a very serious tone WHY are you celebrating Slytherin???! He was not happy with it.

He was still upset about it the next morning lol. I told him I would do Gryffindor next but I didn't have the colors AND I couldn't draw a lion. He was not satisfied with the explanation but I texted him a picture of the Gryffindor nails and he was happier about them lol. His dad took him to see the movie already, Lucky Duck!

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

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