Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragon Nails

Hey Everyone! Ever have one of those days where you just want to run away from the world and live on a nice peaceful island with no worries and no people? Yeah, I am ready for my island right about now! It is just not turning out to be a good week? month? summer? I don't know but it seems like there is something new at every turn and I am stressed!

I would pull my hair out but I have it up in a bun right now complete with some gel after using Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (I am buying tea tree oil on the way home too lol) since the latest addition to my stress is lice! I don't have it, knock on wood, even though I think I have sympathy itchy head but the kids seem to. I have never had lice and never dealt with it so I am freaked out and clueless not to mention paranoid. The kids are quarantined lol. Since I was unable to call in to work today the bf switched his days off and is at home doing the treatment. Like I said I know nothing about lice or what they look like but he says they have it and since he has the experience he is dealing with it.

Today is my mom's birthday, I told her the kids got lice for her birthday which at least was a good laugh. I just rather forcefully told a company to STOP calling my office until Thursday and hung up on them. lol. I feel slightly bad that the foreigner who barely speaks English but has an assigned American name like PEGGY got to deal with it but they are calling about a free publication that my boss gets. They have called at least 6 times in the past two days and I don't even know how many times last week for the man. Every time they call I tell them he won't be back until Thursday and no he does not have an assistant that can help them they must speak with him. They are always pretty rude and hang up on me all the time so my guilt for being short and telling "Peggy" to stop calling me until Thursday which I have told them at least 6 times is short lived.

Can I go home and barricade myself in my room under my covers now? lol.

Last week the nail board had themes each day for mystical creatures. I forget which day it was but one of the days was Dragon so this is my Dragon inspired mani.

I used Nubar Moon Shadow as the base color then I used Essence Where's the Party, Can't Cheat on Me and Essie Trophy Wife to stamp the pattern on. I used plate BM215.

Moon Shadow was pretty sheer which was interesting. I thought it would be much more opaque. I used two coats of it. Since I stamped so many colors over top of each other you can't really see them all but I thought it gave it a nice look. I was going for Dragon scales.

It looked pretty cool in the sun light but of course it was overcast most of the day.

I took a lot of pictures trying to catch all the color but it wasn't really happening.

Can't Cheat on Me picked up the sun when it was out but it wasn't out long enough for me to get it on camera.

It sort of looks Dragon scale ish.

I like it though. It worked for me.

I asked the kids and of course my son says he doesn't really know but it kind of looks like scales.

I think I should stop asking the child lol.

It was pretty and different and you could use the plate to create a faux snakeskin mani. I think done right it would look pretty close to snakeskin and would be much less creepy then sticking an actual skin on your nail.

I hope your day is going better than mine :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Aw, sorry you're having a crap week--hope things take a turn for the better soonest!

    Love this mani! I missed it on the board (it moves so fast sometimes and I do have to work to make $$ for polish so can't keep up).

  2. Thanks Sandra!

    Thank you Karen :) it is getting a little better.
    Oh, I hear you about the board! I spent this morning going through six pages of what I missed from last night lol. I know this working stuff gets in the way of me keeping up with the board and blogs all the time lol

  3. May I come with you to this quiet and peaceful place?? Kids, they are always so much fun;) "Peanut" reminded me today why I wanted to have a chubby kitty;)

    I like your Dragon mani very much:) I miss so much on the board because I'm sleeping then.

  4. YES you can come to my little island world of fun! Bring your polishes, there will be manis and chocolate and wonderful times :) Awww, don't you love kids and their unfiltered honestly.

    Thank you :) I miss a lot on the board too, I spend a lot of time trying to catch up lol

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