Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A little break

Hey Everyone!! I am having a pretty bad week and it is only Wednesday. I am exhausted and emotionally drained from the legal garbage that went on yesterday and honestly I am in no mood to do anything. Instead of putting together sub par posts I am just going to take the week off and regroup. Hopefully my mood, the stress and level of anxiety and general state of mind improves because right now I don't even feel like doing my nails at all. I did get my born pretty stuff in the mail last night which was one of the few highlights of the day and I picked up the new Sinful Colors polishes this morning so I am hoping that is motivating.

For now here are a couple pictures of the water marble I did around Thanksgiving. I have no idea what I used and why I never posted it but at least it gives you something to look at. I might post here and there on Facebook if I get motivated enough to take pictures of my Born Pretty stuff.

That's all for now :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Recycle with Stones

Hey Everyone!!! OMG I am such an obsessive reader. It is slow at work so I have been reading this book series one of my awesome nail board friends sent me. In four days I have managed to read four of the books. I have one more to read and the 6th book is supposed to come out at the end of July. I have a problem with reading, once the book sinks its claws in me I belong to it until I am done. Lol I am so overly dramatic. I am almost afraid to read the 5th book because then I have to wait for the next one. Waiting is not my strong point. Luckily I have another book from the other series I have to read still and yet another book after that so I am set for, oh, a day or two lol The only good thing is I was so into the book I was reading that instead of getting my blood pressure up and watching the stupid Heat take the championship. What I saw was sloppy and irritating and I am glad I was absorbed in my book even if I did stay up way past bed time reading it until my Kindle died lol.

Today I have a simple mani for you but I loved it and thought it looked great.

I started with a base of China Glaze Recycle which I recently bought from a blog sale. I love this color. It is the perfect gray.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had to put his warrior skills to use and check it out when I was taking pictures. I love that cat!

I bought this set of rhinestones on ebay. I wanted metallic stud like rhinestones. These are metallic and faceted which I couldn't tell at the time. I still love them. The silver ones are actually smooth and stud like and are the only ones in the wheel with that look. I didn't realize that until I was doing the mani. Not exactly sure why they are the only smooth ones.

I used three coats of Recycle then placed one stone on each nail near the cuticle.

We all know I am indecisive which is why I used four different color stones. I couldn't decide what color I wanted so I just picked four.

Recycle had a great application and was perfect. For the moment it has taken the top spot on my gray list.

Thank you treatment for chipping this mani the next morning and leaving me with less than 24 hours of wear. I was so angry because I loved this mani and would have kept it on an extra day. Stupid treatment. I don't even think the treatment is working.

I can see myself reaching for both Recycle and these rhinestones again because they were both awesome and very versatile. I was able to take the rhinestones off after the mani and put them back in my wheel for reuse. I was sure the metallic color would scratch, chip or wipe off between wear and removal but they looked perfect.

I am glad it is Friday! I am debating checking out the nail stores this weekend. We also talked about seeing the new Monsters Inc movie. We shall see how it goes. I hope everyone enjoys their Friday :)

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neon Sunglasses At Night

Hey Everyone! I am quite tired today. Can I just say that I HATE basketball!! I used to be a fan when I was younger but pretty much lost all interest in the sport. Df loves basketball and so we watched the college tournament and I got sucked in and more than likely started to develop an ulcer. NOW we have the NBA playoffs and I really don't know how I even have a stomach at this point. I get extremely hostile yelling at the tv, having my blood pressure skyrocket and my stomach work on that ulcer all over a sport I don't even like. I don't know what it is about that stupid sport but it keeps sucking me in. I am so tired today after staying up late to watch the stupid game go into overtime last night. Thank goodness there is only one more game, I am going to try and avoid watching it because it isn't good for me lol.

Today I have a fun mani for you that brought me back to my childhood and my love for neon and 80s music. Every time I looked at my nails I would sing Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night in my head.

I started with L.A. Girls 3D Effects polish in Black Illusion.

I used Finger Paints Silkscreen Green, Iconic Orange, Warhol Wannabe and Sinful Colors striper in Yellow Me First for the stamping. Gosh I love these neons.

I used Cheeky plate CH37 for the full nail sunglasses pattern.

I actually did this mani by stamping the sunglasses on my nails in white first. I then made stamper decals using the neon colors and placed it over the white so that the neon would be more vibrant. I LOVE how it came out!

Black Illusion didn't show it's holo much when I wore this mani and it definitely didn't let me see it when I was taking pictures. It still served as a great base color even if you couldn't see that it was holo.

I did each line of sunglasses in a different color so I had multiple colors on my nail. I love the glasses where a couple of the colors mixed and created two tone colored glasses. I used to have some of those when I was a kid.

I really want a pair of neon sunglasses now. When I was young my parents would take us to the flea market on the weekends and I got several pairs of cheap neon rubbery sunglasses. I would totally rock those if I had them now.

My mom still makes fun of my for my obsession with neon when I was a kid. I had some pretty awesome neon socks that were really thin so I could wear three pairs at a time and scrunch them so you could see each color. They matched perfectly with my neon tie dye shirt.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pacific Beach Butterflies

Hey Everyone! I am hoping I can actually get this written up before the stupid page freezes on me. I have attempted it twice already but my computer is lame and uncooperative. I just finished reading a book. I started yesterday and since it was slow today I was able to read and finish it. Luckily there are 4 more in the series and I actually have them all ready to go lol I am also hungry.

American Apparel Pacific Beach is the first American Apparel polish I have used. I bought three of the sheer polishes awhile back when they were on sale. I don't and probably will never shop at American Apparel and their website is quite out there for my tastes but I needed these jelly polishes. I will say that they do have nice polish but that is about the only thing I would buy from them.

I wanted to create a jelly stamping sandwich. I used Konad plate M66 for the stamping. I used some of the flowers and the butterfly.

This mani was not exactly what I wanted it to be but it was still decent. I started with a base of Pacific Beach and then stamped flowers and repeated. The butterfly was an after thought when my flowers didn't achieve the floating look I wanted.

I used Sinful Colors striping polishes in white and black (I don't remember the names for those) for the stamping.

The desired effect would be the flowers looking like they were at different depths but the actual effect is lacking that depth. This mani also chipped REALLY fast. This was one of those manis that I started, stopped and removed and reattempted about 3 times. I put a nice dent in my bottle of Pacific Beach trying to get the look I wanted.

I do like the color.

I am going to bet that a normal jelly sandwich with glitter would be great with this polish. Heck, someone that knows what they are doing could pull off the look I was attempting. I am going to have to give it another try, maybe. For now I will just look at the pretty color lol

That's all for now :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lemon Nails

Hey Everyone!! Happy Monday to you! I can't believe we are already midway through June. Where does the time go? I had a pretty low key weekend. Pretty much the most I accomplished was a pendant for one of df's volunteers at the kennel and I started two pair of earrings. I will of course post pictures when I have them finished. I am trying to get a good amount of stuff ready to be glued so I can do all the glue work at one time. I had planned on doing a mani yesterday but got lazy and watched movies instead. I really hate when I am forced to watch a movie that has already begun. My brother had Trouble with the Curve on the tv and as much as I tried to ignore it I got sucked in. I missed the beginning which is quite annoying. Good movie but I have a hard time associating Justin Timberlake with a baseball player. We also watched Contagion last night and I told df I never want to leave the house or breathe air in public again now. Those movies always make me paranoid.

Today I have my first jump into the textured polishes. I have a few but haven't tried them yet. I woke up wanting to do lemon nails so I reached for this one.

Milani Yellow Mark from the Texture Creme Collection.

I attempted to stamp a citrus pattern on my nails with both white and a lime green color and it failed. You can see my middle finger is stamped in some of the pictures. It was very much less obvious in person. I decided to break out my ebay fimo wheel of fruit. I used a lemon on my ring finger and a grapefruit on my index finger.

I love the grapefruit and lemon slices. They were cut pretty thin so they didn't catch on everything like I expected them too. I didn't use a top coat and they managed to stay put the entire time I had the mani on so I was impressed. I was also able to take them off and save them for future use. I actually ripped one of the lemons in half by accident but it is still usable as a lemon wedge lol

Yellow Mark is a great bright yellow. I love how vibrant it is and I love the shade.

I can't remember if I did two or three coats for this mani. I think I did two coats.

It is a little strange to apply this polish because it is textured. It gets more textured as it dries but it is still not a smooth polish when you apply it. The application isn't difficult it is just different.

The texture wasn't overly annoying but I was bothered by the edges when I wrapped my tips. I ended up going back and wrapping my tips with clear so that they were smooth. I couldn't stand the ragged edge being scratchy and catching things.

You can see a little bit of the stamping in the picture above. I was hoping the stamping would be more visible in person. I didn't think to try using a bright pink to go with the grapefruit, I might have to try that another time.

I had gotten an email from Menchies Frozen Yogurt place about their new character Mookie the cow the other day. Their spoons all have characters on them and I have one in each one so when I saw the email I HAD to go get the new spoon. I love cows and honestly it was a great excuse to go have some frozen yogurt which I am not supposed to be eating lol I had to take a picture of the spoon lol Yes, I act like I am 5 sometimes.

I really love those fimo slices. It is a simple mani but I love how cute it looked.

I took far too many pictures of this mani.

Ever since a friend of mine showed me a mani with yellow glitter I have been wanting lemon nails. This texture polish is not only an awesome lemony yellow but the texture is reminiscent of the feel of a lemon so I have finally managed to have my lemon nails.

That's all for now :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

KBShimmer Radioactive

Hey Everyone!! It is FRIDAY!!! So exciting! Ok, only mildly exciting since I don't have much planned for the weekend but Fridays are always good. I ordered some nail art supplies yesterday which I am anxiously awaiting and the plates I ordered last month arrived yesterday! I love new toys. I can't wait to show them to you and play with those! I think I will be spending some time making some polish jewelry this weekend.

Today I have an awesome polish to show you from KBShimmer. I love neon polishes! I didn't realize that this one glows in the dark too! I don't know how I missed that part because I love Glow in the Dark stuff but it took me googling the polish to realize it.

I am crocheting a Barbaloot for a nail board friend and thought this would make a funny picture. It did lol KBShimmer Radioactive.

I can't wait to show you the finished Barbaloot! I love this polish and actually have it on my toes too. I love when my toes glow in the dark, so fun!

Radioactive is an awesome neon crelly polish with black glitter in various shapes and sizes.

I wanted to add some fun nail art to this one but couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. I used Sinful Colors Sunny Day striper to make stripes. I didn't realize until now that the Sinful Colors Stripers are actually named. Duh for me.

I started with a white base and actually taped off the mani with striping tape before applying Radioactive.

I used three coats of Radioactive. I use the white base to make the color brighter. There is a picture later of Radioactive without the white base.

This polish is not a jam packed glitter so not every coat got a lot of glitter. I did fish a couple of pieces out on some of the nails because I wasn't getting as much glitter as I wanted. I had to mess around with placement too but that was not due to the polish but rather the nail art. The glitter kept ending up on my striping tape which was going to be taken off when I removed it so I had to push them around a little so they would be on the nail when I removed the tape.

After removing the striping tape I was left with white lines which were perfect for applying Sunny Day. I used the brush in the polish but should have used a smaller nail art brush since the one in the polish was a little too big. Most of the lines still came out pretty decent.

As you can see I got a nice sized chip in my polish. I wanted to wear this for more than one day because I was having so much fun with the glow in the dark. I hate chips! I hate chips even more when the polish has been on my nails less than 24 hours.

I have been giving a treatment a try and it is beginning to anger me as all my manis are chipping super fast. Today's mani chipped when I washed the pan I made my eggs in this morning. I have had this mani less than 12 hours, most of which I was sleeping, and it is already badly chipped. I am about ready to throw the treatment out the window.

I am in a major neon phase right now. Everything I want to do has neon colors in it. I am trying to keep away from doing all neon all the time. I think I will definitely keep my toes neon though!

This polish is one of the few that I would consider getting a backup for. I am loving the shade and the black glitter. The fact that is glows in the dark totally makes it an instant favorite.

The application on this one was great and it has totally perked my interest in the other awesome colors KBShimmer has to offer. I had been looking at this one for a LONG time and finally was able to get it recently. Very glad that I did!

I decided I wasn't taking my mani off for one nail so I just painted the chipped nail with three coats of Radioactive. You can see here I didn't use a white base so it is not AS neon as the others. It is still definitely bright and lives up to the name Radioactive it just isn't AS bright as it would be with the white. I have it on my toes without the white base and it is still quite neon and eye catching!

That's all for now :)