Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neon Sunglasses At Night

Hey Everyone! I am quite tired today. Can I just say that I HATE basketball!! I used to be a fan when I was younger but pretty much lost all interest in the sport. Df loves basketball and so we watched the college tournament and I got sucked in and more than likely started to develop an ulcer. NOW we have the NBA playoffs and I really don't know how I even have a stomach at this point. I get extremely hostile yelling at the tv, having my blood pressure skyrocket and my stomach work on that ulcer all over a sport I don't even like. I don't know what it is about that stupid sport but it keeps sucking me in. I am so tired today after staying up late to watch the stupid game go into overtime last night. Thank goodness there is only one more game, I am going to try and avoid watching it because it isn't good for me lol.

Today I have a fun mani for you that brought me back to my childhood and my love for neon and 80s music. Every time I looked at my nails I would sing Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night in my head.

I started with L.A. Girls 3D Effects polish in Black Illusion.

I used Finger Paints Silkscreen Green, Iconic Orange, Warhol Wannabe and Sinful Colors striper in Yellow Me First for the stamping. Gosh I love these neons.

I used Cheeky plate CH37 for the full nail sunglasses pattern.

I actually did this mani by stamping the sunglasses on my nails in white first. I then made stamper decals using the neon colors and placed it over the white so that the neon would be more vibrant. I LOVE how it came out!

Black Illusion didn't show it's holo much when I wore this mani and it definitely didn't let me see it when I was taking pictures. It still served as a great base color even if you couldn't see that it was holo.

I did each line of sunglasses in a different color so I had multiple colors on my nail. I love the glasses where a couple of the colors mixed and created two tone colored glasses. I used to have some of those when I was a kid.

I really want a pair of neon sunglasses now. When I was young my parents would take us to the flea market on the weekends and I got several pairs of cheap neon rubbery sunglasses. I would totally rock those if I had them now.

My mom still makes fun of my for my obsession with neon when I was a kid. I had some pretty awesome neon socks that were really thin so I could wear three pairs at a time and scrunch them so you could see each color. They matched perfectly with my neon tie dye shirt.

That's all for now :)


  1. Wait, what did you do? Stamped the glasses in white and then did decals in the neon? That seems complicated. Looks great!

    1. Lol yes I stamped with white then lined the decals up so it had white behind it. It wasn't too complicated since the design was simple but I wouldn't use that procedure on a regular basis lol Thank you :-)

  2. Looks awesome! You did great lining up the stamps!

  3. Thank you :) I wasn't sure how well it was going to work but there was no way I was going to be able to paint white on those little lines lol Thank goodness I didn't do too many areas where I pressed too hard and stretched the images. Most of them lined up pretty well. Since first seeing it on your blog you have turned me into stamper decal obsessed!! lol


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