Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pacific Beach Butterflies

Hey Everyone! I am hoping I can actually get this written up before the stupid page freezes on me. I have attempted it twice already but my computer is lame and uncooperative. I just finished reading a book. I started yesterday and since it was slow today I was able to read and finish it. Luckily there are 4 more in the series and I actually have them all ready to go lol I am also hungry.

American Apparel Pacific Beach is the first American Apparel polish I have used. I bought three of the sheer polishes awhile back when they were on sale. I don't and probably will never shop at American Apparel and their website is quite out there for my tastes but I needed these jelly polishes. I will say that they do have nice polish but that is about the only thing I would buy from them.

I wanted to create a jelly stamping sandwich. I used Konad plate M66 for the stamping. I used some of the flowers and the butterfly.

This mani was not exactly what I wanted it to be but it was still decent. I started with a base of Pacific Beach and then stamped flowers and repeated. The butterfly was an after thought when my flowers didn't achieve the floating look I wanted.

I used Sinful Colors striping polishes in white and black (I don't remember the names for those) for the stamping.

The desired effect would be the flowers looking like they were at different depths but the actual effect is lacking that depth. This mani also chipped REALLY fast. This was one of those manis that I started, stopped and removed and reattempted about 3 times. I put a nice dent in my bottle of Pacific Beach trying to get the look I wanted.

I do like the color.

I am going to bet that a normal jelly sandwich with glitter would be great with this polish. Heck, someone that knows what they are doing could pull off the look I was attempting. I am going to have to give it another try, maybe. For now I will just look at the pretty color lol

That's all for now :)


  1. I hear you on AA--the ones I have from them I've gotten either from swaps or blog sales because I can't make myself buy from them direct. I do like this color--might have to look on MUA to see if anyone has it up for swap.

    1. Lol this was my only purchase from them and only because they had a super cheap code and they were like two bucks each or something insanely cheap. I think I have a couple more from blog sales too. I can't stand their site at all but I braved it for these sheers


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