Monday, June 3, 2013

My Polish Revolution Stash

Hey Everyone!! Four days left!!! School gets out Thursday and I am feeling torn about my extreme excitement for being able to sleep in for a couple of months. My baby is going to high school :( I will probably be quite the mess when it gets closer to school starting lol I am alone at work this week. Not totally alone but I will be the only one actually IN the office so I am pretty sure I am going to start talking to myself more than normal soon. It is hot and humid today and I am tired and not feeling this Monday but then again I don't like many Mondays lol.

Today I have another nail mail post for you and pictures of my collection of Polish Revolution (facebook link) polishes. Recently I won a giveaway from the lovely and awesome Lauryn of Polish Revolution (etsy link). I actually had two of her polishes previously that I had received as gifts but had yet to try. Please smack me with a shoe for waiting so long because OMG her stuff is awesome. Long story short I opened my mail box to find this super awesome package of goodies and my jaw hit the floor.

If you thought her stuff was pretty via pictures on the internet I guarantee you it is even better in person. I had been lusting after all her Zombie polishes because I have a huge Zombie thing and her Springing Forward Collection in particular. I was so excited when I opened this package up.

Today I have bottle shots for you. OPI Standing Room Only, China Glaze He's Going in Circles and Polish Revolution Glitterbox. Ok. So I don't know where I have been hiding but I had never heard of Standing Room Only before and OMG amazing. He's Going in Circles is my first polish from the Kaleidoscope Collection and OMG it is awesome.

Glitterbox is an awesome mix of iridescent and holographic square glitter in pink, blue, purple and silver. There is purple shimmer in there too. OMG I love square glitter and this baby is awesome. It is from the January Musings Collection.

What Alice found, Zombie Gardens and Summer State of Mind.
What Alice Found is from the How Curious collection and is a mix of burgundy, pink holo and gold glitters. It is in a clear base and gorgeous!

Zombie Gardens is also from the January Musings Collection and it is a Zombie polish so you know I neeeeeded it in my collection. It is a milky gray base with gorgeous flower colors sprouting for Spring. The glitter is purple, pink, yellow, green and turquoise and a mix of different sizes and shapes. Summer State of Mind is from the Springing Forward Collection and totally makes me think of Summer. That is also about the shade of pink that I turn when I go out into the sun lol The base is "hot coral jelly" and has a great combination of pink, turquoise and white glitter. The glitter is a mix of matte and holo squares and hexes in different sizes. This polish also has a gorgeous hot pink flakey shimmer.

Eleganza, Zombie Christmas and the Sky was Boiling Hot. Eleganza was one of my favorites when I first saw pictures of it. This creamy light purple base has all of my favorite color glitters in it. A mixture of brown, copper, holo orange and turquoise glitter makes me very happy and very excited over this polish.

Zombie Christmas is a limited edition polish. There are still some available in the shop so run and get one if you like it before it is gone. This polish is a Christmasy twist on Vegan Zombie with red matte and holo glitter in different sizes added. LOVE it! I want allll the Zombie polishes! The Sea was Boiling Hot is from the How Curious Collection and Alice's blue cousin. A mix of periwinkle, lilac, gunmetal and turquoise glitter. Super pretty and glittery. I love staring at the bottle and all that glitter!

Vegan Zombie, Grin and Bare it and Oh My Goth! Vegan Zombie is one of the first polishes that Polish Revolution opened shop with and is the first Polish Revolution polish that I wanted. I do not know how I waited so long to get this polish in my hands. So awesome, so zombie and so cool. It is a gray jelly packed with deep blue, green and white glitter in both hexes and squares. Oh yes it is awesome.

Grin and Bare it is from the Springing Forward Collection. This one also has my favorite brown, copper, iridescent and periwinkle glitter combination in it. The base is a milky nude color and it is awesome. I love brown and copper glitter and this polish is an absolute MUST HAVE!  Oh My Goth! is another one of the first Polish Revolution polishes. This is the other one that I really wanted when Polish Revolution first hit the scene. It is a charcoal gray jelly base with lavender, purple, gunmetal and silver glitter in different size hexes and squares. There are also BLACK HEARTS in this baby. I LOVE hearts so you know I was all about black heart glitter. I love the shade of purple in this one and hearts are a no brainer for me. I have many weaknesses obviously.

That concludes my awesome stash of Polish Revolution polishes. I can't wait to get them all on my fingers so I can show them off. Lauryn has everything but Oh My Goth! in stock right now so head over to Polish Revolution and get these babies for your nails!

That's all for now :)


  1. Woo-Hoo, you lucky duck :D Congratulations!!!! Awesome!!!!

    1. lol Thanks :) I am usually not lucky but lately maybe my luck has changed a little bit :)

  2. Replies
    1. I plead the 5th!! I didn't buy any of these lol I won't say anything about the blog sale polishes I have coming though lol

  3. Oh my !!! Talk about awesome sauce!! L oving all these


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