Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baseball and Music

Hey Everyone!! What a week. Is it over yet? The school year is wrapping up so all the end of year events are going on now. Tonight is the banquet for the band and it has been giving me a major headache! I actually have a headache now and I need to go in search of drugs to get rid of it before dealing with blaring music and a bunch of teens and preteens. I did a mani for Memorial Day that I was going to post but the pictures came out awful and the mani wasn't that spectacular anyway. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday so I didn't make it to the computer to post. I also have a bad case of mom guilt right now because my son texted me earlier saying he felt like he was going to throw up. I can't leave work too early because I need to take a day off in the next couple of weeks and honestly I don't believe it is *that bad* if he won't go to the school nurse and call home. That is how I guage how sick he is lol I still feel bad because he isn't feeling well and I can't leave work to go get him. Darn that mom guilt.

I had told you last week about the band playing the National Anthem for the Miami Marlins baseball game and now I finally have those pictures for you. It was quite an adventure and one I wouldn't try again anytime soon. The kids seemed to have a good time and it was quite an experience for them so it all worked out. I don't have pictures of them actually performing because they were led onto the field from the back of center field and so not only was I facing their back but I couldn't see the huge screen to record/take pictures of that. I hadn't thought to send my camera with df or my brother to take pictures from the stands.

I started with a base of Color Club Cherubic from the 2012 Halo Hues.

I love the Halo Hues! The application is easy peasy and look at the rainbows. I took quick, uncleaned up pictures just so I could show you the base.

Cherubic is a nice nude type color with gorgeous holo. This is two no fuss coats.

I wanted to do a music and baseball theme so I used several plates. I used the baseball bat/ball from Cheeky CH35.

I did nail decals with the baseball bat and ball full nail image from Cheeky CH34.

For the Music portion of the mani I used Cheeky CH31 for the full nail music notes.

I attempted to use the Saxophone since my son plays the Sax but I didn't really enjoy how it came out. The Sax is from Cheeky plate CH30.

I was supposed to alternate music, baseball, music then baseball but somehow didn't end up doing that lol I made stamping decals out of the baseball designs and stamped the music designs straight on my nails.

I was so busy rounding up kids and making sure they were where they were supposed to be I almost forgot to take pictures.

I was a little disappointed with the Saxophone design but I loved the rest of it.

I was quite impressed that you could see the holo in the stadium; then again they do have bright lights.

I missed most of the game since I we were in the extreme outfield upper section and I was nervous about the kids messing around and falling or just getting lost or wandering off.

The one thing that I thought was amazing in this whole experience was my camera.  We were sitting about 8 rows from the 428ft mark way out in right field (thank you Miami Marlins for giving us the opportunity to buy these awesome seats and shoving a bunch of teenagers way out in the outfield. I totally won't go on my Marlins rant right now but there is definitely a rant!). What really amazed me is that I could zoom in and actually SEE the fish swimming in the fish tanks behind home plate!! For those of you who aren't baseball fans or don't know this about Marlins Stadium there are large fish tanks located behind the batting circles behind home plate.

They are pretty cool and I was quite impressed that my little camera was able to zoom in enough so I could watch the fish swim around.

That's all for now :)


  1. What a neat experience for the kids. Great mani! We are big Dbacks fans here and when they played the Marlins recently my boys were fascinated by the fish tank.

    1. Thanks :) Yes it was awesome for the kids and that made it all worth the chaos lol I was so excited for them because it is pretty cool deal. I must say the fish tanks are pretty darn neat and I was fascinated with them as an adult so I can imagine the coolness factor from a kid's point of view lol I used to be much more into baseball and I was a complete Florida Marlins fanatic until they started being stupid a few years back. At least they have fish tanks and let the kids play the National Anthem though lol

  2. Those fish tanks are cool! There's a fish tank with some huge fish at one of the hospitals where I have classes. I keep telling myself that I need to take some photos. They are so calming.
    This is such a busy time for me too, so I totally get what you mean. I hope things slow down for you and your son is feeling better.
    The mani is amazing! I love different images like this. And the holo polish is really pretty. Wish I was rich enough to get all the CC holos!

    1. Ohhh I would love to see pictures of the huge fish at your hospital! You will definitely have to take pictures!! I agree, fish tanks are pretty calming. I will never own one though, I don't do well with fish lol.

      Thanks :) Ds is feeling better and very anxious for school to be out yet terrified of starting highschool. It will be an interesting summer. I wish I had an unlimited polish budget, omg I would be dangerous lol. I hope to get the Color Clubs some day soon. Maybe for my birthday in October lol


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