Monday, May 20, 2013

LA Splash Be Mine

Hey Everyone!!! I am going to start my Smitten Shipwreck Polish posts tomorrow. I intended on doing it today but since today is going to be crazy hectic with the baseball game I figured tomorrow is better. I can't wait to show you! I also can't wait for the game tonight. I did a special mani that has baseball and music stuff on it that I will show you after the Smittens. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted but it is still fun.

Today I have a polish from LASplash. They used to be carried in Ulta but have since disappeared though they can still be found on CherryCulture. This is from the 2011 Love Notes collection.

LASplash Be Mine. It is an iridescent glitter polish with light pink hearts. Unfortunately I didn't realize that I had the cap on loose and when I was doing my organizing I found this bad boy all dried and gloopy. I worked on reviving it but it is still on the thick side. I figured a nice three coat mani might take enough polish out of it so I could add some more thinner and so this mani was born.

This is three coats. This would look nice over another color too. I put it over the polish I had on my toes too so I could use some extra and make more room for thinner.

The hearts came out pretty easily but there were some fingers that I had to fish out a heart so there would be one on that nail. My polish was also on the much thicker than I enjoy using side because I was still trying to revive it so the hearts may have been getting stuck in there.

The light pink hearts are a little hard to spot sometimes. I would think that putting this over another color might help make them pop out a little more but the one over my blue toe polish didn't stand out any more than these did.

The iridescent glitter is really very pretty though.

It is a shame they stopped carrying this brand at Ulta because they did have some great glitters.

I do love hearts.

The outside pictures show this polish a lot better.

It still isn't that easy to see some of the hearts though. That is kind of sad.

That's all for now :)

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