Friday, May 17, 2013

A Contest that I Won and a Small Haul

Hey Everyone!!! Oh what a month! I sort of forgot that school was wrapping up and that means tons of events and lots of money is needed for various things. I totally forgot that last night was my son's last concert of the year. What makes that even worse is I am an officer in the Band Parent Association. We scrambled around Wed night getting stuff for the concession stand and I spent all night at the school last night. I think the concert went well but I was holding down the fort at the concession stand most of the night so I didn't really get to check out the bands. Monday night they are going to play the National Anthem at the Miami Marlins Baseball game which is way cool and very exciting. I will definitely have pictures from that! 

Today I have to show you the awesome contest I won from Stephanie over at At Peace with Polish. She had a baby hunch contest before the birth of her son baby E and I actually won. I thought it was the most unique and fun contest and had such a blast entering. If you don't follow Stephanie's blog I highly suggest you do!! She is super cute and I love her blog. Go follow her here, I can't wait for you to get back :) 

THANK YOU STEPHANIE and BABY E!!!!! She sent me three awesome polishes that I can't wait to wear and blog about!


Revlon Hearts of Gold fx, Nail Sauce Abalone Shell and Layla Flash Black.

This picture was supposed to be a picture better showing the polishes but I don't think I quite captured that. Duh for me. I am super excited and trying to figure out if I could use all three together lol I love them!!! THANK YOU AGAIN STEPHANIE!!! 

Now the next three polishes I picked up when I was making my polish hunting rounds. I tend to frequent the stores in case they suddenly have something awesome appear. Most of the time I just look but on some occasions there is actually something interesting going on. I saw the new Sinful Colors line at Walgreens the other day and was super excited. The Sinful Shine with Gel Tech is supposed to be "5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe". Um, ok. I am not really sure where they came up with that or how they tested and came up with an exact 5x amount but hey whatever floats your marketing boat.

I picked up two colors. I made a quick decision because I really had to pee and my son was not being of any help in picking out colors. I picked Steel Reserve and Amazonian. They are more than regular Sinful Colors polishes at $2.99 each but when you are getting "5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe" you are going to have to pay a little extra! I tried Steel Reserve quickly on my toes one day when I was about to head out the door in flip flops. It was a rush job because I was literally heading out the door so I don't have much input on them yet. I can say they were pretty glossy but I will have to do a full mani before I come to any conclusion on them. 

I also happened to pop into Sally Beauty Supply and found one of the 2013 Wild About Spring colors on clearance. 

I passed on Fishin' for Fun when I saw the whole collection because I don't do pink very often. I must say though that this one and Are You Hoppy were on my radar when the collection was out but I resisted. When I found it on clearance and had a coupon I decided it could come home with me. Had Are You Hoppy been there it would have come home too lol.

Something about the colors of this one makes me happy. I will have to wear this one soon! 

That's all for now :)

P.S. ohhh next week I have an awesome preview of a few of the Shipwreck summer collection from Smitten Polish. I am super excited about them! I can't wait to show you all how awesome the collection is!


  1. Nail Sauce--love that name! I've never seen one of those before.

    I missed the 5x shinier than patent shoe claim--that is odd. :)

    1. I hadn't seen one either but it is really pretty.

      Lol yeah I saw that on the Sinful Colors website which is FINALLY up and running. It is a really weird claim and I laughed when I read it. I want to know how they determine it FIVE TIMES shinier lol

  2. I have my eye on that Revlon.Love that shade of green.Can't wait to see how awesome it looks.

    1. They should all be coming up on the blog soon. First up will be the Summer Smitten Shipwreck colors (try saying that five times fast lol) then I will get to work on that Revlon and the green one :)

  3. Julie, I found you finally! Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the polish I chose! ;) Get ready for lots of comments from me - I can't wait to read your blog & see the new Smitten swatches you told me about!!! Xo


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