Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brilliant Blue

Hey Everyone!!! Well I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I had thought about it once but then forgot to actually do it. It has been a busy week. Today I took off my last gelish mani and realized that aside from the two nails I already patched I had yet another one that wanted to tear on the side. NOT COOL! My poor little nails are pretty damaged to begin with and they were made worse after the last gel mani that I decided to not take off the proper way. Today's break was the last straw and I decided that we are going to nubbinize and do some treatments. I completely nubbinized the suckers then drowned them in oil. I am going to spend the next couple of days drowing them in oil and pretty much leaving them alone until I find a treatment I want to try. I don't necessarily believe in nail treatments because our nails are dead and how much treating can you do to something that is dead BUT I feel like I need to try something. I am going to leave them alone for the weekend and see how it goes. I have one more post ready that I can put up tomorrow but I might take a little break, pun not intended, until they look more presentable. The biggest bummer about the whole thing is I have nail plates on the way AND I just got a ton of nail polish yesterday. Actually I think I will make a post about it :)

ANYWAY here is my last blue mani. I swear I had a couple more but they must have been planned in my head and not actually done on my nails. Sometimes I can't keep up with myself.

Today I have LA GIRL Brilliant Blue from their 2013 3D Effects collection. It is a gorgeous deep blue scattered holo.

I don't know why I only have three pictures for you today. Well, I do know why, I was only taking pictures of my right hand and they all looked the same lol

The pictures didn't do this one justice. It is a really pretty deep blue and the scattered holo effect adds a ton of depth to it. VERY pretty polish. I can deal with all the polish companies jumping on the holo bandwagon!

I ordered these through a friend in the nail polish community because we don't have Rite Aid down here and that is the only place I know for sure they can be found. I have yet to see them anywhere locally but I know they are around online at etaliers like Cherry Culture. I only ordered three but I immediately regret not getting the others. They are really very pretty. Now I would love to find a really deep emerald green holo! Yes, that would be awesome!

That's all for now!!


  1. This is a gorgeous blue sparkle! It looks lovely.

  2. Love! This polish is amazing. Didn't even know LA Girl had such beauties.
    I'm sorry about your nails. I think you should try something with formaldehyde. I know a lot of people are against it, but since you're ok with the fact that your nails are dead, I don't think your would mind as long as you keep it on the nails and not on the cuticles. I've used a lot of base coats with formaldehyde and they have helped a lot. I think Nail Envy has it too. Oh and you should definitely do a post about the stuff you got. I love haul posts!
    Btw, I finally got the BM set. Best purchase ever!

  3. Looks great! Hopefully you'll be able to get the other ones ...or maybe something else fantastic will come around and you'll forget about them!


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