Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stash Organization

Hey Everyone! I did an awesome mani last night that I can't wait to show you. Unfortunately it kept me from blogging last night but it is really cute. I am going to have that for you tomorrow :) Tonight I am going to the tryouts for American Ninja Warrior. I CAN NOT WAIT. I love that show. LOVE IT! I mostly just love the actual event but the show is pretty cool too. SO since I will have about 10 minutes between getting home and leaving for the taping I am doing a quick post with pictures I have from my phone.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago I went through the Great Organization of 2012. My one helmer was severely overflowing and I was in desperate need of another. We got another one but getting everything organized was going to be crazy.

One Saturday I bit the bullet and decided to take ALL of my nail polish out. This table has two extensions and we had to pull them both out for everything to fit. My son and bf were thrilled that I expected them to help.

I thought this was a really cool picture. I didn't count them all but  there are a LOT.

We arranged them into groups by brand. My son says they looked like little villages. The bf said they were lined up like little armies.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior the Great decided to attack the villages and cause chaos. Only one polish was lost in the making of this post. My red Sinful Colors Striping polish fell (not even from the table it fell out of my hand or something) and with a red splatter everywhere was send to polish heaven. I still have some of the remains of the fallen on my shoe.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Icicle and Hearts

Hey Everyone! Ok this is going to be quick. We are having a water heater crisis. Apparently ours is sizzling and banging and there were sparks. Yeah, not good.

Today I have a mani I did back around Valentine's Day. 

I used the lines and hearts design on the bottom right of plate BM11.

I used a base of two coats of China Glaze Icicle and stamped with CND Eclectic Purple. 

I used two coats of Icicle as the base.

I absolutely love Icicle. It is a great silver foily polish. I can see grabbing this one a lot.

Eclectic Purple was great for stamping too. 

It was a more subtle Valentine's Day look which I liked. 

That's all for now :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

GOSH that is Holo

******** Hey Everyone!!! I just had to put an update in here for you. I was informed that I am an idiot. Ok, not really but GOSH mislabeled this polish so it is not 555 Silver it is actually GOSH Holographic. Yes, you can hit me with a shoe, it is ok, I understand. Lol. THANK YOU SILKE for pointing this out because I would have felt really stupid if it stayed mislabeled for so long. Sorry about that!*******

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am quite confused right now. I was just told by Google that I reached my data limit and have to purchase more or put my pictures on here a different way. Since I know I saw another blogger post this same issue earlier and I know a lot of you are bloggers anyone have any insight for me? I am going to try and do today's post using photobucket. I hope it works. I have issues with photobucket running slow and being difficult so I don't see this as the best alternative. I figured I would ask now so hopefully I get this figured out soon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I read the third book in the Hunger Games on Saturday. We didn't go see the movie yet but I will see it this week. OR ELSE! lol I am totally into the books. I played with dogs at the kennel on Sunday and pretty much hung around mostly. I have to do my nails tonight and I am thinking I might have to go with a Hunger Games polish in case we see the movie tomorrow. I am so excited for the movie.

Today I have an amazing polish for you that a dear friend sent me from across the world. I hadn't worn it for almost a year because I was afraid to use it. It is insane how awesome this polish is. 

GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC. It is insanely holo and incredibly cool.

I wore this polish the day we were going to the Renaissance Festival because I knew it would be crazy sunny.

It was and this polish was crazy holo.

Um, yeah, LOOK at that polish!

I spent a ton of time just looking at my nails. 

And taking pictures of them.

It didn't matter what angle I put my hand at the rainbows were all over the place.

I am totally in love with this polish. I need MORE holos now.

Even in the restaurant the holo was crazy.


I definitely need more holos. I have a few others but I seem to hoard my holos because I am afraid of using too much of them lol.

We took Kingston to Ren-fest so he could hang out at the Greyhound booth. He was quite a hit and he even got some girl to give him her ice cream.

He looked spiffy in the bandanna I crocheted him too. He was quite a hit with the humans! 

When we got home Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior was waiting for us. He is such a sweetie.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Syracuse Nails and Lots of Bruce

Hey Everyone! I have no idea what happened last night. I got caught up watching tv I guess and totally forgot to blog. I was also trying to find the perfect colors for today's mani. Feel free to smack me with a shoe. I do have lots of pictures for you tonight to make up for my total airheadedness. 

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior has a new shirt. It is Spiderman and says I do my own stunts. It is perfect for him. 

These are my egg people. They were staring at the bf and he kept turning them around. They are cute, I keep wanting to talk to them. You can see some of the polish magnets I made stuck on the Helmer below them.

It is March Madness. The bf is a HUGE Syracuse fan. They are playing tonight. I HAD to do a Syracuse mani for the tournament. This was my first attempt. 

I contacted the awesome Lori at LuckyStarStyle and had her make me these awesome little Syracuse decals. I should have done them over white but  thought it would be ok over the orange. It doesn't look too bad but next time I am going to do it over white. 

I used two coats of OPI A Roll in the Hague from their Spring Holland Collection and a strip of Orly Royal Navy on the corners. 

I very rarely have issues with formula, especially from OPI, but this one gave me TROUBLE! It was THICK and didn't even out and was streaky. I thinned it for the second coat of the last two nails but didn't notice much improvement. When Syracuse plays their next game I will use it again and see if thinning it helped any. I really hope so because I love the color.

It is a super bright awesome orange color and I thought it was the perfect color. LOVE the color! 

Royal Navy came out way dark when I put it over the orange. It is pretty close to the color on my shirt now that I look at it but I was worried it was going to be too dark. Then again, we live in South Florida so no one really even knows the Syracuse colors to begin with.

I have some awesome Bruce pictures for you. Here he is attacking my crochet projects while resting on the laptop. He likes to be around the laptop. I think he waits for important mail from his friend Baron.

When we were doing the great organization of 2012 I had a bunch of boxes on the floor. Bruce liked this one a lot.

He played in there for quite awhile.

It was funny because most of the time he was all the way in the box and all you could see was the tip of his nose.

Such a silly cat.

He also likes to peek around the wall in the hallway. 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh so Posh and Sparkly

Hey Everyone! I am sooo tired. I woke up extra early today to go to jury duty. I was so excited to finally get called for jury duty until I realized a few things. Firstly I had to either ride the train or drive downtown which displeased me. THEN I realized I had to pay for parking in either scenario. I am cheap. I don't appreciate having to pay for parking to perform my civic duty lol. THEN I realized that I had to be there at 8am which is about the time I usually wake up. By the time I put all this together I was no longer excited about jury duty. 

I barely slept because I was quite anxious about having to ride the train since they no longer take money. I ran out the door without coffee because I was running late. I then put too much money on my transit card because I thought we could use it for parking but nope, I had to use my cash for parking. I never use public transportation so I will have to find a reason to hop on the train a few times and use my credits. I ended up getting to the court house a few minutes late but I think they expect that because they didn't start until well after 9am. I didn't have cash to eat at the snack bar and didn't know where anything was so I am lucky I brought some cereal bars to munch on. I never got called for an actual jury. They showed a few movies but the best part about the day was finishing the second book of the Hunger Games. I pretty much was hoping not to get called once I got into the book. We were able to leave around 4 and as soon as I walked out the front of the courthouse I noticed a Quiznos directly across the street. DUH for me! I wouldn't have had to starve all day.  

Today I am going to show you my St. Patrick's Day mani. It wasn't what I intended to do but I still loved it. I was going to change my mani Saturday morning but then I got to the great polish organization of 2012 and didn't get around to it so this one stayed. 

I used two coats of Revlon Posh and a gradient with the green and gold snowman glitter. It was very St. Patrick's Day!

It looks a little washed out with the flash but it is a gorgeous green. I love the shade and it is so very vibrant. It screams grass green and beautiful lawns to me.

The formula was great and I was very impressed with the polish. I really like the bold color and am trying to think of another mani for it. 

My cuticles and hands are so ragged though. The cuticles are starting to heal from all the cuts and craziness but they are still dry and ragged. 

This mani held up really well in my crazy organizing fit and building a helmer. 

I could have gotten away with another couple of days. The only real issue with the mani is where I dinged my finger while it was still wet and painted over it. That is a little visible on my middle finger but that had nothing to do with the polish and everything to do with clumsiness.  

Alrighty since I am in the middle of my Fantasy Baseball draft I should probably stop rambling and focus on the players I am drafting. If my team is awful this year I think we will know why. 

That's all for now :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Kitty, Bunnies and Rain Forest

Hey everyone!!! Oh my gosh, I did NOT mean to disappear for a week. I know I was trying to figure out to do with my nubs and mutant nubs but I intended to post. It was a REALLY busy week though. I went to the doctor to find out my Vitamin D is low. The three things you get Vitamin D from naturally are the sun, milk and eggs. Those are the three things I hate most! SOOO no wonder I am low on the stuff lol. 

My cousin came to town from California with her twins. They are 4 and I haven't seen them since they were a few months old. SO I had to get ready. I made some of these bunny egg things. 

They have eggs inside them. Unfortunately I didn't get these done in time to give them to the girls. I was able to see them once but didn't have a chance to get them done and wasn't able to see them again before they left. :(  I wish I had been able to spend more time with them. 

They are super cute though. I brought them some chicks that light up when you hit them. THEY LOVED THEM! They were a hit!!

I also made each of them one of these Hello Kitty hats. SO CUTE! I had to wash them because they are allergic to Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior so I wasn't able to give these to them. I did give them to my cousin, they were still pretty wet when I got there.

At least they were able to get these while they were here. I really wanted to see their reactions to them though.

I also made them each a Hello Kitty purse. I had these done by Friday so my mom could bring them up when she was going to visit. Their plans fell through though so my mom wasn't able to get them to them.

I guess I will have to mail them. I have been crazy busy with these projects though so I hadn't had much time to post. I still have projects I am making for a bunny swap I am doing as well. I figured I needed to post though lol. Sorry about being MIA. I have tons of manis to show you so I should be stocked for a bit.

Today I have a polish to show you as well. Revlon launched a new ColorStay Longwear Enamel line. I had tried it on my mom and my toes but hadn't tried it on my nails so I figured while I had the nubs I mind as well try it out.

I used Rain Forest which is a gorgeous green with tons of glittery sparkle. I love the color! It was two coats and I used their top and base coat. They say it will last up to11 days and gives gel like shine.

The formula was easy to work with and I had no issues other than the tip wear was quite obvious on day two. I wasn't really impressed with the tip wear factor but I did keep this mani on for about four days. Then a combination of being over it and major tipwear and chipping led me to take it off. 

I wore it the week before St. Patrick's Day so I would be covered if I didn't do my nails before then. I ended up changing it before St. Patrick's Day but it was a nice green to lead up to the holiday. I really, really love the color. A friend actually came over and loved it so much she asked to borrow it. I may or may not see it again lol.

Sorry about the ratty cuticles and the nubs and super mutant nub on my right hand. I am hoping they grow out quickly! 

That's all for now :)