Monday, March 12, 2012

Teal? Not quite.

Hey Everyone! I have a small situation with my nails right now. I broke three. BADLY. They tore really, really low. It is not pretty. I am trying to determine if I want to show these nails. I am not really upset that they are broken, at all, but they are ugly. I will think about it some more and either do the rest of green week or show you some old pictures that I hadn't posted yet. 

Tonight I have green for you though :) I have one of the new to my Walgreen's Magnetic Nabi polishes. 

Nabi Teal. Yes, they call this one teal. It is nowhere near the color teal so I am totally confused by the name. The color though, Oh MY GOSH, I LOVE IT!!!!

The magnet is on the cap. Not my most favorite place to keep the magnet but it is ok.

This is ONE coat of magical gorgeousness. You can see the little crack in the dark line in the middle of my pinky. That is where it tore off. As you can see it is well below the quick. 

I touched the magnet to my ring finger so that nail actually has two coats on it.

I absolutely LOVE this color. I even went back to get the red magnetic because this polish impressed me so much. 

I think the best magnetic I have used so far is still Layla with this coming in second. In all fairness I have yet to try Icing or China Glaze yet. The color of this polish could be swaying the verdict a bit though.

Please excuse the awful cuticles and my clean up on my right hand is not as good as it should be. I did this at work.

Oh my. My son just asked if there was anyone still alive from the 70's. Um. Yeah. I was born in the 70's. 

That's all for now :)


  1. OMG! That is gorgeous. I seriously want that green and the red/wine? one. Probably others I haven't seen too, lol. I doubt ours gets these :(

    1. Isn't the color great? So prety. For the bf and my son to actually notice and comment the polish has got to be special lol.

      Only certain stores have them here but they are on ebay too. The store closest to my house had a small rack with only a few of the colors but the special Walgreens had tons more. I would have bought more if I wasn't being so cheap.

  2. Wow, very nice! Are the names on the bottles somewhere? I picked up a few over the weekend and didn't see any names at all (granted my close vision is no great shakes these days).

    Blow your son's mind--tell him you know someone that was born in the 60s and is still alive. I'm even planning to be alive for another three or four or even five decades. :)

    1. It took me awhile to find the name. I think someone somewhere pointed it out online but I don't remember who or where. You have to pull up the sticker on the bottom and there is another sticker under it with the name.

      Lol I will tell him that. He was too funny. He asked so innocently and it totally shocked him. ahh the child has some issues lol.

  3. So sorry for your nails! I actually broke one almost a week ago and had to nubinize them all. I still have a lot of pictures with my old nails to post. I'm still not used to having short nails:(
    I remember seeing a video about these Nabi magnetics and there's a whole bunch of them that are miss labeled. They do look great though!

    1. Thanks :) Oh no, you had to nubbinize too?! I hate going from some length to short because it feels funny. Especially when they are THIS short.

      Ahhh, I totally believe they are mislabeled lol I don't see how the green can be called teal. At all. They are really awesome and look amazing though so I will take the mislabeling!


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