Monday, March 26, 2012

GOSH that is Holo

******** Hey Everyone!!! I just had to put an update in here for you. I was informed that I am an idiot. Ok, not really but GOSH mislabeled this polish so it is not 555 Silver it is actually GOSH Holographic. Yes, you can hit me with a shoe, it is ok, I understand. Lol. THANK YOU SILKE for pointing this out because I would have felt really stupid if it stayed mislabeled for so long. Sorry about that!*******

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am quite confused right now. I was just told by Google that I reached my data limit and have to purchase more or put my pictures on here a different way. Since I know I saw another blogger post this same issue earlier and I know a lot of you are bloggers anyone have any insight for me? I am going to try and do today's post using photobucket. I hope it works. I have issues with photobucket running slow and being difficult so I don't see this as the best alternative. I figured I would ask now so hopefully I get this figured out soon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I read the third book in the Hunger Games on Saturday. We didn't go see the movie yet but I will see it this week. OR ELSE! lol I am totally into the books. I played with dogs at the kennel on Sunday and pretty much hung around mostly. I have to do my nails tonight and I am thinking I might have to go with a Hunger Games polish in case we see the movie tomorrow. I am so excited for the movie.

Today I have an amazing polish for you that a dear friend sent me from across the world. I hadn't worn it for almost a year because I was afraid to use it. It is insane how awesome this polish is. 

GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC. It is insanely holo and incredibly cool.

I wore this polish the day we were going to the Renaissance Festival because I knew it would be crazy sunny.

It was and this polish was crazy holo.

Um, yeah, LOOK at that polish!

I spent a ton of time just looking at my nails. 

And taking pictures of them.

It didn't matter what angle I put my hand at the rainbows were all over the place.

I am totally in love with this polish. I need MORE holos now.

Even in the restaurant the holo was crazy.


I definitely need more holos. I have a few others but I seem to hoard my holos because I am afraid of using too much of them lol.

We took Kingston to Ren-fest so he could hang out at the Greyhound booth. He was quite a hit and he even got some girl to give him her ice cream.

He looked spiffy in the bandanna I crocheted him too. He was quite a hit with the humans! 

When we got home Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior was waiting for us. He is such a sweetie.

That's all for now :)


  1. Stoopid Google! They suck you in with oh so easy photo uploading, then hit you with the "Uh-oh! You're out of storage! Now pay us!" Grrr!!! I bought a pile of storage... I think it was 20 gigs? for five clams a year. Yes, I am annoyed that I have to pay for my photo storage, now but it is worth five dollars a year to not have to hassle with Photobucket. :D

    That holo is amazeballz!!!!! Eye popping fabulosity. Kingston looked sharp in his natty red scarf. :D

    1. Thanks!!! I am going to look into it. I can handle 5 clams a year! I don't love the fact that I have to do it but I would rather pay than use photobucket for my pics. I love photobucket for small, here and there, photo usage but it likes to be difficult.

      OMG the holo is insane! I don't have many holos but this is by far the holoest holo I have. I will tell Kingston you said he looks sharp. He will be happy! He loves attention lol

  2. Why have I not heard of this GOSH before? It looks amazing--as good as their Holographic (which was the most holo holo I owned until I got the Jessica one).

    1. Oh Karen, you have not heard of it because it was mislabeled and it is really Gosh Holo. Please hit me with a shoe lol.

      The Jessica one is more holo?! Oh Dear. I am VERY MUCH kicking myself in the head for not ordering that one when I had the chance but not the money lol. I will get it one day.

    2. Well, I feel better now--I have not only seen it, I own it! :)

  3. Wow, this Gosh rocks:D I remember how shaky my hands have been, when I saw it, hehehe. This is Gosh Holographic with a wrong label! I'm still checking the stores if I can find more:)

    Kingston looks great, red really suits him!

    1. OH NOOOOOOO I have to fix my post now! lol I was confused when I was doing the post. I thought it was just named something else and went with the label. OOOPPPS.

      YOU ROCK!!!! lol

      Kingston was a hit with that red bandana on. One lady even saw it and invited me to join the Hookers Club which is what they named their crochet club lol

  4. Oh, that's gorgeous! How kind of Silke! .pets the fuzzies:

    1. It is! Silke rocks!!! She sent this to me so long ago but I had been afraid of using it all this time lol

      Bruce says hi!!

  5. LOVE Gosh Holo! You are so lucky :D

  6. I knew I had a limit when I first registered for Picassa but I figured it will take almost a year to reach it. By then I will know if I want to invest some money into more storage space or just use photobucket or something else. I still have a lot to go. I went to see The Hunger Games and it was pretty good but still not as good as the first book. I haven't started the second yet because I want to finish the 3rd book from A Song Of Ice And Fire first. I will get to it this weekend.
    Wow, GOSH Holo! This must be the most holo polish in history. I've heard they are re-releasing it this year and maybe I will get a chance to own it too. Fingers crossed!

    1. Ahh I have to look into it. Oddly it is letting me upload pics without a problem now I think I figured out why though. I have been doing my pictures different and I think they are ending up being smaller files. This buys me some time to decide I hope lol.
      The movies are never as good at the book so I am prepared for that. I haven't heard of the book you are reading, I am going to look it up.
      I didn't know they were re-releasing it. OMG I will need a backup. I wonder if it will be AS holo as the original. I hope you get one if they re-release it!

    2. The series is the one they made the show Game of Thrones after. The first book is called Game of Thrones but the series is called A Song Of Ice And Fire.
      I think they changed something with Picasa today because my Picasa web albums turned into my Google+ albums. I looked for a limit and couldn't find it. Maybe they made it unlimited. They will soon make us switch to the new blogger interface and I hate how that looks. All these changes are driving me crazy!


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